Vocabulary list for general and miscellaneous terminology

David Bar-Tzur

abandon abandoned abduct abducted abort absolute absorb
academic accent acclimate account-> give an ~ of something ~ for something accumulate
accuracy accurate acronym activate address (a crowd) adhesive adjacent
adolescent advanced advantage-> take ~ of affect agriculture air traffic control
allow alone alternate amass analysis annual anonymous
apparatus appease appeased apply appreciate appropriate April Fool's Day
arctic area array assign assignment assist/ance attend
attention authenticate authority automatic auxiliary available availability
balance bandage, band-aid bank (river) bankrupt based on beast belittle
belittled benefit betray betrayed bewilder bewildered bewitch
bewitched bid billion blank blow something off bluff bomb (to fail)
Bond, James boots boycott break (intermission) bribe bride bridesmaid
bright brotherhood brownnose bubble build building bully
burglar burn out bust cage calculate cap (cover for opening) capital (letter)
captain career carefree carnival cashier cash register castration
casual category causality cause cause and effect certificate certify
character characteristic chopsticks Christmas cinch classical classified
Claus, Santa clear client clique close call (almost happened) coarse coincidence
collaborate collate color comment comparison compatible compilation
compile comprehend comprehension compromise concentrate concept condition
conditional confidential confront consistency consistent console consultant
consume container content continual continuum contrast convenient
conversion convert crisis criteria critic critical criticize
critique cross-section cumulative current cut cut that out! cycle
dark dashed line deadline deck (of a ship) dedicate, dedicated defect defective
defer define defined definition degenerate delay, delayed delegate
delete demand demonstrate demonstration deposit depth description
detail deteriorate determine diagonal dictator differentiate direct
dirty discount discrete discriminate discrimination (distinguish) distinguish divorce
document documentation docile do (calculate) it in your head doll don't mean to say doughnut
dummy dust dusty dynamic dynamics dysfunction Easter
eat away at edit effect(s) efficiency efficient elaborate element
eligible eligibility elongation e-mail emotional empathy employ
employee employer employment enable enchant enchanted encourage
endemic environment equivalence erase errands error ESP
establish estranged etiology etiquette evolution exact except
exception exchange expand (enlarge) expand (on an idea) expect expert explanation
explicit expose external extract extrasensory perception facilitate factor
fancy FAX federal feedback field-> out in the ~ field trip
figure out file fireworks flesh flexible float flow
fluent fluid focus fold (out-of business) folder forbid foreground
form formal format formula formulate foster foundation
fractional freak out fudge factor full fundamental funnel fussy
gala galoshes game gaunt geek gender generate
generic genius gesture ghetto global glossy glue
go ahead goal good riddance graphic grind group (v) habituate
Halloween hands-on heat (not hot) height hermit hero heroine
hesitate heterogeneous heuristic hierarchic, hierarchical hierarchy hold holistic
homogeneous honor hope horizontal hospitality hustler (trickster) hypnosis
hypnotize hypnotized hypocrite hypothesis hypothesize identification identify
identity illustration image imagine immature immigrant, immigration immigrate
impasse implement implicit imply impostor impotence impulse
in case of incomprehensible increment index indexed indoctrinate induce
induced infest inititate insight inspect install insurance->
~ coverage intend, intention interactive intercom intermediate intermission in terms of
international interval intimacy intimate intimidate intimidated introduction
invalid invent invention inverse isolated issue jabber
jack-o-lantern journal jumbo jump (to next topic) justify kennel kaleidoscope
kilt kink known for Kwanzaa landscaper law layer
layout leather leave me alone! lecture left (feel) left out leisure
length level line liner lint liquid list
listing literal literally local logging loosen loudspeakers
love lowercase loyal luxury magic major majority
make up your mind! manicure manifold (many) manipulate manual Mardi Gras margin
mark master material materialize mattress meanwhile, meantime measuring tape
mechanical media mesh message microphone minor mix
mnemonic mock model modeling modify modulate module
moist monitor monograph monument motivated move movement
movie camera multiple mutual mystery near miss (almost happened) negative neglected
negotiate net network neutral newsletter nimble noble
noise nonchalant none notation null nurture object
objective obsession obsolete on behalf of open-> ~ (a book) ~ (a cabinet)
~ (a can) ~ (a car door) ~ (a door) ~ (a drawer) ~ (a jar) ~ (a laptop) ~ (an oven)
~ (a play) ~ (a purse) ~ (a wallet) ~ (a window) ~ (one's eyes) ~ (one's heart) ~ (one's mouth)
~ (one's mind) ~ (the curtains) ~ (the hood of a car) operator option orchard origin
orphan outline outreach overhead overhead projector overlap overlay
overweight own owner pace pacify pager pale
pamphlet panel panties pantyhose paradox parallel parameter
part pass out paste pasteurize patent patronize pattern
pending pendulum pension percent perception performance permanent
permutation perpendicular perspective persuasion perversion phase philanthropy
phonograph pick up pinnacle plastic plug point poison
policy polite poll population positive powder precise
prejudice present (v) pressure presumptuous pretend preview price
primary principle priority procedure process processing produce
product proof production profession, professional progress project promoted
pronunciation propaganda property proportional protect public public address (system)
punctual purpose put quality quantity quell quench
quicksand quick witted quill quotation, quotation marks quote radical (rebel) rainbow
rank rate reaction read someone's mind realistic ready reason
reasonable rebel record recursive reference region register
regret regular, regularity reinforce relationship relative rely remote
repel report repulse, repulsion reputation resource results retaliate
retrieve revenge reunion review reward right rights
rigid risk robot rough round off routine rule
ruler run (operate) run errands safe (strong box) St. Patrick's Day sale sample
sanitary napkin Santa Claus satisfy (a condition) scar (psychological) scarce, scarcity schedule score
screen script seal secondary secret security select
selection sensation sense sensitive sequential serial set up
shadow shape shell shelter simulate, simulation simulator simultaneity, simultaneous
skill, skilled skip slice slit social work some sort
source space spaced out sparse special specialize specific
specify spectrum speech spontaneous spool stabilize stadium
stage standard standard notation state statement static statue
status steel step, steps stereotype stimulate store strength
structure structured style subject subscript substance subtle
suicide summary summon Superman superstition suppress surface
surplus survey suspend, suspension swindle switch synthesize symbol
system systematic table (graphic) tactile take advantage of take for granted talkative
talk to oneself tampon tape target task tassel team
technical technique technology telepathy tension term (equation) tertiary
test testimonial text texture theorem theory thereabouts
therefore thermometer thick (not thin) thick (like molasses) thin thousandths three dimensional
tight tighten time (moment) time(-period) time-consuming toggle too much
topic top-priority total horizontally total vertically trace transaction transcribe
transfer transform transformation transient translucent transparent transport
transportation trauma truck try two dimensional two-faced type
undress uniform unilateral unique universal unless unmotivated
upgrade uppercase use-up, used-up vacuum cleaner valid validation validity
valley value (n & v) variable vault verification verify vertical
veterinarian vicinity video game viewpoint violence void vow
walk through wallet warm warn warning warranty waste
way weak wealth wean well whisper width
witness workshop wyndtell xerox yield

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.