Vocabulary list for business and finance

David Bar-Tzur

abundance, abundant adjust, adjusted aggregate allocate asset ATM autonomous, autonomy
bank bankrupt-> declare ~ banking benefit benefits and disbenefits bid
Boeing bonds borrow boss brand breakeven budget
build bulk Burger King business calculate calculator capital->
working ~ capital gains and losses capital recovery factor cash flow chart check circulate
client collude, collusion CN Tower Coca Cola collude, collusion commercial common stock
company compete, competition common stock composite rate of return compound amount factor confidential consultant
consume consumer consumption contract conversion convert corporation
cost credit credit (card) current value customer cycle cyclical
Dairy Queen dealer debt deduct/ion default defer deficit
demand deposit depreciation determine (a value) diagram disclosure discount
diseconomies of scale disequilibrium distribute distributed distributions dividend document
documentation down payment economies of scale economy effective interest efficiency efficient
electronic funds transfer employ, employment employee employer entrepreneur estimate equity
evict exchange executive expand expense export externalities
face value federal Federal Reserve fee figure out finance, financial fine
firm fiscal fixed floating rate flowchart fold (out-of business) formula
fund goods graph graphics hierarchic, hierarchical hierarchy import
imputed (cost) incentive income increment incremental analysis induced industry
inflation influence inherit interest interest rate interface inventory
invest investments invoice issue (stock) Kodak labor liability
loan long run lump sum margin marginal propensity to consume marginal propensity to save market
marketing McDonald's mediate merchandise merchant merger Microsoft
monopolize monopoly monopsony mortgage needs assessment offline oligopoly
optimal over (as in "A over B") overcharge overhead owe owner's equity par value
patent payback pay off payroll pension Pepsi percent
plant point of sale profit purchase quality assurance quality control research and development
portfolio precise precision preferred stock price proceeds produce
product production profit property proprietary quality rate of return
refund release (of a product) reliability, reliable reliability-availability- serviceability rent return(s) revenue
rich risk taking salary sale sample savings scarce, scarcity
Sears Tower securities sensitive sensitivity analysis share(s) (of stock) shifted time lines short run
sinking fund factor source status stock-> common ~ dividend (of ~) face value (of ~)
par value (of ~) preferred ~ share(s) (of ~) spreadsheet stabilize statement stockholder
store supplies supply (v) supply and demand surplus table Taco Bell
tax top-down trade transaction treasury bill turnaround unadjusted
union upgrade use use-up, used-up utility value added voucher
wealth working capital World Trade Center Xerox yield zero defects

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