Vocabulary list for interpreting

David Bar-Tzur

accessibility A-Language American Sign Language Anglicized ASL Audism Bilingual - Bicultural B-Language
certificate certify C-Language close vision interpreting Cokely, Dennis Colonomos, Betty Conceptually Accurate Signed English
confidentiality congenital deafness Contact Sign copy sign cultural view (of Deaf people) Deafblind decode
encode English-based signing Ethnocentric eye contact Fant, Lou Hearing-Impaired High Visual Orientation
intervener Japanese fingerbraille Linguistics of Visual English lipreading marginalized mentoring mentorship
message Minimal Language Competency Minimal Language Skills noise (psychological) oral Deaf (person) paternalism pathological view (of d/Deaf people)
Pidgin Sign English processing profession, professional Reciprocity of Perspectives relay interpreting Rochester Method Seeing Essential English
shadow Signed English Signing Exact English sign negotiation Sign Supported Speech Simultaneous Communication small "d" deaf
Smith, Theresa Solow, Sharon Neumann source language speechreading SSP stigma stigmatize
Support Service Provider tactile communication tactile fingerspelling Tadoma Method target language Total Communication tracking
translate visualization, visualize

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