Vocabulary list for physical therapy

David Bar-Tzur

abdomen amputate anatomy anterior anterior to posterior asthma backbone
bilateral bleed blood bone(s) breathe bronchitis bump
burn capacity cause celsius chart circulation client
complications confidential costovertebral cusp deteriorate determine (a value) diagnose
diagnosis diaphragm discriminate disk doctor drug(s) expand
exposure extension flexion heartbeat holistic inferior internal
joint lateral lateral bending lateral flexion lumbar-spinal
lump lungs
manipulation massage medicine metabolism mobilization motoric muscle
nerve neurology nurse ointment operate operation organ
orthopedics palpate paralysis parapalegic patient perception peripheral vision
physical (exam) physician pill-> take ~ pisiform posterior powder
prescription prescription drugs pressure quadrapalegic recover, recovery Red Cross rehabilitation
relapse rib(s) rotary rotation, rotational sacro-iliac joint screen sensation
sense sensitive skeleton skin sore source spasm
spinal column spinal cord spine superior superior to inferior susceptible symptom
technique tension test therapy thorax throat tissue
transverse trauma treatment unilateral vertebra x-ray

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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