Vocabulary list for sociology and anthropology

David Bar-Tzur


Africa African-American anthropology April Fool's Day Asia Asian-American autonomous, autonomy
Bi Black castration Caucasian Christmas culture developmentally disabled
deviate, deviation document documentation Easter empathy environment Ethnocentric
Gay hierarchic, hierarchical hierarchy Hispanic holistic homogeneous Indian
indoctrinate inititate isolated knowledge Kwanzaa Lesbian macho, machismo
majority mask myth Native American nuclear family nurture orientation
paralysis parapalegic paternalism primitive progress quadrapalegic Reciprocity of Perspectives
relationship St. Patrick's Day sample scene (cultural) setting sexual orientation sexual preference
situation social work society status stereotype stigma stigmatize
superstition surface table taboo Trans(gendered) value viewpoint


accept acculturate adaptation adopt assimilation change culture
custom identity immigrant, immigration integrate integration melting pot pluralism


access accessible, accessibility advocacy advocate attitude aware/ness bias
chauvinism criticize deviate, deviation disability discriminate disempower empathy
empower enculturate environment esteem ethnocentrism ghetto handicap
immigrant, immigration immigrate indigenous institution institutionalize institutionalized integrate
integration liberate manipulate minority native oppress oriented (tendency)
perspective preference prejudice race racism segregate stereotype
superstition sympathy tolerance (of people) value viewpoint world view


Africa African-American Asia Asian-American Bi Black Caucasian
Gay Lesbian majority minority native Native American sexual orientation
sexual preference Trans(gendered) White


castration characteristic community deviate, deviation environment group habit
macho, machismo mask pan-human pattern primitive ritual rules of membership
society subculture system tradition universal


enculturation explicit homogeneous identity imitate implicit indigenous
inititate instruct legend nuclear family nurture schooling tacit

FIELDWORKSee also Statistics.

document documentation ethnography (fieldwork) ethnography (report) excavate fieldwork identify
informant recognize

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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