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image of audiotapeAudiotapes1

Interpreter education Practice tapes: English to ASL Vocal quality

Interpreter education

image of audiotapeAn audio book dramatization of by Janice H. Humphrey, Bob J. Alcorn. ISBN: 0964036754.

Practice tapes: English to ASL

You can make your own audiotape of a fixed text (Pledge of Allegiance, hymn, scriptural text, the 12 Steps, etc.) that needs to be translated. Many of the professional development projects that you might undertake will require that you have recorded stimulus material that you can interpret from into ASL. Here are some links to such material:

image of audiotapeAll Things Considered.

image of audiotapeThe audio book collection.

image of audiotape

image of audiotapeAudioBooks Online.

image of audiotapeAudio interviews and readings.

image of audiotapeBlackstone audiobooks.

image of audiotapeBooks on tape.

image of audiotapeHistory Channel. Great speeches.

image of audiotapeInternet Radio.

image of audiotapeThe interpreter's edge. Stimulus material for interpreters of any language.

image of guide has a comprehensive list of over 4,000 sites using RealAudio/RealVideo technology broken up into catagories.

image of audiotapeRealPlayer. The RealPlayer allows you to listen to English on the Internet. Download RealPlayer in order to listen to all the web has to offer.

image of audiotapeRecorded books.

image of audiotapeRemembering yesterday. Digital memories.

Vocal quality

image of audiotapeFleming, C. (December 1992). S&S audio; 4 Cassette edition. ISBN: 0671796658. Fleming gives a clear and lively presentation focusing on dialect, male and female speech styles, voice vitality and quality, and junk words... there are some valuable lessons here. (Kliatt, May 1995) Webmaster: This is an excellent tape for personal use or as a pedagogical tool for interpreter education. The tape demonstrates and provides remedies for problems with vocal quality that lead to projecting the wrong image of the Deaf consumer to the hearing consumers through interpreter idiosyncracies that sound powerless, disorganized, or just plain annoying.

image of audiotapePublic speaking website. Besides being useful for practicing interpreting formal register into inspirational ASL, listening to great speakers gives us models of how to sound more elegant while interpreting into English from ASL.

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1. From (XYZ Audio) which is no longer extant.