Vocabulary list for general science

David Bar-Tzur

absorb accelerate acceleration accuracy accurate ammeter amplification
amplifier amplify amplitude angle answer approximate approximately
approximation arrow (vector) assemble asymmetry atom attenuate attract
automatic average base-two (and so forth) battery binary braces (for formulas) brackets (for formulas)
button (machine) cable calculate calculator calibrate capacitance capacitor
capacity cause cause and effect causality channel characteristic(s) charge->
~d ~ up (a battery) chart circuit coefficient cohesion component
compress condensation configuration consistency constant-> hold/held ~ remains ~
continuous contract convert cross multiply cube, cubed current curve
cycle decay decimal (number) decrease defective denominator dense
density dependent variable derivation (of a formula) derivative design detail
deteriorate determine (a value) deviate, deviation device diagonal diagram diameter
difference (between two numbers) diode direction directly proportional discharge dissolve distance
distortion divide-> ~ both sides by drop out (of an equation) efficient electricity electric outlet
electric plug electron energy engine equal equation drop out (of an ~)
equilibrium equivalent estimate evaluate evaporate excess expand
experiment explicit exponent expression extrapolate factor (out) field
figure (illustration) filter fixed (stationary) flow force exert a ~ formula
formulate fraction frequency friction function gain gas
gauge generate generator goggles graph (is) greater than or equal to (is) greater than
ground (electricity) heat heat up hexadecimal homogeneous hypothesis hypothesize
implicit increase increment independent variable indirectly proportional induce inductance
initial input install instantaneous integrate intensity intercept
in terms of interpolate intersect inverse inversely proportional invent is approximately equal to
is equal to is greater than is less than is less than or equal to is more than or equal to is not equal to less
(is) less than (is) less than or equal to junction leak linear liquid load
magnet magnify magnitude mass matter maximize maximum
measure mechanism medium (for a wave) microscope minimize minimum minus
modulate molecule more than motion motor multiple needle (gauge)
negative neutron node noise notation nucleus numerator
ohmmeter operate origin oscilloscope output over (as in "A over B") parallel
parentheses (for formulas) particle peak period periodic permeable perpendicular
perspective places (in a number) plot plug (into equation) plug in (socket) plus point
positive potentiometer power-> lose ~ to the nth ~ power surge precision
pressure primary proportion proton pulse qualitative quantitative
quantity radiation ratio reactance reaction rearranging (terms) reference
reinforce release/d research and development resistance resistor rigid rise (in any quantity)
robot round ("estimate") round-down round-off round-up run (operate) run down (power)
safety goggles sample scalar scale schematic(s) science scientific notation
secondary semiconductor sensitive sensor series (circuit) short circuit signal
significant figures simulate, simulation simultaneity, simultaneous solid solve solvent sound
sound wave source spec(s) speed square, squared stationary structure
substance substitute surface switch symbol symmetric, symmetry synthetic
table temperature tension term (equation) theorem theory thermal
thick (like molasses) toggle total trace transform transient transistor
transmit unknown value valve variables-> vary vector
vertical component vibrate, vibration viscosity volatile voltmeter volume wave
wire x-axis x-coordinate x-intercept y-axis y-coordinate y-intercept
z-axis z-coordinate z-intercept

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.