The interpreter's friend by David Bar-Tzur

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CI and CT; BS, Physics and Philosophy; MS, Interpreter Education.

Curriculum vitae (resumé)

My interpreting backgroundsigning hands

"Where the hand goes, the eye follows; where the eye goes, the mind goes;
where the mind goes, is the heart; where the heart is, lies the reality of being."

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Raison d'e^tre of this website:
Invitation to an interpreting cybercommunity

My blog This blog spot is meant to be a place for Deaf Jews and their friends to discuss issues that concern them. I am hearing and do not wish to be the expert on what Deaf Jews think. I want to provide a space for them to brainstorm ideas. Welcome!

My CDs

My workshops


ASL translations of songs and ritual texts

Alternative (LGBTIQ and Feminist)
Cultural and linguistic changes in translating songs into ASL
CHRISTIAN: ordinary time (non-holiday)
Advent candlesCHRISTIAN: Advent & ChristmasAdvent candles

CHRISTIAN: Lent, Easter & Pentecost
Chanukah lampJEWISH: ChanukahChanukah lamp
JEWISH: Full services
JEWISH: Individual songs and texts
Unitarian Universalist

Interpreting for Deaf-Blind people

Deaf-Blind interpreting pay differential
Interpreting and working with Deaf-Blind people
Resources for working with Deaf-Blind people

Interpreting for religious/spiritual topics

Cultural and linguistic changes in translating songs into ASL
Interpreting for Jewish celebrations
Jewish signs an educated interpreter should knowsigning hands
My religious backgroundsigning hands
Nicene Creed for non-native English speakers (users)
Ordo missae cum populo (Order of the Catholic Mass for the people)
Resources for religious/ spiritual interpreting
Rite of baptism (Catholic)
Signs for books of the Jewish and Christian Bibles
Signs for Buddhism
Signs for Hinduism
Signs for Islam
Songs and ritual texts (Christian, Jewish, and Unitarian/Universalist)
The Jewish Bible
Troublesome terms to translate in the Jewish and Christian Bibles
Was Zacharias struck deaf by the Angel Gabriel?
WORK IN PROGRESS: The work of our hands: Sign Language interpreting in Jewish settings [Ashkenaz]

Interpreting for technical/specialized topics

Abbreviations for the elements
ASL number systems in technical discourse
A guided tutorial in physics for interpreters
Interpreting for 12 Step Programs
Interpreting for sports
Interpreting for Trans settings
Preparation and sign negotiation for technical topics
Resources for technical/specialized interpreting
Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary
Technical/Specialized sign rubric
Use of classifiers in technical discourse
Vocabulary lists by topic


The hermeneutic circle: Avoiding prejudice in the interpreting process
Humor and stories for interpreters
Integrating the interpreting service models
Is anybody home?: Deaf people giving feedback
Team interpreting
Talking to a brick wall: Do I interpret when nobody deaf is watching?
Unity for Gallaudet!
We have plenty of 'em: The place of interpreters in the Deaf community


Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world
International gesture: Principles and gestures
Introduction to use of indigenous signs
Indigenous signs for cities
Indigenous signs for countries
Interpreting for culturally diverse settings
Interpreting for Arabic as a second language
Interpreting for German as a second language
Interpreting for Hebrew as a second language
Signs for Kwanzaa
Interpreting for Spanish as a second language

Professional development: Getting over the hump!

CDs, DVDs, and videotapes
Deaf events
Mailing lists, user groups & chat rooms
Online teaching and learning
Outside assessment and certification
Periodicals and articles
Web sites
Workshops and conferences

The Jewish services

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Birkat haMazon
Brit milah (Circumcision) service
Chatunah & Shevah Brachot (Wedding ceremony)
Funeral service
Interpreting for Hebrew as a second language
Pesach (Passover)
Purim megillah
Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
Shabbat (Sabbath)
Songs and ritual texts
Sukkot (Tabernacles)
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Workshops to go!

Cultural and linguistic changes in translating songs into ASL
Ethics for K-12 interpreters
Frozen register and the translation process from English to ASL
Interpreting and working with Deaf-Blind people
Interpreting for children
Interpreting with the whole body: Expanding the concept of non-manual behavior
Processing models

Contributions by other authors

Alger-Robbins, A. Interpreter coordinators: The crucial link between the court and the interpreter
American Translators Association, 1988 Code of Ethical Practices and Professional Rights
Blake, J. E. Personality type and interpreters for the deaf
Callahan, B.

Code of ethics - Court interpretation: Model guides for policy and practice in the state courts
Code of professional responsibility for interpreters in the Oregon courts
Deaf-blind freedom -- How far?
Eighinger, L. (November 1998). Condensed version of the study of ethics
Gish, S. (1995). Appropriate dress for interpreters
Grassick, S. (27 October 2001). Teaching Deaf-Blind children
Green, C

(1 March 1996). Interpreters must be dually allied
Kinsella, T.

Levin, D. (30 November 1997).

Metcalf, C. (21 November 2001). Medical consent and Deaf-Blind patients
Mintz, D. (27 January 1997). Open letter to Lydia Pellegrin
NAJIT team interpreting resolution
R . v. Attard Central Criminal Court (1958) 43 Cr.App.R.90 [United Kingdom]
Remen, R. N. (n.d.) In the service of life "Serving is different from helping. Helping is based on inequality; it is not a relationship between equals."
Rodriguez, J. There's no justice for court interpreters
State of Washington code of conduct for court interpreters
Sanderson, G. (12 January 1984). Overuse Syndrome among Sign Language interpreters
Standards of conduct - Maricopa County, Arizona
Standards of professional conduct for court interpreters (California)
State of Washington code of conduct for court interpreters
10th Circuit: District must provide on-site interpretive services

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