Vocabulary list for agriculture and animal husbandry

David Bar-Tzur


calculate calibrate chemical equation chemical reaction decay degree celsius degree fahrenheit
dense density deteriorate determine (a value) dissolve dust dusty
environment equator equilibrium erode, erosion evaporate expand Fahrenheit
filter flow foot forecast formula formulate freeze
freezing point gauge generator gram homogeneous infest inversion
irrigation kilogram liner meterology microgram microscope milligram
ozone parts per million particle pressure quality assurance quality control relative humidity
source storm table


absorb adhesion annual (plant) atmosphere barometer barometric pressure bean
berry beet blueberry branch bull celery cherry
coconut cohesion condensation condense consume corn cucumber
cycle cyclical dew fertile frost grapefruit hybrid
immature irrigation leaf lemon lettuce limb lime
manure mature melon mildew minerals moist, moisture mold (plant)
parasite particle pasteurize pea peach pear penetrometer
perennial permeable pineapple plant plow pod pumpkin
reap root sample sediment seeds sow spore
square centimeter square foot square inch square meter square yard stalk stem
strawberry sun


bee brand breed bull chicken clam cohesion
consume crab cycle cyclical fertile fox frost
fur hatch (egg) hen hybrid immature ladybug lamb
larva lay egg lobster mature milk nest parasite
pearl pony ranch rooster shrimp square foot square meter
square mile square yard

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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