Vocabulary list for sports and recreation

David Bar-Tzur


aerobics ahead archery-> (~) range assist (Sports) athlete athletics
athletic trainer auxiliary (gym) badminton beat beat (a team without mercy) beaten behind
boxing broomball canoe canoeing captain card-> ~s (the game)
deal the ~s play a ~ dis~ centimeter champion championship coach
co-captain compete competition court cross country cycling dance->
(~) studio darts deck (of cards) defense defensive (player) dice discus
disqualified down downhill skiing downhill ski slope equipment cage exercise fake
fencing field field hockey figure skating fishing foot foul
freestyle frisbee gallop golf-> (~) course Gretzky, Wayne gym
gymnastics half-time handball hardball hockey hunting ice hockey
ice skating illegal player inch infraction intermurals javelin jog, jogging
judge judo kajak kajaking karate kick kilometer
league legal player line-up locker room losing manager meter
near miss (almost happened) offense offensive (player) official (referee) olympics opponent overtime
paddle tennis participant penalty pennant physical education ping pong player
play-offs points pole vault pool-> deck (~) putt quarter->
first ~ second ~ third ~ fourth ~ race, racing racquetball rained out
rapids rapier rappel rebound record (World's)-> break the ~ recreation
referee rifle rink roller skating rugby running-> cross-country (~)
score scorekeeper scuba diving shot put skateboard/ing (skating) rink skiing
skindiving sledding sleigh snowmobile soccer spectator sports
sportsmanship sprint square centimeter square foot square inch square meter square yard
squash stack stadium starter stopwatch streamline sub, substitute
table tennis taper target team teammate teamwork tennis
Timber Fest time (competitive) time elapsed timer (person) toboggan tournament track
track and field trail trailing turn umpire uniform volleyball
weight training whittle, whittling winning wrestling yard zone


balk ball-> curve ~ fast ~ knuckle ~ show number of ~ baseball
bat batter batting average batting order batting practice beat beaten
benched bunt catch a ball catcher catcher's mitt catcher's sign (signals) center field
champion change up coach co-captain compete competition curve ball
disqualified double double play drop equipment cage error exercise
fast ball field fielding practice first base flyout force out foul
foul line foul tip glove ground out hardball hit hit by pitcher
home plate home run illegal player inning-> bottom of the ~ top of the ~ intermurals
knuckle ball league left field legal player line out line-up locker room
manager mask mound official (referee) opponent passed ball penalty
pennant pitcher player play-offs pop fly rained out record (World's)->
break the ~ referee right field runs batted in score scorekeeper second base
short stop signal single slide slider softball spectator
sports squeeze bunt stadium steal attempt to ~ strike-> show number of ~
strike out successful ~ sub, substitute tag-> throw to someone to ~ the batter team teammate
third base touch base tournament triple turn umpire varsity
walk wild pitch


alley-oop pass assist (Sports) back door bank shot basket-> make a ~ basketball
beat beaten benched block (the ball) body block bounce pass captain
center champion charge, charging coach co-captain compete competition
court defense defensive (player) disqualified down dribble dunk (slam)
equipment cage fake fast break field goal first five forward foul
free throw-> ~ (attempt) ~ (successful) freeze full court press goal tending guard (Bsketball)
gym half court press half-time hook shot illegal player infraction intermurals
jump shot lay up league legal player line-up locker room losing
man-to-man offense offensive official offsides (back court) one-on-one 1-3-1
opponent out of bounds overtime pass penalty pennant player
plays point guard points quarter-> first ~ second ~ third ~
fourth ~ rained out rebound record (World's)-> break the ~ recreation referee
score scorekeeper screen (body block) shot slam, slam dunk spectator sports
stall starter steal stopwatch sub substitute switch
team team teammate teamwork technical foul 3 on 1 fast break 3 point field goal
time (competitive) time elapsed time out timer (person) tip in tournament trailing
turn 2-1-2 2-3 varsity winning yard zone


action address alley "anchor" or "anchor man" angle approach arrows
automatic foul detector baby the ball baby split balk ball track balsa barmaid
beat beaten bed posts beer frame bench jockeying bender bicycle
big ball big ears big five big four blow blowout body English
(to) bowl bowling bowling alley box break Brooklyn hit Brooklyn strike
broom ball bucket burner captain champion channel cherry
chicken wing choke chop christmas tree clean game clothesline compete
competition conventional [grip] convert cross-over curve cushion cutter
darts dead ball dead wood delivery dime store dinner bucket dive
D.O.A. dots double double pinochle double wood drilling dump
dutch 200 Faith, Hope, and Charity fence posts field goal finger grips fingertip [grip] fit split
five-bagger flat ball floater flying elbow follow-through foul foul line
four-bagger frame frozen rope full hit garbage hit/strike goal posts golden gate
Greek church gutter gutter ball handicap hard way head pin higher
high hit hole hook house ball Jersey side kickbacks kill the ball
kingpin kresge lane leadoff man league leave lift
lily line line-up loafing locker room lofting looper
loose hit love tap low hit makeable split match play miss mixer
moat mother-in-law mule ears Murphy nose hit nothing ball one in the dark
on the nose open frame open bowling opponent out and in out of bounds over
over-turn part of the building/house perfect game pick picket fence pie alley pin action
pinching the ball pin deck pit platform player pocket poison ivy
poodle pot game powder puff powerhouse puddle puff ball pull the rug
pumpkin punch out pushaway rail railroad range finders rap
reading the lane record (World's)-> break the ~ release rerack reset return
ringing ten-burner rotation runway sandbagger sandwich game scenic route schleifer
score scratch semi [grip] shadow ball short pin sidearming sidewheeling
sideboards sixpack sleeper slide; slide step slot alley snake eyes snow plow
spare-> pick up a ~ spare leave spectator spiller split, split leave steal a strike
strike strike out strike split string sub, substitute sweeper tandem
tap team team captain (sports) teammate thin hit 300 game jinx tickler
touch tournament towel off (a bowling ball) track triple tumbler turkey
turn 200 game umbrella ball under washout woolworth working ball
wrap around yank the shot


card-> ~s (the game) dis~ play a ~ Clubs-> "One of ~" . . . "Ace of ~" Diamonds->
"One of ~" . . . "Ace of ~" Euchre Hearts-> "One of ~" . . . "Ace of ~" Spades-> "One of ~" . . . "Ace of ~"


See also "Swimming" below.

approach armstand auxiliary (gym) back dive back dive straight back dive tuck back hurdle
back inward dive back pike balk beat beaten champion coach
co-captain compete competition compulsory dive degree of difficulty disqualified disqualified dive
dive, diving draw (for order) entry exercise failed dive feet first flip
foot forward dive free position front dive straight gym half-twist dive head first
hurdle inch infraction intermurals inward dive inward dive straight inward somersault
half-twist jump judge kick kilometer layout locker room meter
opponent participant penalty pennant pike platform pool->
deck (~) preliminaries record (World's or local)-> break the ~ referee referee required dive
reverse pike rotate score scorekeeper somersault spectator springboard
stadium starter stopwatch straight sub, substitute swimming takeoff
team teammate time (competitive) time elapsed timer (person) toes pointing tournament
tuck turn (Swimming) twisting dive


beat beaten captain champion coach co-captain compete
competition defense defensive (player) disqualified equipment cage exercise field
flag football football foul illegal player infraction intermurals kick
league legal player line-up locker room offense offensive (player) official (referee)
opponent penalty pennant player record (World's)-> break the ~ referee
score scorekeeper spectator stadium sub, substitute team teammate
time (competitive) time elapsed timer (person) tournament varsity yard


See also "Diving" above.

athletic trainer auxiliary (gym) backstroke beat beaten breaststroke butterflystroke
captain centimeter champion coach co-captain compete competition
disqualified dive, diving dolphin style equipment cage exercise foot freestyle
gym illegal player inch infraction intermurals judge kick
kilometer line-up locker room meter official (referee) olympic opponent
participant penalty pool-> deck (~) race, racing record (World's)-> break the ~
referee score scorekeeper softball spectator stadium starter
stopwatch streamline sub, substitute swimming team teammate time (competitive)
time elapsed timer (person) tournament turn varsity yard

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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