Vocabulary list for automotive

David Bar-Tzur


anchor bend buckle calculator calibrate chart clock in
clock out coarse collision condensation consume cool down dealer
dealership degree celsius degree fahrenheit Department of Transporation diameter directional discharge
drive electrostatic discharge electrostatic-discharge-sensitive expand finish (of a surface) fixed flow
fluid foot foot-pound frame fuel fume(s) gauge
glossy horizontal induce induced install liter lubrication
maintenance mechanic mechanism meter mil millimeter operate
parts per million performance plug punch in punch out pressure quality assurance
quality control revolutions per minute revolutions per second rigid root mean square run (operate) score (scratch)
scoring sensitive shop (machine) simulate, simulation simulator source square centimeter
square foot square inch square meter stabilize station wagon stress sun
surface sympathetic vibration table tension thermal thousandths thread (a screw)
time clock toggle torque toxic truck upgrade vehicle
vibrate, vibration


adjustable a-frame align caster coil spring constant velocity joint dog tracking
lateral (control arm) leaf spring longitudinal (control arm) safety goggles self-leveling semi-independent suspension stabilizer
tires-> classifier for ~ wheels wishbone


accelerate blow-by (piston) burn out capacity cause celsius champfer
clearance coefficient of viscosity corrode crack damping constant degree celsius degree fahrenheit
deposit deteriorate detonation diagnose diagnosis diameter dirty
dog tracking eccentricity efficient efficiency exhaust fahrenheit film
flush (pressed against) gauge grind heat heat up hoist install, installation
leak line(d) up loosen mileage nitrous oxides noise open->
~ (a car door) ~ (the hood of a car) out of round oxidize power-> lose ~ pre-ignition
preventive maintenance prop rod recover (refrigerant) rough run down (battery) seal-> blown ~
sediment seize spec(s) specific gravity specifications strip (threads) stripped (threads)
square (a part) thick (like molasses) tight tighten torque trouble shoot turn car key
viscosity viscous warp warranty wash wear (out)


alternator battery blow-by (piston) bore champfer charge-> ~d
~ up (a battery) (receive) ~ (send) ~ combustion compression/compressor connecting rod crank
crankcase crankshaft crosshatch (piston, v) crosshatching cylinder detonation electrolyte
engine explode, explosion fuel injection generator head (of piston) horsepower ignition
in-line (pistons) jump (battery) jumper cables motor nitrous oxides out of round overdrive
parasitic draw piston plasma ring seal (something shut) seat (rings, v) seize
spark spark plug stall surge transmission wrist pin


alignment detail a car directional signals four-way flashers gas cap headlights taillights


adjustable ambient temperature blockage blower charge (a cylinder with gas) chloro-fluoro-carbons condenser
coolant cooling system deodorizer (Automotive) dissipate (heat gas, etc) drain drip efficient
ethanol gycol evacuate evaporator mildew mold (plant) odor plenum
plugged psi-a (absolute) psi-g (gauge) recover (refrigerant) recycle refrigerant roll down window
roll up window sensor torque toxic vent windshield


accelerator air bag automatic (transmission) brake compartment deploy (air bag) directional signals
dome light gas (accelerator) hand brake inflator module manual (transmission) odometer parking brake
speedometer standard (transmission) steering switch ventiliation


Cadillac Corvette Mercedes Benz Pontiac Volkswagen


alcohol alloy aluminum carbon copper crude oil gasoline
lubrication magnesium material molybdenum nickel cadmium oil (crude) ozone
petroleum plastic rubber silicon solvent steel substance


adjustable a-frame air bag alternator ball and socket joint battery cable
coil spring compressor connecting rod constant velocity joint crank crankcase crankshaft
cylinder dog tracking drum engine filter fuse gears
generator goggles head (of piston) hinge hinge joint liner manifold
motor nickel cadmium (battery) part pigtail adaptor pump rectifier regulator
ring screen sensor sleeve slit spring switch


ammeter bolt brace clamp drill file forklift gas (welder)
gauge hardware instrumentation jackstand level (instrument) lever measuring tape
micrometer nail nut ohmmeter Phillip's(-head screwdriver) pliers potentiometer
saw scale screw screwdriver speed wrench stud tape
tools tungsten inert voltmeter volt-ohmmeter wrench wrist pin


cubic centimeter cubic feet per second cubic meter cubic meters per second gram

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