Vocabulary list for chemistry

David Bar-Tzur


absolute zero absorb abundance adhesion anion atmosphere Avogadro's number
binding calculate calibrate cation cause chart chemical
chemical equation chemistry coefficient of viscosity cohesion concentrate decay degree celsius
degree fahrenheit dehydrate, dehydration dehydrated derivative deteriorate determine (a value) diameter
diffuse, diffusion dilute disperse distill distillate drop effusion
electrode electrolysis equilibrant experiment extract figure (illustration) filtrate
fixed flow fluid fluidity formulate gravimetric heterogeneous
hydrated infusion in terms of joule-second law of conservation of matter mass mass density
mean free path measure metric system microgram micron milligram mixture
molecular formula molecule nematic newton per square meter non-metal odor organic
parts per million pasteurize permeable Planck's constant polarity polymer pound-force per square inch
pound per square inch pressure research and development science scientific notation semi-permeable sensitive
solid solvent source specific gravity specific heat structure substance
super twisted nematic symbol synthetic table theorem theory thick (like molasses)
toxic toxin twisted nematic unit viscosity viscous weigh
weight weight density


adenine adenosine triphoshate cholesterol cytosine decompose deoxyribonucleic acid deposition
diffuse, diffusion fat guanine hydrogenated metabolism metabolize nitrogenous base
nucleotides phosphate sugar phospholipids polyunsaturated fat release (a chemical or energy) ribonucleic acid saturated fat
thiamine toxic trigycleride (classifier) unsaturated fat uracyl


absorb achieve (reach) equilibrium acid acidic anion aqueous balance
balance equation balanced equation base basic braces (for formulas) brackets (for formulas) bubble
buffer calorie carboy catalyst cation cause caustic
chemical equation chemical reaction cohesion common ion concentration concentration profile constant->
hold/held ~ remains ~ cross multiply decay decomposition degree celsius degree fahrenheit
density deposition derivative dilute disrupt equilibrium dissociate dissolve
divide-> ~ both sides by double arrow drop drop out (of an equation) endothermic enthalpy
entropy equilibrium equilibrium constant flame (Bunsen burner) flame (candle) excess exothermic
flow formula formulate forward reaction goes to completion gram heat
heat capacity heat of formation heat of reaction heat up Henderson-Hasselbach homogeneous hydrate
hydrolysis indicator initial condition interconversion in terms of ionic ionization
ionize kilocalorie kilogram kinetic region latent heat law of conservation of matter liter
major species mass microgram milligram modified molecular formula molality molarity
mole molecular formula molecule much greater than (>>) much less than (<<) neutralization, neutralize neutralized
newton per square meter normality notation oxidation oxidation state oxidation-reduction oxidize
parentheses (for formulas) parts of a candle percent abundance polyatomic ion precipitate, precipitant reactant reaction
reaction quotient reagent reduction (reaction) re-establish (restore) equilibrium release/d reverse reaction reversible
shift left shift right shift towards (the formation of) products shift towards reactants significant figures single arrow spontaneous combustion
spontaneous combustion stoichiometric coefficient stoichiometry stopcock sublimate, sublimationion substance temperature
thermal titrate titration unknown volatile


absolute zero atom foot-pound gas ideal gas kinetic energy liter
mole molecule pascal pressure standard temperature and pressure temperature thermal


apparatus beaker Buchner funnel Bunsen burner buret(te) calculator calorimeter
centrifuge chromatograph clamp container crucible crucible tongs cuvette
desiccator dial scale drying tube dropper bottle electronic balance equal arm balance evaporating dish
filter filter adaptor filtering flask filtering funnel flask Florence flask forceps
galvanometer gauge Gooch crucible goggles graduated cylinder forceps Hirsch funnel
hood (Chemistry) instrumentation iron support ring lab laboratory micrometer calipers microscope
mortar and pestle Pasteur pipet pipet (pipette) pH meter pinch clamp potentiometer powder funnel
ring stand rubber scraper safety goggles scanning electron microscope separatory funnel spatula spectrophotometer
spin vane spring scale stir bar stopper striker test tube test tube clamp/holder
test tube with side arm triple beam balance vernier calipers volumetric flask watch glass wire gauze


binding boiling point bond break-down celsius collide, collision condensation
condense conservation of energy consistency conversion convert crystal crystallization, crystallize
dense density dissolve evaporate expand Fahrenheit formation
freeze freezing point heat inorganic kinetic energy law liquid
matter melt molecule occupy (space) particle phase (state of matter) plasma
powder pressure saturated solid solidify soluble solute
solution solvent state (of matter) strontium supersaturated surface surface tension
suspension thermal vibrate, vibration volumetric density

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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