Vocabulary list for English

David Bar-Tzur


See also Information Technology if computers will be used for typing assignments.

align alphabetically analysis article (magazine) background chapter compare and contrast
comparison composition conclusion contrast controlling idea coordination create
critique definition delete description document draft edit
English essay explanation fact feature story folder foot, footer
format header human interest story justify-> left-~ right-~ left-justify
lowercase margin objective opinion organization outline paragraph
period quotation, quotation marks quote reference report right-justify semicolon
shift spacebar structure subjective summary tab tab over
topic up arrow uppercase word processing


absurdism analogy analysis analyze antagonist avant garde body
book character classical climax conflict contrast crisis
critic critique denouement dialogue dictionary drama encyclopedia
expressionism fantasy farce fiction hero heroine inciting incident
introduction legend library literature magazine main plot motive
mystery myth narrative naturalism newspaper novel Pinocchio
play plot precîs protagonist realism resolution review
rising action romance satire science fiction setting story structure
style subplot surrealism symbol theme tragedy

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

For additional relevant terms, see Vocabulary list for linguistics, especially for grammatical topics.