Vocabulary list for criminal justice and legal

David Bar-Tzur

Please note that these signs or sign negotiations are meant more for the classroom where the interpreter can negotiate with the client, and a misunderstanding can be cleared up without asking the judge for permission to speak with the client. In the courtroom, these legal terms must be contextualized fully so that there is minimal chance for misunderstandings, and these signs or sign negotiations may not be appropriate.


See also Addiction and Sexuality under "Sexual activity" for non-consensual forms.

bribe burglar(y) choke (someone) collude, collusion con con-artist conspiracy
corrupt, corruption cover up deal drugs dealer defraud domestic violence embezzle
fugitive gang hoax hostage impostor indecent liberties misconduct
murder pickpocket prostitute rape-> attempted ~ reckless reckless endangerment
riot robbery rustler safe (strong box) shoot speeding spy
swindle theft torture victim violence


See also Business for financial matters.

annulment divorce separation abandon abuse adopt estranged
father-> biological (~) foster (~) natural (~) step (~) foster (child, home, parent) institutionalize
juvenile delinquent mother-> biological (~) foster (~) natural (~) step (~) neglect
parent-> biological (~) foster (~) natural (~) step (~) protective services surrender


absent administration administrator allege/d alternate (guardian, executor) appeal arbitration
bench warrant beneficiary charge/d co-executor commission competency
competent continuance court order cross examination debt decedent defendant
deponent determination direct examination document execute file (verb) find
find for grand jury grievance guardian habeas corpus hearing hearsay
illegal indictment insurance-> ~ coverage irrelevant judge jury
juvenile juvenile deliquent law legal legatee letters-of-administration letters testamentary
liability license-> ~ expired ~ revoked life insurance litigant litigate, litigation
mediate mens motion motive neglect negotiate objection
off the record order of protection
order to show cause ordinance overruled (objection) parole officer personal property
petitioner plaintiff plea plea bargaining plea agreement plead plea offer
pretrial intervention (diversion) priveleged probable cause probation officer prosecute prosecutor public defender
real property recess remand respondent sentence statement statute
suppression of evidence sue suicide Surrogate Court sustained (objection) swear in temporary restraining order
trial trust trustee vehicle verdict versus voir dire


capital punishment Criminal Justice fugitive parole penalty penitentiary punish, punishment
prison solitary confinement


arrest-> group ~ blanks bust curfew detective fingerprint
handcuffs hierarchy hierarchic, hierarchical identify identity informer inquiry
raid reward search security shoot siren sting (police)


See also Business for financial matters.

administration administrator alternate (guardian, executor) attesting witness codicil co-executor debt
distributee estate execute executor fiduciary finance, finances heir
inherit intestacy liability life insurance personal property probate real property
succession (intestate) testator will

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

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