Vocabulary list for drug use and addiction

David Bar-Tzur


addict addiction alcoholic black-out bloodshot eyes bottom out chain smoke
chug (a drink) dependency dependent deteriorate deviant drug dependence drug habit
drunk drunkard enable faint flashback freak out hallucinate
high hit bottom loaded munchies o.d. overdose pot-head
relapse sober social drinker spaced out stoned straight symptom
teetotaler tense tolerance toxin trip


Acid (LSD)-> drop ~ alcohol amphetamine Angel Dust bar bartender
bennies bong brandy caffeine champagne cigar cigarette
cocaine cocktail Columbian Gold consume Crack crystal (PCP) cut (drugs)
cut hash deal drugs dealer depressant diet pills dope downers
draft beer drink drug(s) (illegal) drug(s) (legal) drug bust drug deal drug dealer
drug inserted anally drug paraphernalia drug pusher drug scale ecstasy gin and tonic grass->
to clean ~ wanna smoke ~? hallucinogen hash-> cut ~ hash oil head shop
heroin-> cook ~ hooka Horse hypodermic insert drug anally joint->
pass ~ around roll a ~ rolling paper (for ~) kilo lid-> ~ size (whole) ~ size (partial)
liqueur liquor LSD-> take/ use ~ mainline marijuana-> ~, grass, pot, weed, dope
Columbian Gold (~) to clean grass (~) wanna smoke grass? (~) joint (~) kilo of ~ pass joint around (~) roll a joint (~)
rolling paper (~) ~ pipe mescaline mixed drink narcotics narc nark
opium ounce paraphernalia PCP peyote pipe-> tobacco ~
water ~ poppers pot pot party prescription drugs push drugs pusher
quaaludes raid reds roach roach clip scale scotch
screwdriver seeds seven and seven shoot-up shot-> to drink a ~ ~ glass
Smack smoke-> ~ cigar ~ cigarette ~ grass, toke, hit ~ marijuana pipe chain ~, heavy ~r
sniff glue snort-> ~ a line ~ from a spoon ~ with a straw speed stimulant
substance thai stick tobacco tranquilizer uppers use drugs vodka
Wack water pipe weed whisky wine


Alcoholics Anonymous cause client confidential counseling cycle cyclical
diagnose diagnosis empathy etiology evaluate group therapy half-way house
in-patient intervention out-patient rehabilitation residential (treatment) sober treat

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