Vocabulary list for media and communication

David Bar-Tzur


advertise announce, announcement attenuation audio audio/visual baud binary synchronous communications
calibrate creative, creativity cryptography distortion distribute distributed electromagnetic interference
feedback frequency modulation gigahertz helical scan heterodyne integrated services digital network interprocess communication
message neper noise performance preview pulse modulation pulses per second
push button push to talk quadrature amplitude modulation ring indicator sag sequential signal
single sideband super video graphics array telecommunication three dimensional track and hold transient response transmission
transmit transmit-receive Trellis code modulation very high frequency very low frequency virtual virtual reality
volume wide area telephone service


audio console audiotape recorder beeper cam camera control unit character generator circuit board
connector console converter decoder diameter dissolve unit dots per inch
dual tone multi-frequency (aka Touch Tones(tm)) earphones easel editor (machine) equipment FAX flow
headset installation lavaliere (microphone) lens cap media medium microphone
modem movie camera opaque projector overhead projector pager part patch
patch panel pedestal phonograph playback machine power supply preview monitor programmer
program monitor projector prop public address (system) radar receiver record machine
reel-to-reel routing switcher screen slide projector sync generator taperecorder telegram
teleprompter television time base corrector time code generator time code reader traveling wave tube (transmitter) tuner
video camera videocassette recorder videotape recorder wyndtell


album audiotape book brochure cartridge cassette casette tape
chart diameter film filmstrip graphics illustration journal
magazine media medium movie newspaper pamphlet quarter inch cartridge
record reel-to-reel slide telegraph transparency video videotape


best boy cameraperson client director editor (machine) Federal Communications Commission gaffer
grip (media) narrator National Television Systems Committee operations engineer operator producer producer-director
production assistant programmer Radio Corporation of America specialist


bars camera angle-> fall (in ~) rise (in ~) swing (in ~) tilt (in ~) cap (a lens)
caption captioned, captioning closed captioned, closed captioning closed circuit close up control track copyright
corner wipe credits cut documentary dolly-in dolly-out dub
edit enlarge extreme close up film chain foreground horizontal split screen horizontal wipe
layout location long shot lower (camera) master control medium shot multi-image
off air recording open captioned, open captioning pan (camera) placement programmer proofread prop
put down radio magnetic interference raise (camera) record reverberate roll (the tape) scout
set shade shoot shot signal-to-noise ratio split screen stand by
stop studio super swing (camera) take (media) 3-shot tilt (camera)
roll shoot superimpose, superimposition transcribe transcription 2-shot uncap (a lens)
verbatim vertical split screen vertical wipe video videotape volume voltage tunable magnetron
wide shot wipe (media) zoom-in zoom-out


broadcast Cable TV channel citizen's band high definition television multichannel television sound National Public Radio
orbiting satellite carrying amateur radio public affairs Public Service Announcement short wave slow scan television television interference

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

For additional relevant terms, see Information Technology and Physics under "Electricity and magnetism" and "Wave mechanics".