Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: South Korea (한국)

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map of South Korea

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Deaf painting and sculpture Deaf performing arts 언어를 한국어 간판 Hangul Soo-hwa (Korean Sign Language) 언어를 한국어 간판 Hangul Soo-hwa (Korean Sign Language) dictionary Machine interpretation or transcription
Religion & Deafness

Artistic interpreting: Music, poetry, literature, and theater

전국 사랑의 수화 경연대회.South Korean flagSign Language icon

Blogs and vlogs

Cochlear implants

Kim CS, Chang SO, Lim D (eds): Updates in Cochlear Implantation.Adv Otorhinolaryngol. Basel, Karger, 2000, vol 57, pp 343-346 (DOI: 10.1159/000059208).

Deaf advocacy and politics

Major demonstration of the Deaf on Day of Deaf. On the June 3rd, Day of Deaf, The Korean Association of Deaf hosted the Rally on the opposite side of the National Assembly building in Yeouido, Seoul, and around 1,500 deaf belonging to the Korean Association of Deaf came from all over the country to participate in the rally and ask for the Guarantee of their human rights.


Deaf culture

청각장애인전문포탈 - 데프코리아

Deaf education

Post-secondary education for deaf students in Korea.

The Seon-hee Seoul Nat'l School for the Deaf Alumni Association.

Visiting Researcher/Scholar - Dr. Sung-Kyu Choi.

동창회소개 | 커뮤니티 | 이야기 | 뉴스 | 행사일정 | 게시판 | 쪽지 | 로그아웃 |

Deaf film

IMDb. Adada. Film (1989) South Korea, 120 min, Drama. Set in 1920s Korea. Adada is a deaf young woman who enters into an arranged marriage with what appears to be a pleasant, young man. However some years later her husband becomes involved with drink and prostitutes and abruptly leaves her. He makes his fortune, marries again, returns and boots her out of the house. Poor Adada does find love with a poor man from her village but he too goes off the tracks when he becomes obsessed with making money.

Deaf history and current events


Deaf organizations and clubs

Seoul Association of the Deaf.South Korean flag

Seoul Catholic Association for the Deaf.South Korean flag

Deaf painting and sculpture

Deaf Today. (2003, February 7). Handicapped to Teach Sculpture. Thirty-year-old Shin Il-su has been appointed as an instructor at the University of Seoul to teach environmental sculpture in the coming spring semester. With congenital hearing and speech impairments, Shin chose art as his profession from the fifth grade after reading about master painter Kim.

Deaf performing arts

Korean Sign Language TV.South Korean flag,South Korean flagSign Language icon

Deaf sports

Deaf Today. (2003, February 2). A firm hold. Blind and nearly deaf, Loyola High's Nikos Daley has been able to grasp a little glory and much satisfaction as a junior varsity wrestler.

언어를 한국어 간판 Hangul Soo-hwa (Korean Sign Language)

Institute of Korean Sign Language.American & British flagsJapanese flagSouth Korean flag

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on "K", then on "Korean Sign Language".

Hong, S-E. Empirical survey of animal classifiers.

Kang-Suk Byun - Research Assistant.

Korean Sign Language: A language of Korea.

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전국 사랑의 수화 경연대회.

언어를 한국어 간판 Hangul Soo-hwa (Korean Sign Language) dictionaries

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: South Korea.

SignPuddle. Dictionary Korea.

Àü¶óºÏµµ±³À°Á¤º¸°úÇпø-»ç¶ûÀÇ ¼öÈ­ ±³½Ç.South Korean flag,British & American flag,South Korean flagSign Language iconThe Korean shows up as machine language on my Mac, perhaps you will have better luck. Click on the lime green boxes at the top to get a category. The resulting page will not have English, but when you click on a box, the resulting videobox will have the English word for that sign in parentheses. Look at the cool sign for ancestor!

Machine interpretation or transcription

Choi, J. Automatic translation of Korean into Korean Sign Language with combinatory categorial grammar. In this work, we propose to use combinatory categorial grammar to analyze expressions in natural language such as Korean and examine the issues and elements that are relevant in the process of translating Korean into Korean sign language, showing how to utilize the idiosyncratic linguistic devices of Korean sign language for more natural expressions of Korean sign language with an implemented system

Hong, M-H, Choi, C-S; Kim, C-S; Jeon, J-H. Synthesis of image sequences for Korean sign language using 3D shape model.

Human-friendly Welfare Robot System Engineering.

Kim, J-B, Park K-H, Bang, W-C. & Bien, Z. Z. (2002). Continuous Korean Sign Language recognition - Using gesture segmentation.

Seok, H. K. & Su, H. P. Toward Korean Text-to-Sign Language Translation System(TeST).

Yoon, Y-H. & Jo, K-H. Hands shape recognition using moment invariant for the Korean sign language recognition.

Religion & Deafness

Good Methodist Church - Deaf Ministry.

Seoul Catholic Association for the Deaf.South Korean flag

Signs of Deaf camera: This links to a videoThe Rev. Peggy Johnson/Christ United Methodist Church of the Deaf: "The language issues were many. But so was the blessing, once we all got together to see it." People from over a dozen countries gathered in Baltimore, for the first-ever United Methodist Global Conference of the Deaf. It was an opportunity to celebrate the challenges of serving this community.