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The second largest religion in the world. It has over 1,164 million followers, about 20% of the world's population. It is based on the Qur'an, which is said to have been dictated to the Prophet Mohammed by the angel Jibreel in 622 CE. This is the largest of the purely monotheistic faiths. Members are found in large numbers throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia.1

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image of audiotapeAudiotapes

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Al Risala forum international. Click on "Virtual bookstore".

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Denny, F. M. (2005, February 23). Prentice Hall; ISBN-10: 0131835637, ISBN-13: 978-0131835634. This book places Islam within a cultural, political, social, and religious context and examines its connections with Judeo-Christian morals. The text's integration of the doctrinal and devotional elements of Islam enables students to see how Muslims think and live--engendering understanding and breaking down stereotypes. An Introduction to Islam, Second Edition also reviews pre-Islamic history so students can see how Islam developed historically.

Islam USA.

The Koran.

Magida, A. (ed.) (1999). Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights Publishing. Vol. 1, 174-195. [Sections: History and beliefs, The basic service, Holy days and festivals, Life cycle events, Home celebrations.]

image of videotapeCDs, DVDs, & Videotapes.

Adam's World 7: Born to learn. One particularly interesting segment is when Adam interviews Sr. Zahra on his talk show. She uses sign language to help deaf Muslims learn about Islam and teaches Adam how to introduce himself in sign language. This shows children how Muslims, no matter what their physical difficulties, must and do seek knowledge of Islam.

Around the globe: Middle East & Islam. This presentation will help viewers in the following: (1) Develop a visual understanding of middle eastern country locations. (2) Develop a working knowledge of the Middle East. (3) Manually demonstrate an understanding of middle eastern country name signs. (4) Build an understanding of Islamic history in a brief overview. To order.

Audio, video about Islam, Muslimans and Quran. In many languages.

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Islamic videos -

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Newspapers and magazines, international & Muslim world - IslamiCity. You will be surprised by many lines of programming, but ignore it and scroll down almost to the bottom until you come to a grid of numerous entries by country.

Spiritual Message Monthly.

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Al Risala forum international. Click on "Archives of e-mail articles".

salam akoium!! welcome !! I am founder of deaf muslim club and disscuss about islam, these issue of disscussion. if you want write about recipe or poem or story or islamic ummah, all the issue.. who face diffculty in deaf world and hearing world !

[Webmaster: This appears to be an older discussion group which transfered to the "deaf_muslim_club" listed above.]


Islamic internet directory.


Muslim Deaf group (England).

organizational meetingOrganizations Al-Mahdi Deaf Organisation.

Shia News. Scroll down to "Al-Mahdi Deaf Organisation proves that life has a role for all".

Meeting the people People

(1) Consult with Deaf people of a given branch of Islam,

(2) Deaf "missions" to Islam,

(3) knowledgeable interpreters, and

(4) Islamic leaders.

revolving globe

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A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam.

شبكة أنصار الحسين عليه السلام ansar alhussian.

Al Islam. العربيةBritish & American flagFrench flagGerman flagIndonesian flagMalaysian flagTurkish flag

Al Risala forum international. Click on "Islamic articles" or "Introduction to Islam".

The Beig Twinz' homepage on Islam.

Beliefnet - Islam.

Ever wonder?

Imran's Islamic page.


Islamic civilization.

Islamic Information Office of Hawaii.

The Light of Islam.

Rima's homepage.

Talk Islam or alternate site. Forum.

Acts of worship

Al Islam.

Acts of Worship.

Alms giving

Al Islam.

Alms giving.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Pillars Of Islam/Zakat And Charity.


Bar-Tzur, D.

Interpreting for Arabic as a second language

Easy recite Arabic: Holy Quran.

Basic beliefs

Al Risala.

What is Islam?

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Basics Of Muslims Faith.


Al Islam.



Al Islam.



Al Islam.



The Muslims Internet Directory.

Society And Culture/Cultures.

Deaf Muslims & interpreting

Al-Mahdi Deaf Organisation.

Bahasa Isyarat - Agama. Brunei Islamic signs.

Bar-Tzur, D.

Berke, J. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Muslims.

Bittles, A. H., Sullivan, S. G., Zhivotovsky, L. A. (2004). Consanguinity, caste, and Deaf-Mutism in Punjab, 1921. The effects of religion, population sub-division and geography on the prevalence of deaf-mutism were investigated using information collected in the 1921 Census of Punjab. The total sample size was 9·36 million, and comprised data on thirteen Hindu castes, seventeen Muslim biraderis and two Sikh castes. By comparison, the lower level of inter-biraderi variation among Muslims is probably indicative of the dissolution of pre-existing caste boundaries and the resultant gene pool mixing that followed the large-scale conversion of Hindus to Islam during Muslim rule in North India from the 13th to the 19th centuries.

Challoyaar. (2007, April 14). Deaf Muslim giving thanksTurkish flagSign Language iconat MSA EZ conference in Orlando March, 2007. [Webmaster: Only 29 seconds and hard to read, but it's rare to see such gems.]

Deaf/Hard of hearing Muslims: Resources for and about Muslims who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Deaf International. We are proud to announce that we have established a non-profit organization, called The Deaf International. Its main objective is to serve the needs of deaf people, especially Muslims around the world. We are planning to help the deaf community in all the aspects of their lives, including religious, social, educational and entertainment fields. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله هي شركة أردنية لها فرع في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية أخذت على عاتقها توصيل رسالة رسولنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم إلى فئة ظلت منسية طوال الدهر وهي فئة الصم والبكم , وهي قطاع لا يستهان به في العالم من حيث العدد والنوع فالأصم يكون والداً لأسرة ومشاركا في الحياة , وفي الوطن العربي يوجد نحو عشرة ملايين منهم فضلاً عن العالم الإسلامي بل والعالم أجمع.ولقد كانت باكورة تحقيق هذه الأماني البدء بترجمة القرآن القرآن الكريم كاملاً بلغ...


denareiter's Videos.National flagSign Language icon

GENÇ DEAF İSLAM.Turkish flagSign Language icon

Good news: Friday sermons no longer obstacle for deaf.

Hiamato. (2007, November 20). Deaf Listening. (In Arabic and some Arab country's Sign Language, but I don't know which one.) الصم يسمعون.

Iman Deaf.

iLuvislam :: discover the beauty of Islam :: Scroll down to "PERBINCANGAN".

Indicative Arab dictionary for the deaf.Saudi flagSign Language icon This is a Google Translate of the Saudi website: القاموس الإشاري العربي للصم. Go down a few boxes on the left hand side and click on "religion" to see signs for Muslim concepts. (2004, December 21). UZBEKISTAN: Korans for the blind highlight lack of resources for the disabled. A new project being implemented by Uzbekistan's Board of Muslims (Muftyat) will give blind people access to the Koran through the Braille system and allow deaf people to take advantage of signed-translation of Friday prayers in the capital's mosques, religious officials said on Tuesday.

Kadhum, M. H. الأخرس والحسين Imam Hussain and the deaf.Turkish flagSign Language iconNice latmeyat/sine zany recited by mirza hussain kadhum.

Kamel, Y. Now, sermons for the deaf.

Legander-Mourcy, B. How Inclusive of the Disabled is the Muslim Community?

leviathanc. (2008, January 25). Re: Muslim?National flagSign Language icon

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MDFD) - Agama. Malaysian religious signs, including Islam.

MediaboxOnline. (2008, February 15). Muslims in a Deaf World.UK flagSign Language icon,UK flag,Closed captioning iconOne in a series of short films created by young Muslims as a tool to promote understanding and tolerance.

MHSNR -- Health Focus -- Sign Language.

muslimvideo. (2007, Ocober 28).Egyptian flagSign Language iconترجمة بلغة الإشارات لمعانى القرآن الكريم حتى يتمكن الإخوة الصم من فهم هذه المعانى بسهولة . ترجمة الأخ الفاضل محمد وفيق جزاه الله خير الجزاء من قناة الناس

New York Times video. (2008, April 22). Sign Language for Islamists.Iraqi flagSign Language icon,British & American flag,Closed captioning iconIn Sadr City, Hashem Hadi Obaid translates sermons by preachers loyal to Moktada al-Sadr, the anti-American cleric, into sign language.

Puasa dan Hari Raya.Malaysian flagSign Language icon

serrdeaf's Videos.Turkish flagSign Language icon

Sulaiman, C. Muslim home school network & resource. If you scroll down, there are "Four activities for Muslim children and teens" about Deaf people at Sign language at this site.

van Wijnen, A. (2003, April-May). Islamic signs added to Dutch sign language, prompted by Muslim parents. Dutch sign language was recently enriched with 163 signs concerning the Islam religion. Effatha, an institution where deaf children learn sign language (among other things), took the initiative to develop the Islamic signs. The 163 signs - presented on video and CD-ROM - enable children and adults who use Dutch sign language to learn and communicate about the Islam religion.

World around you. Muslim in the USA: Double pain. Dr. Mohammad Obiedat teaches math at Gallaudet University. He came to the U.S. to do research in topology. He is from Jordan, an Arabic country near Syria and Iraq. World Around You asked Obiedat to talk about being Arabic, deaf, and Muslim in the United States after the attacks of September 11.

السمع ثم البصر ولكننا لم نسمع بأن هناك إنساناً ولد وهو أصم، أو فقد سمعه في سنوات عمره الأولى ثم ارتقى ...

Dress and Ornamentation

Al Islam.

Dress and Ornamentation.

Duas and supplication

The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Duas And Supplications

Eid And Celebrations

The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Eid And Celebrations.


Al Islam.


Fasting And Ramadan

Al Islam.


The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Pillars Of Islam/Fasting And Ramadan.

Fatwa And Laws

The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Fatwa And Laws.


Glossary of Islamic terms and concepts.

Idara Dawat-o-Irshad Glossary. Site includes a glossary of common Islamic terms and acronyms.

Islam glossary.

Islam101 Glossary. Look up common Islamic terms, phrases,and acronyms using this site's comprehensive alphabetical index.

Islamic Terms List. On this site, the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry offers definitions of over 60 common Islamic terms.

Muslim glossary.


Islamicfinder Hadith Search. Search hadith by Bukhari, Muslim, Abudawud, and Muwatta.

Islamicity Hadith Index & Search. Search the hadith database and learn about the Prophet Muhammad through articles and multimedia presentations.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Quran And Hadith.

USC-MSA Hadith Search. Learn about the Science of Hadith, and browse or search hadith by topic.

Hajj And Umrah

Al Islam.

Major and Minor Pilgrimage.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Pillars Of Islam/Hajj And Umrah.

Halal And Haram

Al Islam.

Foods and Drinks.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Halal And Haram.


Al Islam.


Islamic Calendar

The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Islamic Calendar.


Al Islam.

Al Jihad.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Jihad.


Al Islam.


Marriage and Divorce

Al Islam.


The Muslims Internet Directory.

Religion Of Islam/Miracles.


Al Islam.

Morals and Manners.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Manners And Character.


Al Islam.



The Muslims Internet Directory.

Arts And Humanities/Philosophy.

Pillars Of Islam

Islam 101.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Pillars Of Islam.


Al Islam.


The Muslims Internet Directory. Beliefs And Practices/Pillars Of Islam/Prayer.


Al Islam.


Al Islam.


Islamicfinder Qur'an Index & Search. Search the Qur'an in Arabic, or in English: translations by Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Shakir, and M. Khan. Transliteration is also available. The Holy Quran. Site includes a Topic Search, Phonetic Search, Chapter Search, Topic Index, and translations in multiple languages as well as transliteration of the Arabic text. English: translations by Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, and Mohammad Asad.

M.H. Shakir English Translation. Full text is provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities. Browse, compare, search, and read 5 Quran translations.

Qur'an Transliteration & Search. Full text provided by the University of Southern California's Compendium of Muslim Texts. This resource provides transliteration of the Qur'an by each Surah, and a keyword search.

Quran World.

The Muslims Internet Directory. Quran And Hadith.


The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Repentance.

Rulings and Judgments

Al Islam.

Rulings and Judgments.


The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Sacrifice.


The Muslims Internet Directory.

Beliefs And Practices/Pillars Of Islam/Shahada.


Al Islam.



1. religious - Glossary of religious terms.