Vocabulary lists for technical signs

David Bar-Tzur

Select a discipline from the table below.

Accounting Acting (stage and screen) Affixes (Prefixes and suffixes) Agriculture and animal husbandry Anatomy Astronomy and space travel Automotive
Biology Buddhism Business, economics, and finance Chemistry Criminal justice and legal Cross-denominational religious terms in Christianity and some other religions Deafblind
Deaf studies Drug use and addiction Earth sciences and meteorology Eastern Orthodox Engineering, construction, and architecture English Fine arts and performing arts
Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Trans General General science Health sciences Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning Hinduism History, political science, and warfare
Hospitality (hotel and food management) Information technology (Computers) Interpreting Islam Judaism Kwanzaa Linguistics
Lutheranism Mathematics Media and communication Namesigns Oceanography Philosophy Physical therapy
Physics Psychology Roman Catholicism and Episcopalianism Sexuality Social work and vocational rehabilitation Sociology and anthropology Sports and recreation
Statistics Units of measurement Welding