Vocabulary list for mathematics

David Bar-Tzur


absolute error absolute value accurate add added to addition algorithm
answer asymmetric average bijection bound for the error braces (for formulas) brackets (for formulas)
calculate calculator chart closure coefficient combination combinatories
congruent constant-> hold/held ~ remains ~ conversion convert count
decimal (number) decimal point degenerate case denominator derivation (of a formula) determine (a value) deviate, deviation
diagonal digit directly proportional discrete discriminant distribute distributed
dividend divisor do (calculate) it in your head endpoints error estimate evaluate
even [there] exists figure formula fractional rational function gamma function geometrically
given grow (increase) without limit horizontal hypothesis hypothesize idempotent identity
if and only if indirectly proportional infinitely many infinitesimally short infinity in terms of interpolate
inversely proportional isomorphism iterate linear expansion locus map (v) mapping
math, mathemtaics maximal absolute error maximal relative error maximum minimum minus minute (angle)
multiple negative non-zero notation numeral sequence numerator odd
operate operation operator over (as in "A over B") parametric representation parentheses (for formulas) partition
percent permutation plug (into equation) plus plus sign positive predecessor
prime proof proportion proportional radian ratio round ("estimate")
round-down round-off round-up sequence series solution sub-
subscript such that sum sum of squares symmetric table term (equation)
theorem theory there exists true error true relative error truncate undefined
value zero-> find the ~ of a function has a ~ at


Abelian algebra antilogarithm associative (property) base-two (and so forth) binary binomial
binomial coefficient boolean commutative constant cross multiply cube, cubed cube root
decimal (system) decimal place decimal point distributive equation equivalence expression
extrapolate factor (out) factorial finite fixed gradient (is) greater than
(is) greater than or equal to hexadecimal homomorphism infinite series integer inverse inversion
invert is approximately equal to is equal to is greater than is less than is less than or equal to is more than or equal to
is not equal to k-tuple less (is) less than (is) less than or equal to logarithm logarithmic (function)
log to the base n more than multinomial multinomial coefficient natural logarithm n-th power n-th root of x
one-to-one (mapping) operate operation operator polynomial plug in power->
raise to the n-th ~ raise to the n-th power principal square root quadratic quadratic equation quadratic function radical
rearranging (terms) Riemann product Riemann sum side (of an equation)-> both ~s left ~ right ~
sign signed solve square, squared square both sides square root substitute
symbol symmetric trinomial unknown variable


add addition arithmetic difference (between two numbers) divide ~ both sides by division
equal figure fraction inverse multiple multiplication multiply
number-> places (in a ~) operate operation operator product quotient
reciprocal remainder subtract subtraction total horizontally total vertically

See also "Geometry" and "Trigonometry" below.

abscissa absolute maximum absolute minimum affine approach (a limit) arbitrary point arbitrary value
arc length area under the curve arithmetic sequence asymptote axis axis of symmetry calculus
Cartesian coordinate system center of curvature center of symmetry concave concavity conjugate axis constant function
continuous converge coordinate-> ~ system rectangular ~ system (2D) rectangular ~ system (3D) coplanar
critical values curve cusp decrease decrease monotonically decrease without bounds decreasing (function)
defined definite integral dependent variable derivative diameter-> long ~ (ellipse) short ~ (ellipse)
differential differentiate directerix (parabola) disjoint diverge domain domain of definition
eccentricity (ellipse) ellipse equality equation drop out (of an ~) factor "f of x" [f(x)]
foci (ellipse) foci (hyperbola) focus (parabola) foil (method) inequality even (function) explicit
exponent exponential (function) extremum function f(x) graph helix->
double ~ horizontal component implicit increase increasing (function) increasing monotonically increasing without bounds
indefinite integral independent variable inflection point integral function integral of a function integrate integration
intercept intersect inverse limit limit as x goes to n limits of integration linear
linear equation linear function local maximum local minimum maximize minimize modulo
modulus monomial monotonically decreasing monotonically increasing odd function one-to-one (function) onto (function)
operate operation operator ordered pair ordinate origin planar surface
plane (surface) plot plug in point point of inflection polar coordinates polar distance
projection quadrants radius of curvature range sign single-valued slope
slope of a tangent tangent tangential time domain of a function transfer function transverse axis variables->
paired (or pair up) ~ vary vertex (parabola) vertical ellipse vertices (ellipse) vertices (hyperbola) vertical component
x-axis x-coordinate x-intercept y-axis y-coordinate y-intercept z-axis
z-coordinate z-intercept


acute (angle) area base (triangle) bisect center circle circumference
coincide compass complement cone congruent conic sections construct
cylinder degree diagonal ellipse geometry height hexagon
hyperbola hyperbolic-> ~ cosecant ~ cosine ~ cotangent ~ secant ~ sine
~ tangent hypotenuse intersect length line locus major axis
minor axis normal obtuse octagon octal parabola parallel
parallelogram pentagon perimeter perpendicular perpendicular bisector polygon principal axis
protractor pyramid Pythagorean theorem radius rectangle right angle segment
semicircle semimajor axis semiminor axis side spiral square surface
tangent transverse axis triangle vertex volume width


array inverse matrix operate operation operator


absolute value number open interval sign


complex counting imaginary integer number-> prime ~ irrational
natural prime rational real whole numbers


all of the left cosets all of the right cosets disjoint disjunction domain domain of definition element
the empty string group in (element of a set) intersect inverse k-element set null set
operate operation operator set union


See also "Geometry" above.

adjacent side angle arccosine arccotangent archyberbolic tangent arcsine arcsinh
arctangent (perpendicular) bisector congruent converge cosecant cosech cosh
cosine cotangent cotanh degree diverge drop a perpendicular equilateral
intersect inverse opposite side (of triangle) radian secant sech sine
sinh tanh trigonometric function trigonometric identity trigonometry

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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