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David Bar-Tzur

Created 10 April 2000, links updated monthly with the help of LinkAlarm.

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Mailing lists are group discussions by e-mail, where all submissions and responses of a group are sent to a central location and then back to all members so that everyone's comments on a focus topic (sometimes it loses its focus, sigh) can be read.

Artistic interpreting: Music, poetry, literature, and theater ASL Certification Cochlear implants Community interpreting (freelance) Cued Speech Deafblind
Deaf advocacy and politics Deaf culture Deaf health Educational interpreting General interpreting issues Interpreting agencies and organizations Interpreter education
interpreting students Legal interpreting Multicultural interpreting Notation systems (written and visual representations of Sign Languages) Oral and deafened people Overuse syndrome Religious interpreting
Video relay interpreting Vocational rehabilitation


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Artistic interpreting: Music, poetry, literature, and theater

Stained glass bullet Our group is made up of the best sign language interpreters in the USA who are interested in Interpreting Theatre. The program, sponsored by Theatre Development Fund, is held anuualy at The Juillard School for trained ASL Interpreters. This is a place for students to get to know one another and share questions, concerns and excitement!

Stained glass bullet This is a forum for people to find help with translating music and/or post interpretations to their favorite secular music in American Sign Language. All ideas welcome. Please do not copy from books. This is intended for your own concepts to be used. FYI: Secular is defined as 'not religious'.

Stained glass bullet SignCinnati Theatre Group provides qualified and competent sign language interpreting services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and hearing consumers in theatrical settings. SCTG provides professional development opportunites to working interpreters who wish to expand their knowledge of current trends and practices for theatrical interpreting. SCTG also works closely with local theatrical venues within the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area in order to increase overall accessible interpreting services. Finally, SCTG strives to engage Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers into the entire theatre experience: as attendees, interpreter evaluators, dramaturgs, sign language interpreters, actors, and English-ASL translation masters.

Stained glass bullet For sign language interpreters involved in performing arts interpreting.


Stained glass bullet Here's a place for deaf, hoh, and interpreters to come and discuss the most beautiful language in the world! Come on in and say hi... meet new friends! Tell all your deaf, hoh, and 'terp friends. If you need info on books to learn sign, deafness, other clubs, or just fun animated tutorial pages and links, check out our Bookmarks (links) over there in the left column! ENJOY!! *smile*

Stained glass bullet This group began as a break off from the ASL Club started by Tony. We thank you for your hard work! Unfortunately ASL Club was deleted and we lost almost 2000 members! We miss you and welcome any and all of you back! This group is open to Deaf, Hearing, ASL students, Interpreters, Teachers of the Deaf, and anyone interested in chatting and networking with others who are using/interested in ASL.

Stained glass bullet Sign Language Interpreter Study Group.

Stained glass bullet Looking for a creative way to teach a lesson in your classroom? Are you a sign language interpreter or instructor looking for an interesting way to develop skills? Got a great lesson idea you want to share? Are you looking for professional training workshops in your area? If you answered, "Yes." to any of these questions this is YOUR list. The target audiences for this list are educators, ESL teachers, speech therapists, sign language interpreters, and ASL instructors.

Stained glass bulletSLLING-L. A list for linguists interested in signed languages.

Stained glass bulletTEACH-ASL is a listserv which was designed to provide on-going communication for Teachers of ASL.


Stained glass bullet This is an online course for people preparing to take the Knowledge exams for NIC or CDI as administered by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Membership is by invitation only.

Stained glass bullet This is a group of people in Northern California who are taking a distance learning course to prepare for the National Interpreter Certification Written (Knowledge) Examination.

Stained glass bullet This group's purpose is to share information and study material related to the RID written examination for sign language interpreters. We hope this page will help us all prepare for, and pass, the test this December! If you have information for the entire group, then send it here. If you have info for one particular person, then please send it to that person alone to avoid unnecessary group e-mails.

Stained glass bullet OKC study group working toward National Certification.

Stained glass bullet ASL interpreters from Vital Signs and Deaf Link banding together to study for the NIC exam. We will pose ethical issues, define vocabulary, discuss skill and knowledge questions and share information & insights to better prepare us for the NIC exam.

Cochlear implants

Stained glass bullet This is a support group for deaf people who have cochlear implants or are considering one to discuss and share experiences. We meet on a third Saturday every month at DCARA's Deaf Community Center in San Leandro. Time is from 1pm to 3pm. We will have a topic for each month. Check the calendar here for specific topics.

Cued Speech

Stained glass bullet is a group of parents and professionals in Arizona that are interested in learning about and using the Cued Speech system. This group was started after an initial 18 hour workshop of Cued Speech Training was given by Joan Rupert, of West Coast Cued Speech Programs in Phoenix, AZ. The purpose of the listserv is to allow for these beginning cuers, as well as advanced cuers and others interested in learning cued speech, to network, practice, and share ideas about improving our skills and the usage of Cued Speech. This group was started by the parent of a deaf child who is excited about beginning the adventure of learning cued speech. Everyone is welcome to join.

Stained glass bulletDeaf Online -> Cued Speech/English.

Stained glass bulletECSTC - Educational Cued Speech Transliterators Coalition. Send e-mail to:
Body of message: subscribe ECSTC your name

Stained glass bullet is an electronic mailing list for questions, discussions, and announcements about Cued Speech in the Lone Star State. You are invited to join TexasCuers and help bring cohesiveness and growth to the cueing community in Texas. TexasCuers will help us Lone Star Cuers get to know each other better and stay informed about Cued Speech-related events in Texas.

Deaf advocacy and politics

Stained glass bullet Anyone interested in discussions, or information related to ADA (Americans with Disabilities), Sec. 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973), or other laws pertaining to the rights of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing-Impaired.

Stained glass bullet This group is for anyone; including interpreters, counselors, researchers, who is interested in advocacy for d/Deaf and hard of hearing people who are involved in the Court and/or Criminal Justice system.

Stained glass bullet Have a problem getting an interpreter? Are you being denied your rights to have an interpreter?? What are our rights??


Deaf culture

Stained glass bulletBook_Discussion_Club - This group is being formed to discuss books related to the Deaf community, American Sign Language, Deaf culture and ASL interpreting. The first book we will tackle is "The Mask of Benevolence" and even though some of you might have read it, it might be interesting to read it as a group and discuss it one chapter at a time. Send e-mail to:

Stained glass bulletDEAF-L Send e-mail to: To subscribe, send empty message.

Stained glass is's message-board site. It's a free public forum where participants can discuss controversial issues and topics of interest to the Deaf community, and ask questions. There are several forums focusing on issues from a Deaf perspective, and departments for "just-for-fun" posts, too. All forums are moderated.

Stained glass bulletDeaf Online is a discussion forum for deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, ci users and many others to share information, thoughts, opnions, news and idea on a variety of hearing loss or deaf related topics and issues. We have wide spectrums of topics to choose from Cochlear implants, Education to Technologies.

Stained glass bulletDeaf Times.

Stained glass

Stained glass bulletNAD forums. You must be an NAD member.

Deaf health

Stained glass bullet Mental Health Interpreting Information focusing on American Sign Language/English Interpreters working with individuals who are deaf and mentally ill. Sponsored by the Alabama Department of Mental Health - Office of Deaf Services as part of the Mental Health Interpreter Training (MHIT) Project.

Stained glass bullet The system is set up to facilitate group communication and collaborative efforts. The objectives for which the corporation is formed are as follows: A. to support and conduct non-partisan research, education and informational activities to increase public awareness of cerebral palsy and deaf lifestyle and their quality of life, B. to provide information and mentoring to individuals, parents, family members, professionals and communities who want to gain knowledge about the deaf people with cerebral palsy, and C. to function as an independent resource and support group for deaf people with cerebral palsy.

Stained glass bullet This group has been established for Sign Language interpreters to discuss the unique discipline of interpreting in mental health settings.

Deaf interpreter

Stained glass bullet Anyone to share information relating to Deaf Interpreter tests, Events, Workshops, Training, Updates, Sign Language Topics relating to Deaf Interpreter, etc.

Stained glass bulletModerated Deaf Interpreter information sharing group for deaf/hard of hearing interpreters. This list also includes RID's Deaf Caucus members/issues.

Educational interpreting

Stained glass bullet A "members-only" site - open to deaf and hearing parents, students, teachers, sign language interpreters and other interested parties who are involved in/with deaf education.

Stained glass bullet Our group focuses on issues related to educational interpreters and interpreting. You will find resources for improving skills as well as how to interact with students and staff. We also encourage parents of deaf children, members of the deaf / h.h. community, itp students or anyone interested in learning about education of the deaf / h.h. to join and express their views and opinions.

Stained glass bulletIEPFAC-L - The Interpreter Education list. Send e-mail to: For more information, see .

Stained glass bullet This is an E-mail based discussion group for Educational Sign Language Interpreters, working in K through 12 settings. This list will serve the purpose of sharing and disseminating information regarding their work. All discussions will follow the Code of Ethics as set forth by the National Office of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Stained glass bulletPEPNet ListServ. The PEPNet ListServ was created as a forum for individuals involved in postsecondary education to ask questions and share their experiences in providing services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please consider using the PEPNet listserv as a place to exchange ideas, solve problems, share best practices and sometimes even have a laugh! While there are many forums for interpreters to exchange information, we would like to offer PEPNET as a way to focus on postsecondary issues.

Stained glass bulletPostsecondary Interpreter Network (PIN) - similar to terps-l, for midwestern postsecondary interpreters and we would like to expand the use of this valuable tool. Please consider using the list as a place to exchange ideas, solve problems, share best practices and sometimes even have a laugh! Send email to:
Subject: (leave blank)
Body of message: subscribe PIN yourfirstname yourlastname

Stained glass bullet This group is for those who use Signing Exact English as a mode of communication. Most are probably in k-12 settings, but this is open to all. Will discuss signs, modifications, ASL-feature incorporation, etc. All are welcome.

Stained glass bullet is for sign language interpreters who interpret in educational settings, elementary through post secondary. Our purpose is to have an open, supportive and friendly professional atmosphere in which to discuss issues related to the profession of interpreting. We also welcome interested members of the Deaf community to join and post messages and participate in discussions. We welcome any postings of job positions, workshops and announcements related to this profession. You will find a "Subscribe" link on the right-hand side of the screen.

General interpreting issues

Stained glass bulletA-word-a-day - sends a new word with definition, example in context and word origin to you each day. Subscribe, unsubscribe, change address, gift subscription, word list, archives, search, FAQ.

Stained glass is the coming together of people who use, provide, and are interested in the many aspects of interpreting services for the purpose of communication access. Sign up today to connect, discuss, and network.

Stained glass bullet Sign Language Interpreting Issues and Opinions.

Stained glass bullet If you work as an interpreter in isolation, without supervision, and would like to talk with your peers and mentors about the work, come on in and find out how to establish a guided dialogue with local interpreters that will benefit you all.

Stained glass bullet

Stained glass bulletLANTRA-L - Translation and interpretation.

Stained glass bullet This is a list for those who are interested in learning and aquiring information regarding sign language interpreting. As part of membership to this list, please completely complete the member profile so we can get an idea of who we are talking to. This is a forum to respectfully communicate with others about their knowledge and experiences as a sign language interpreter in the community and the Legal system.

Stained glass bulletTERPS-L for interpreters whose working languages include a signed language. Archives.

Interpreter education

Stained glass bullet Administrators and teachers of ASL/English interpreting in the southern US.

Stained glass bullet Looking for a creative way to teach a lesson in your classroom? Are you a sign language interpreter or instructor looking for an interesting way to develop skills? Got a great lesson idea you want to share? Are you looking for professional training workshops in your area? If you answered, "Yes." to any of these questions this is YOUR list. The target audiences for this list are educators, ESL teachers, speech therapists, sign language interpreters, and ASL instructors.

Interpreting agencies and organizations

Stained glass bullet This group is a service of the Interpreting Service Mangagers Member Section of the Registry of interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Its purpose is to serve the members of the RID who share a mutual interest in the provision and management of Sign Language interpreting services.

Interpreting students

Stained glass bullet Hi there, I am a graduate from an interpreter training program. I currently work in an elementary school as an interpreter. This is a list you can share your feelings and topics of interest. Violation of the CoE will not be tolerated. Feel free to discuss interpreting issues, deaf issues, or any other issues related to deafness.

Legal interpreting

Stained glass bullet Memberships of the ASL_legal_terps group are by invitation only. If you want to join this group, please contact the group moderators at

Stained glass bullet This group is to provide a forum for those who are currently working as ASL interpreters in legal settings. This forum is not to allow collusion of business practices or rates and will be careful not to violate antitrust laws. This can be a forum to discuss recent workshops, training, issues and questions that pertain to the specific area of legal interpreting for deaf and hard of hearing consumers in the state of Arizona.

Stained glass bulletdeaf-lawyers - A discussion forum primarily for deaf people who work in the legal field, are studying law or are interested in pursuing such a career. This list may be also of interest to interpreters etc, who work with deaf people in legal settings. Send a blank e-mail to:
Subject: (leave blank)
Body of message: (leave blank)

Stained glass bulletInterpreters_Translators-Legal. A closed list for interpreters/translators of visual (signed) and verbal (spoken) languages who work in the legal arena (i.e the courtroom, lawyer's offices, depositions, etc.) Building bridges amongst interpreters/translators, through discussions of COMMON issues in the legal arena. To join this list, send a message to:

Multicultural interpreting

Stained glass bullet This is a group of and for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered users of American Sign Language in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. The group mostly comprises of Deaf persons, their partners, interpreters and hearing ASL users. We meet monthly in a social setting, and are working towards greater things.

Stained glass bulletBar-Tzur, D. Interpreting for culturally diverse settings - Mailing lists. These mailing lists deal with subcultures (not interpreting per se): African American/Black, Asian American, Christian, Deafblind, Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered/Intersexed/Questioning, Hispanic/ Latinas/os, Jewish, Member of a less represented religion, Muslim, Native American, Pacific Islander, Physically challenged/ Disabled, Women's movement/ Feminism.

Stained glass bullet It is the Mission of the Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Intersexed, Transgendered Interpreters/Transliterators (BLeGIT) of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID, Inc.) to be a forum for discussing current interpreting issues, provide information and resources for professional development opportunities and provide a professional and positive venue for discussing topics specific to the BLeGIT community, and primarily support the members of the special interest group.

Stained glass bullet This group is for people who are Deaf-Blind and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender.

Stained glass bullet This is a social site for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Deaf and Hard of Hearing community (PLUS hearing friends and interpreters) to have gatherings (socials) on regular basis

Stained glass bullet For interpreters who work with English, Spanish, ASL, LSM, and other latin-american sign languages, or are interested in that field.

Stained glass bullet ITOC is where African-American, Latino, Asian, Black, Pacific-Islander, Native-American, and other ethnic interpreter communities can come together and speak on interpreting issues within their communities.

Stained glass bullet The mission of the National Alliance of Black Interpreters NC Chapter is to promote professional excellence within our organization for African American/Black Interpreters/Transliterators. We will build awareness of our organization through community involvement, support, and working relationships with other affiliates, groups, and consumers.

Stained glass bullet The mission of the Nat'l Network of Trilingual Interpreters is to provide an online forum through which interpreters for the Latino Deaf community can collectively raise their skill level and expand their cultural knowlege. The NNTI seeks to serve as a central place for relevant questions, answers, and information-sharing, as well as to provide a sense of community and support for trilingual interpreters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Stained glass bullet Mano a Mano was established for working multilingual interpreters, Hispanic-Deaf consumers, students, people who work closely with Hispanic-Deaf communities, and organizations and entities that support Mano a Mano's views. / Mano a Mano se estableció para personas con carrera de intérprete multilingüe, los consumidores Sordos-Hispanos, estudiantes, gente que trabaja cerca con comunidades de Sordos-Hispanos y con las organizaciones y las entidades que apoyen las visiones de Mano a Mano.

Stained glass bullet An announcement list consisting of event announcements, job postings and press releases of interest to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans people in Chicago Area. List is open to all, including hearing interpreters, signers and straight friends.

Notation systems (written and visual representations of Sign Languages)

Stained glass bulletSignWriting list archive and sign-up link.

Oral and deafened people

Stained glass bulletHearing Loss Association of America: ENEWS. We bring you information about what HLAA is doing for you. We keep you up to date with our plans for the next convention. We bring you human-interest stories that speak to issues of hearing loss and we answer your questions about assistive technology. This e-newsletter will give you information about what is happening legislatively and let you eaves drop, so to speak, into the meetings attended. You will learn what the current issues are and how HLAA is working for you.

Overuse syndrome

Stained glass bullet To provide assistance/support to sign language interpreters suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome & related disorders.

Religious interpreting

Stained glass bulletBar-Tzur, D. Resources for religious/ spiritual interpreting Some of these have a specific section for mailing lists.

Video relay interpreting

Stained glass bullet Communications for Sorenson VRS Des Moines, IA Center Interpreters

Stained glass bullet Let's keep talking. Forum for all interpreters working for video relay companies.

Stained glass bullet This group is intended for American Sign Language Interpreters currently working as Video Relay Interpreters. The objective of this group is to provide a means of communication between call centers and providers. We are all doing the same kind of work, but have no chance to communicate with other interpreters taking calls in other call centers around the country. Because we work in isolation, the hope is through communication we would achieve a greater sense of community as specifically VRS Interpreters. Please keep in mind that many VRS providers have very strict confidentiality policies regarding their proprietary information. Please do not post anything that specifically relates to the company you work for.

Vocational rehabilitation

Stained glass bullet The Occupational Communication Specialists eGroup is an Internet-based forum for job coaches, sign language interpreters, and others who specialize in working with vocational rehabilitation (VR) deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers in employment and employment-related settings. MAILING LISTS BY STATE