Vocabulary list for social work and vocational rehabilitation

David Bar-Tzur


administration adolescence adulthood advocacy advocate agency-> private ~
public ~ analyze analysis assess assessment assistance autonomous, autonomy
Bilingual - Bicultural board of directors budget case case worker civil service code of ethics
communication community chest community organization
confidentiality counsel/ing criticize critique
culture documentation effective nurturance peer group environment ethical
etiology evaluate evict executive director feedback food stamps funding
goal hierarchic, hierarchical hierarchy infancy insight institution interaction
interpersonal (communication) intervention isolated manage management manipulate mortgage
negotiate nuclear family nurture objective peer group people in need of supervision PINS
privacy private process profession professional professionalism projection
public reaction record (n & v) referral reinforce relationship resource
role rural self-esteem socialize socialization social work-> radical (~)
society status structure supervisor sympathy system table
therapy therapist viewpoint United Way urban value volunteer


accept access accessible, accessibility advocacy advocate Africa African-American
Asia Asian-American attitude aware/ness bias Black Caucasian
chavinism developmentally disabled disability discriminate disempower empathy empower
enculturate environment esteem ghetto handicap Hispanic immigrant, immigration
Indian institution institutionalize institutionalized integrate integration liberate
majority manipulate minority Native American oppress paralysis parapalegic
paternalism prejudice quadrapalegic race racism radical (social work) Reciprocity of Perspectives
segregate self-esteem status stereotype stigma stigmatize sympathy
tolerance (of people) unistream wheelchair White


abandon abuse abortion adopt birth control child caring institution childhood
contraception day care father-> biological (~) foster (~) natural (~) step (~)
foster (child, home, parent) home maker institutionalize (placement) institutionalize (standardize) juvenile deliquent mother-> biological (~)
foster (~) natural (~) step (~) neglect nurturance nurture parent->
biological (~) foster (~) natural (~) step (~) nurture nurturance peer group
protective services surrender


accommodations addendum ammendment application audiogram career goals client
competitive, gainful employment consumer consumer benchmark customer Deptartment of Education district employment specialist
financial aid Individual Plan of Employment modifications (accomodations) OJT on the job training referral Social Security benefits
status of consumer trial work site vocational vocational rehabilitation voter registration application voucher work assessment
work evaluation

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