Vocabulary list for biology

David Bar-Tzur


abnormal adapt binoculars biology cell chart condensation
consume cross-section decay dense density environment evolution
extinct fat filter flow fluid fluidity hierarchy
hierarchic, hierarchical host hybrid illusion inhibition microscope nutritient
organism origin pollution pond pressure scanning electron microscope scientific notation
sediment source structure table theorem theory toxin


adaptation agar annual (plant) avocado bean berry beet blueberry
branch celery cherry coconut corn cucumber cycle
cyclical endangered species grapefruit immature leaf lemon lettuce
limb lime mature melon mildew mold (plant) nutrient
nutrition parasite particle pea peach pear perennial
photosynthesis pineapple plant pod pumpkin root sac
seeds sense spore stalk stem strawberry sun


abnormal afferent (neuron) agar agglutination allele bioreactor carrier
cell-> (~) body centromere chromatid chloroplast chromosome cilia
co-dominance complete (dominance) cross (verb) culture cytoplasm dominance-> complete ~
incomplete ~ dominant double helix endoplasmic reticulum eucaryotic flagellum gene
genotype hair cells haploid helix-> double ~ heredity heterozygous
inherit inheritance inhibition karyotype (v) lysomes meiosis mitochondria
mitosis mutation offspring permeable phenotype plasmid procaryotic
recessive replication ribosomes semi-permeable stain sun transcription
translation triplet zygote


See also Earth Sciences

dinosaur fossil


See also Health under "Anatomy" and Sexuality for parallel structures and behaviors.

adaptation animal animal ant armadillo bacteria bat bear
beaver bee bird bison breed buffalo bull
caterpillar cheetah chicken chimpanzee cilia clam cockroach
crab cusp defecate dinosaur dolphin duck eagle
endangered species feather flagellum fly (verb) fox fur gorilla
hatch (egg) hen hyena hippopotamus horns immature insect
ladybug lamb larva lay egg lightning bug llama lobster
manatee mature mole muzzle nest octopus opossum
owl parakeet parasite peacock pearl pelican penguin->
chinstrap ~ pheasant pony poodle proboscis quail raccoon
rattlesnake rhinoceros roach rooster sac scorpion seal
sensation sense sensitive shark sheep shrimp skunk
snake snout spider sponge squirrel sting tiger
tortoise vacuole veterinarian walrus whale-> blowhole (of ~) wolf
worm zebra

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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