Vocabulary list for heating, ventiliation, and air conditioning

David Bar-Tzur

accuracy accurate adjustable air conditioning aluminum ambient temperature amplification
anchor appliance approximate approximately approximately equal approximation assemble (parts)
automatic automatically automaton average power average voltage ball and socket joint blockage
blower boiler braces (for formulas) brackets (for formulas) burner button (machine) cable
calorie capacity caulking cause celsius channel charge (a cylinder with gas)
chloro-fluro-carbons circuit clog, clogged combustion compatible compress concrete
condenser condensing (furnace) conduct electricity conductor configuration confined space consistency
console consultant contraction convection conversion convert coolant
cooling system coupling coupling alignment current current gain cycle degree celsius
degree fahrenheit dense density deodorizer (Automotive) deposit detector deteriorate
determine (a value) deviate, deviation device diagram diameter digital multimeter digital voltmeter
directional discharge dissipate (heat gas, etc) downflow draft drain draft diverter
drip drop (decrease) duct efficiency efficient electric outlet electric plug
energy energy source engine engineering estimate ethanol gycol evacuate
evaporator exfiltration exhaust expand fahrenheit feedback filament
filter fitting fixed flame flow fluid flush
formula formulate foundation furnace fuse gain gauge
generate generator gram graphically expressed grill (n) hanger heat
heating degree days heat transfer multiplier heat up horizontal horsepower hybrid ignition
increment infiltration input install instrumentation insulate from electricity insulation
insulator intake line in terms of invent joist junction kilogram
kilowatt-hour leak license-> ~ expired ~ revoked liter liter per second
load louvers lubrication manufacture maximum current maximum voltage mechanism
medium meter mildew millimeter minimum current miter modulate
modulation mold (plant) motor needle (gauge) negligible (error) normal normally closed
normally open normally closed notation nozzle obsolete odor ohm
operate original equipment manufacterer outlet output output voltage outtake line panel
parallel part partition pascal perpendicular pipe pipeline
piping plastic plenum plugged potential difference potentiometer power
lose ~ power amplifier power gain power source power surge precise precision
pressure preventive maintenance primary voltage processing produce production psi-a (absolute)
psi-g (gauge) pulse radiant heat recover (refridgerant) rectifier recursive recycle
reference refridgerant regulator reinforce remote (control) research and development resistance
resistor resistor current revolution revolutions per minute revolutions per second rheostat right angle
rigid robot roll down window roll up window root mean square rough run (operate)
run down (power) sample score (scratch) scoring seal-> blown ~ seat (a part, v)
secondary current sediment semiconductor sensitive sensor series (circuit) short circuit
signal simulate, simulation simulator sleeve solvent source source voltage
spark spec(s) spring square centimeter square foot square inch square meter
square yard stopped up strainer structure subscript substance surface
surge switch table thermostat tight toggle torque
toxic transform transient tungsten inert gas (welder) turbulence upflow upgrade
vacuum (gauge) valve vent ventiliation vibrate, vibration volt voltage
voltage gain voltimeter warp weigh vibrate, vibration volt voltage
voltage gain voltimeter warp weight wire

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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