Table of contents for Technical & specialized vocabulary ASL dictionary

David Bar-Tzur

Created 3 March 2005, links updated monthly with the help of LinkAlarm.

The point of this page it to show which signs can be found in my 2-CD collection called Technical & specialized vocabulary ASL dictionary. I don't expect anyone to read this page, but to arrive at it while searching for a specific sign. This way, they know they can find this sign in my CD dictionary. There is not a one-to-one correspondence between an English word and an ASL sign, so context is important. My dictionary does list these words according to discipline. When using the Find feature, remember to not leave a space at the end of the term, because each term here ends with a semicolon (;). Note that the semicolon shows the complete term, for example, "absolute (maximum, minimum);".

(a) weight; (archery) range; (at) rest; (cross country) trail; (dance) studio; (downhill ski) slope; (false) god; (give) CPR; (golf) course; (King) David; (make something) square, squaring; (Please) be seated!; (the Virgin) Mary; (the) Faithful; (to) bowl; -able, -ability; -er (machine, as in "receiver"); -er (person, as in "manager"); -or (person, as in "director"); -'s or -s' (possessive); 2-dimensional; 2-shot; 3 on 1 fast break; 3 point field goal; 35 mm; 3D; 3-dimensional; 3-shot; 69; 9/11/2001 (World Trade Center terrorism); a- (negation); a la mode; a mass; Aaron; Aaronic (priesthood); abandon; abdomen; abend; abnormal; abort, abortion; Abraham; abrasive; abscissa; absolute; absolute (maximum, minimum); absolute error; absolute value; absolute visual magnitude; absolute zero; absolution, absolve (sins); Absolutism; absolute truth; absolved (of sins); absorb, absorption; absorption spectrum; abstain, abstinence (from food); abstain, abstinence (from sex); Abstract Expressionism; abstract, abstraction; absurdism, absurdist; abundance, abundant; abuse (emotional, psychological, mental cruelty); abuse (general); abuse (physical); abuse (sexual); accelerate; acceleration; accelerator; accelerator board; accent; access; access code (password); accessible, accessibility; accommodations; account accounting; accounts payable; accounts receivable; accretion disk; accrual; acculturate, acculturation; accumulator; accuracy, accurate; accusative; Achashverosh; ache; achievement; achromatic lens; acid; Acid (LSD); acknowledge; acne; acolyte; acoustic; acoustics; acre; acronym; act (noun); act (verb); act break; actinium; action; activate; active; active (case, Linguistics); active metal; actual (not virtual); acupuncture; acute; acute angle; ad lib; Adam (the first man); Adam and Eve; Adam v'Chavah; Adam haRishon; adapt, adaptation; add (two things together in a column); add (two things together in a row); add to; addendum; addict, addicted; addiction; adding vectors; adding vectors tail to tip; addition; addition of components; addressable; adenine; adenosine triphoshate; adhesion; adjacent side; adjective; adjust; adjustable; adjusted; adjusting entry; administration; admittance; adolescence; Adon Olam; Adonai; adopt; adoration, adore; adultery; adulthood; Advent (the celebration of that event); Advent (the original event); adventitious; adverb; adverse effect; advocacy, advocate; aerial perspective; aerial reconnaissance; aerobics; affect; afferent (neuron); affix; afikomon; a-frame; Africa; African Methodist Episcopal; African-American; after market; afterbirth; agar; agency; agent; agentless passive; age-of-onset; Ages of ages; agglutination; agglutinative; aggregate; aggressive; agitation (film); agitation (print); agnosticism; agreement; agriculture; Aharon; ahead; Aibeshter air bag; air conditioning; air resistance; Al natilat yadayim; alaihi asallam; alcoholic; Alcoholics Anonymous; algebra; algorithm; alias; align, alignment; left align, alignment; left-and-right align, alignment; right alignment; aliyah (called to the Torah); aliyah (settle in Israel); Allah; Allah hu akbar; allege, alleged; allele; alleluia; allergic reaction; allergy; alley-oop pass; allocate, allocation; allomorph; allophone; alloy; Almighty; alpha particle; alpha, lowercase; alphabet, alphabetic; alphabetical; alphameric; alphanumeric; altar; altar (area); altar call; alternate hypothesis; alternating current; alternating current or direct current; alternative hypothesis; alternative insemination; alternator; aluminum; Alzheimer's (Disease); ambassador; ambient temperature; ambiguous; amblyopia; Amen!; amend, amendment; americium; Amidah; Amish; ammeter; Ammon; ammunition; amniocentesis; amortize; amp, ampere; amp, amplifier; ampere hour; ampere-hour, amp-hour; amphetamine; amplification, amplify; amplitude; amplitude modulation; amplitude modulation or frequency modulation; amputate; amputation; anal intercourse (general); anal intercourse (heterosexual); anal intercourse (homosexual); analog; analog-to-digital; analog-to-digital converter; analogy; anamnesis; Ananei haKavod, Cloud(s) of Glory; anatomy; ancestor; anchor; anemia, anemic; anesthesia, anesthetic (general); anesthesia, anesthetic (inhaled); anesthesia, anesthetic (injected); Angel Dust; angelic host; angle; angle bisector; angle of inclination; Anglican; angstrom; angular acceleration; angular diameter; angular distance; angular frequency; angular momentum; angular velocity; anilingus; animal husbandry; animation; anion; annihilationism; annotation; annual (plant); annuity; annular eclipse; annulment; annulus; Annunciation; anode; anoint; anorexia nervosa; antagonist; anterior; anterior to posterior; anthem; anthropology; anti- (against); antibaryon; antibiotic; antibody; Antichrist; antidepressant; antigen; anti-inflammatory; antilog, antilogarithm; antimony; antinode; Antinomianism; antiparticle; antiseptic; anus; anxiety; Apache; apathy; ape; aperture; aphasia; aphelion apikoros, apikorsut apogee apostacy apostle apparatus apparent power; apparent visual magnitude; appeal; append; appendix; Apple; appliance; application engineer; applied arts; apply, application (technique, theory); appoint; approach; approach (a limit); approach-approach conflict; approach-avoidance conflict; approximate (verb); approximately equal; approximately, approximation; April Fool's Day; aqueous; Arab; Arabic; Aramaic; Arapahoe; arbitrary point; arbitrary value; arbitration; arc hyberbolic cosecant; arc hyberbolic cosine; arc hyberbolic cotangent; arc hyberbolic secant; arc hyberbolic sine; arc hyberbolic tangent; arc length; arc welding; arccosecant; arccosh; arccosine; arccotan, arccotangent; arch; archbishop; archdiocese; archery; architecture; arcsecant; arcsine; arcsinh; arctan, arctangent; area; area authority; area density; area under the curve; ARGENTINA; argon; argument; Arickaree; aristocracy; arithmetic; arithmetic mean; arithmetic sequence; ark (in the synagogue); Ark (of the Covenant); armadillo; armed forces; armstand; Aron (haBrit or haKodesh); arousal; arraign, arraignment; array; arrest; arrow (vector); arrow cursor; arsenic; arthritis; article; Articles of Faith; articulation; artificial insemination;artificial intelligence; Aryan;as built (drawings); Ascension; Ascension, Feast of; asceticism; aseptic; Aseret haDibrot; Aseret Yemai T'shuvah; Ash Wednesday; Ashkenaz; Ashkenazic; ashram; Asia; Asian-American; aside; aspergillum; asphalt; aspirin; assassin; assemble, assembler; assemble, assembly (parts); Assemblies of God; assembly line; assertive; asset; assimilate, assimilation (neutral); assimilate, assimilation (pejorative); Assinaboine; assist; assisted suicide; association; association area; associative (property); assumption; assur; astatine; asterism; asthma; astigmatism; astrology; Astronomical Unit; astronomy; asymmetric, asymmetry; asymptomatic; asymptote; asynchronous; atheism; athletics; atmosphere (a region surrounding a planet); atmosphere (a unit of pressure); a-to-d; a-to-d converter; atom; atomic mass unit; atomic number; atomic theory of matter; atomic weight; atomism; atone, atonement; atrophy; attach, attachment; attack (eat away at); attack (of a disease); attempted rape; attenuation; attenuation constant; attesting witness; atto-; attract (on a macroscopic level); attract (on a microscopic level); audio; audio console; audiogram; audiology; audiometer; audiotape recorder; audiovisual; Audism; audition; auditory; auditory area; auditory canal; auditory nerve; auditory perception; Augsburg Confession; AUSTRALIA; AUSTRALIA - Adelaide; AUSTRALIA - Brisbane; AUSTRALIA - Hobart; AUSTRALIA - Launceston; AUSTRALIA - Melbourne AUSTRALIA - Sydney AUSTRIA - Salzburg AUSTRIA - Vienna Austria; authenticate (authenticity); autism; automatic (transmission); automatic, automatically; automation; automaton (pl. automata); autonomic;autonomous, autonomy; autopsy; autosegment; autumnal equinox; auxiliary (gym); auxiliary (verb); avairah; avant garde; avelut; average; average power; average voltage; aversive (conditioning); Avinu sh'b'Shemayim; avodah; Avogadro's number; avoidance-avoidance conflict; Avot; Avraham Avinu; aware, awareness; awe, awesome, awe-inspiring; axis; axis of symmetry; axon; baal koreh; baal tefillah; baal teshuvah; babbling (in sign); babbling (with voice); baby crier; back; back dive; back dive straight; back dive tuck; back door; back hurdle; back inward dive; back pike; backbone; background; backslide; backspace; back-up; bacteria; bacteria vaginosus; badminton; Baird, Chuck; bait chaim; bait haknesset, bait knesset, bait tefillah; Bait haMikdash; bait knesset; bait medresh, bait midrash; bait olam; bait tefillah; bake; balance; balance (scale); balance a chemical equation; balance sheet; bal; balk (back dive); balk (forward dive); ball (show how many); ball and socket joint; ballet; band; bandage, band-aid; bandwidth; bank; bank (a row, as in "a ~ of capacitors"); bank (data); bank shot; banking; bankrupt, bankruptcy; Bannock; baptism, baptize (immersion); baptism, baptize (infant); baptism, baptize (by pouring); baptism, baptize (by sprinkling); baptismal font, baptistery; Baptist; baptism, baptize (immersion); bar mitzvah (pl. b'nai mitzvah); barbiturate; barcode; barium; barometer; barometric pressure; Baroque; bartender; Baruch haShem!; baryon; base; base (triangle); baseball; base-two (and so forth); basket, make a basket; basketball; bat; bat mitzvah (pl. batai mitzvoth); batch; batched; batter; battery; batting average; batting order; batting practice; baud; beaker; beam angle; bean; bear; bearing; beat; beat (a team without mercy); beaten; Beatitudes; beaver; bedridden; bee; beef; Beelzebub; beeper; beer; Beersheva; beet; begotten of the Father, not made; behavior; behind; bel; belch; BELGIUM - Antwerp; BELGIUM - Anvers; BELGIUM - Bruges; BELGIUM - Brussels; BELGIUM - Charleroi; BELGIUM - Courtrai; BELGIUM - Li�ge; BELGIUM - Namur; BELGIUM - Waremme; Belgium; BELIZE; bellows (camera); bell-shaped curve; belonging; bench warrant; benched; benchmark; bend; Bendara; benediction; benefactive; beneficiary; benefits and disbenefits; benevolent; BENIN - Abomey; BENIN - Cotonou; BENIN - Kingtown; BENIN - Porto Novo; BENIN; bennies; bentsh licht (Jewish festivals); bentsh licht (Sabbath); berkelium; BERMUDA; berry; beryllium; best boy; beta particle; beta, lowercase; Bethlehem; bewitch; bewitched; Bi; bias; Bi-Bi, Bilingual-Bicultural; Bible; bid, auction; Big "D" Deaf; bijection; bilateral; bilingual, bilingualism; billion electron volts; bimah; Bin Laden, Osama (Usama); binary; binary coded decima;l binary pulsar; binary star; binding; binding energy; binocular cues; binoculars; binomial; binomial coefficient; biofeedback; biological (child or parent); biology; biopsy; bioreactor; bios (Basic Input Output System); bi-partisan; bipolar (disorder); bipolar flow; bips; bird; Birkat haMazon; birth; birth control; birth defect; bisect; bisexual; bishop; bismuth; bison; bit; bite (animal); bite (insect); bitmap; bits per inch; bits per second; Black; black dwarf; black hole; black-out; bladder; blameless; blanche; blanks; blaspheme, blasphemy; blast; blast off; blasting; bleed (general); bleed (irregular); bless; blister; block (of cement); block (the ball); blockade; blockage; blocking; blood; blood clot; blood pressure; blood pressure cuff; blood stream; blood test, blood work (general); blood test, blood work (with pin prick); blood test, blood work (with syringe); blood transfusion; bloodshot eyes; blow-by (piston); blower; blown seal; blue shift; blueberry; bluff; blur, blurred vision; B'nai Yisrael; Bnei Brak; board; Board of Deacons; board of directors; bochur, yeshiva; bodek; body (object); body aid; body block; body language; body retains (or takes on) water; Boeing; Bohr magneton; bohrium; boil; boiler; boiling point; bold; BOLIVIA; bolt; bomb; bombed; bond; Bond, James Bond; bonds; bone; bong; Book of Mormon; bookmark; boolean; boot, boot up; bootstrap; bore; born again; boron; BOSNIA AND HERZOGAVINA; BOSNIA AND HERZOGAVINA - Mostar; boson; both sides (of an equation); bottlefeed; bottom (quark); bottom out; bounce pass bound for the error; bound morpheme; boundary; bow (one person); bow (several people); bowel movement; bowling; bowling alley; boxing; Boy Scouts; boycott; brace; braces ({}, for formulas); bracketing; brackets ([ ], for formulas); Bragg, Bernard; braille; braille abbreviations; brailler; brain stem; brake (noun); brake (verb); branch; branch point; brand; brandy; BRAZIL - Rio de Janeiro; BRAZIL; brazing; break (bone); break down (psychological); break down (physiological); break the record; breakeven; breakpoint; breast self-examination; breast sucking; breastfeed; breasts; breaststroke; breath test, Breathalyzer; breathe (through mouth); breathe (through nose); breathe, hold breath (verb); brethren, (My) Brothers and Sisters; Brezhnev, Leonid; bribe; brick; bridge; brightness; bris, brit milah, circumcise, circumcision; brit (not milah); British Thermal Unit; broadcast; brocha (pl. brachot); Brocha achrona; broil; bromine; bronchitis; broomball; Brother; brouter; brown dwarf; Brownies (Scouts); brown-out; browse, browser; bruise; bubble; Buchner funnel; buck (male deer); buckle (deflection of a planar material); Buddha; Buddhism; budget; buffalo; buffer; bug; build (in intensity); BULGARIA; bulk; bull; bulldoze; bulldozer; bullet; bulletin board system; bump (on skin); bump (increment); bump (off the system); bunch (the skin to inject); Bunsen burner; bunt; buoy (BEUI); buoyancy; buoyant; buret, burette; Burger King; burglar, burglary; burial society; burkha; burn (a CD); burn (a sensation in the skin); burn (damaged skin); burn (to cause to burn); burn (to undergo burning); burn out; burner; burning (penis); burning (vagina); burp; bursitis; bury; bus; business; bust; butch, macho; butt joint; butt weld; butter; butterflystroke; button (machine); buzz box; by ("four ~ six feet"); byte; Byzantine Catholic; B-zero meson; cable; Cable TV; cache; Caddo; Cadillac, Caddy; cadmium; caesarian, cesarian section; caffeine; calcium; calculate; calculator; calculus; calibrate; californium; call (a program); called (by God); calling, Divine; callous, callus; calorie; calorimeter; Calvary;cam, camera (still-picture); Camas; CAMBODIA; camera (motion picture); CANADA - Calgary; CANADA - Edmonton; CANADA - Halifax; CANADA - Montreal; CANADA - Ottawa; CANADA - Toronto; CANADA - Vancouver; CANADA - Winnipeg; CANADA; cancel; cancer, carcinoma; candela; candela per square foot; candela per square meter; cane; canoe, canoeing; Canon Law; canon, canonical; canonize; cantilever; cantor; cap (a lens, verb); cap (dental); capacitance; capacitive reactance; capacitive voltage; capacitor; capacitors in series; capacity; capital (uppercase, general); capital (uppercase, specific letter); capital gains and losses; capital punishment; capital recovery factor; cappuccino; caps; captain; caption (v); captioned, captioning; carbohydrate; carbon; carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide; carbonated, carbonation; card; cardinal; cards (the game); carjack; carpentry; carpet bombing; carrier; Carter, Jimmy; Cartesian; coordinate system (2D); Cartesian coordinate system (3D); Cartesian coordinate system (general); cartilage; cascade; case; case sensitive; casette tap; cash; cash flow; cash register; cashier; cast; cast (into mold); caster; castrate, castration; casual contact; catalyst; cataract; catch a ball; catch/get/acquire a disease; catcher; catcher's mitt; catcher's sign (signals); Catechism; catecumen; catecumenate; caterpillar; cathedral; cathode; cathode ray tube; Catholic; catholic (Nicene creed); cation; Caucasian; caulking; causality; cause; cause and effect; caustic; cavity; celery; celestial; celestial sphere; Celestial, terrestrial, telestial; celibacy, celibate; (religious) celibacy, celibate (secular) cell cell body celsius, degrees celsius; cement; cemetery; censer; center (text, verb); center field; center of curvature; center of gravity; center of mass; center of symmetry (if known); center of symmetry (if unknown); center-justify, -justified; centi-; centile; centile rank; centimeter; centimeter-gram-second; central nervous system; centrifuge; centripetal acceleration; centromere; cerebellum; cerebral cortex; cerebral palsy; ceremony; cerium; certified, certify; cervical cap; cervix; cesium; chag; Chag haMatzot; Chag haPurim; Chag Sameach!; chain; chain smoke; chalice; challah; chamfer; champagne; champion, champ; championship; chance; chancre; Chandrasekhar limit; change in (current, velocity, time, etc.); change in (position, velocity, time); channel (electric); channel (fluids, noun); channel (fluids, verb); channel (TV and radio); Channukah (or many other spellings!); channukiah; chant; chapel; chaplain; chapter; character (for any language); character (for example Egyptian); character (of a person); character generator; characteristic; charata; charge (a cylinder with gas); charge (battery, verb); charge (noun); charge density (linear); charge density (surface); charge density (volumetric); charge is conserved; charge up (a battery); charge, receive charge, send (other than to a battery); charge-coupled device; charged; charismatic; charity; charm (quark); chart; Chassid, Hassid (pl. Chassidim, Hassidim); Chassidic, Hassidic; Chassidut, Hassidut; chat room; chatan Breishit; chatan Torah; chatan, hatan; chatunah, hatunah; chauvinism; Chava; chavurah; chazan, hazan; cheat; check, checking; checkpoint; check-up; cheeseburger; cheetah; chemical; chemical equation; chemical reaction; chemistry; cherem; Cherokee; cherry; cherub (pl. cherubim); cherut; chesed; chevrah kadisha; chew; Cheyenne; chi, upper or lowercase; chicken; chickenpox; chief; childcare; childhood; Children of Israel; CHILE; chill; chimney; chimpanzee; CHINA - Beijing (Peking); CHINA - Inner Mongolia; CHINA - Shanghai; CHINA - Sichuan (province); CHINA - Yunnan (province); CHINA; Chinese New Year; chinstrap penguin; chip; chiropody; chiropractic; chiuv, chov, chovah; chlamydia; chlorine (elemental); chlorine (free gas); chloro-fluoro-carbons; chloroplast; Chochamot; choir; choke; choke (someone); Chol; haMoed; cholesterol; chop; chopsticks; Christ; christen, christening; Christian; Christian Brother; Christian Science; Christmas; chroma; chromatic aberration; chromatid; chromatograph; chromium; chromosome; chromosphere; chronic; chronic illness; chug (a drink); chuppah, huppah; church; Church of Christ; Church of Christ, Scientist; Church of God; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; cigar; cigarette; cilia; circle; circuit; circuit board; circuit breaker; circular mil; circulate, circulation; circumcise, circumcision; circumference;circumpolar; citation form; citizen's band; civil service; clam; clamp (noun); clamp (verb); classical; classical (conditioning); Classicism; classifier; classifier for cervical cap; classifier for frames of reference; classifier for uterus, womb; clause; claustrophobia; clavicle; clean grass (verb); clear; clearance; Clerc, Laurent; clergy; click; client; client centered; climax; clinic, clinical; clip art; clipboard; clique; clitoris; clock (noun); clock (verb, as in "to ~ a process"); clock out; clockwise; clog, clogged; clone; close (after surgery); close valve; close vision (visual) interpreting; closed (stage position); closed captioned, closed captioning; closed circuit; closed circuit television; closeted; close-up; closing (of a play); closure; cloud; Clubs; cluster; clutch; CN Tower (Toronto); CNO cycle; coach; coarse; coarticulation; cobalt; Coca Cola; cocaine; co-captain; cochlear implant; cockroach; cocktail; coconut; code (verb); code of ethics; code, coding (noun); codicil; co-dominance; coefficient; coefficient of coupling; coefficient of kinetic friction; coefficient of static friction; coefficient of viscosity; co-executor; cognitive; cognitive dissonance; Cogswell, Alice; Cogswell, Mason F.; cohen (pl. cohanim); Cohen Gadol; coherent; cohesion; coil spring; coincide; coincidence; coitus; coitus interruptus; Cokely, Dennis; cold; cold start; collaborate; collate; collect (noun); collection (of money); collector; collide, collision; collude, collusion; COLOMBIA; colon; colonialism; colonialist; colonists (more negative and realistic); colonists (neutral); colonize; Colonomos, Betty; color graphics adapter; Columbian Gold; column; coma; Comanche; combination; combinatory; combustion; comedy; comfort (verb); Comforter; commandment; comment; commercial (adj); commercial (n); common base configuration; common collector; common emitter; common stock; communicable disease; communicant; Communion; communion of Saints; community acquired disease; commutative; compact disk; compare and contrast; compass; compassion, compassionate; compatibility; compatible; compete, competition; competency; competent; compile; compiler; complement; complete dominance; complex; complex (sentence); complex instruction set; computer; complications; component; composite rate of return; composition; compound; compound (sentence); comprehension compress compression compression, compressor compression, condensation; compressor; compromise; compulsive; compulsory dive; computer; con; con-artist; concatenate; concave down (for 2-D graph); concave down (for 3-D graph); concave left; concave right; concave up (for 2-D graph); concave up (for 3-D graph); concavity (2D); concavity (3D); conceive, conception; conceived of the Holy Spirit; concentrate; concentration concentration camp; conclusion; concrete; concurrent; concussion; condemn; condensation; condense; condenser; condensing (furnace); conditional; conditioned; conditioning; condom; conduct (electricity or heat); conductance; conduction; conductive (hearing loss); conductivity (electric); conductor; conduit; condyloma; cone; confess; confession of sins; confessional; confidential, confidentiality; configuration; configure; confirm, confirmation; (Catholic and High Church clergy or laity); confirm, confirmation (Catholic layity); confirm, confirmation (clergy); confirm, confirmation (Orthodox clergy or laity); confirm, confirmation (Orthodox layity); conflict; congenital; congenital (hearing loss); congested (nasal), congestion; CONGO; congregation; Congregationalism, Congregationalist; congruent; conic sections; conjugate (complex ~); conjugate axis; conjunction; connecting rod; connectivity; connector; conquer; conquered; conscience; conscious; consciousness; consecrate; conservation of energy; conservation of matter; conservation of momentum; Conservative; consistency (inconsistent?); consistency (thick or thin?); consistent; console (instrument panel); console (keyboard); consonance; conspiracy; constancy (perceptual); constant (noun); constant (adjective); constant function; constant velocity joint; Constantinople; constellation; constipated; constituent; constraint; construct (meaning "draw"); construction; construction crew; constructive interference; consubstantiation; consultant; consultative (register); consulting; consume; consumer; consumption; contact lenses; contact print; Contact Sign; contagious; contaminate; contaminated; content; continuance; continuous (function); continuous spectrum; continuum; contour; contraception; contraceptive; contraceptive foam; contraceptive implants; contract (a disease); contract, contraction (1D); contract, contraction (2D or 3D); contraction; contractor; contrast (noun); contrast (verb); contrition; contusion; convalesce, convalescence; convection; convent; conventional (current flow); converge, converging; convergence (of eyes); convergent thinking; converse conversion, convert; converter; conviction (of one's sinfulness); conviction (of religious truth); convolutions; convulse, convulsion; cook heroin; COOK ISLANDS; cool down; coolant; cooling system; coordinate; coordinate system; coordinating [conj or clause]; coordination; cope; Copernican revolution; coplanar; copper; copy sign; copyright; coreferential; corn; corner wipe; corona; coronal hole; coronal mass ejection; coroner; corporation; corpus collosum; correlation; corrode, corrosion, corrosive; cortex; cortical; Corvette; cosecant; cosech; cosh; cosine; cosmetic surgery; cosmos; cost (noun); cost (verb); cost of goods sold; COSTA RICA; costovertebral; cotangent; cotanh; cotton; cough; coulomb; counseling; counter clockwise; counter cross; counterclockwise; counterconditioning; counting; counting coup; coupling; coupling alignment; court; covenant; cover up; covet; CPU; crab; crabs; crack (drug); crack (material fault); cramp(s) (menstrual); cramp(s) (muscular); crank; crankcase; crankshaft; crash; create; Creation (the act of); Creation (the things God made); Creator; credit; credit (2); credit (an account); credit (card); credits; creed; cremation; creole, creolization; crest; Criminal Justice; crisis; criteria; critic; critical period; critical values; critique; CROATIA; CROATIA - Karlovac; CROATIA - Osijek; CROATIA - Rijeka; CROATIA - Sisak; CROATIA - Split; CROATIA - Svibenik; CROATIA - Zagreb; cross; cross (stage); cross country (running, skiing); cross examination; cross multiply; cross oneself; crosshairs; crosshatch (piston, v); crosshatching; crossover cable; cross-platform; cross-section; cross-sectional study; Crow; crown (dental); crown (noun); crown (verb); crucible; crucible tongs; crucifix; crucify, crucifixion; cruise; cruise; cryptographic, cryptography; crystal; crystallization, crystallize (element); crystallization, crystallize (compound); Cub Scouts; CUBA; cube; cube root; cube, cubed; cubic (equation); cubic centimeter; cubic centimeters; cubic feet; cubic feet per minute; cubic feet per second; cubic meter; cubic meters per second; Cubism; cuboid; cucumber; cue; Cue, Cueing, Cued Speech; cult; cult of the Dead; cultural view; culturally Deaf; culture; culture, take a vaginal; culture, take an oral; cunnilingus; cup of Elijah; curfew; curium; current; current asset; current branches; current gain; current liability; current value; curse; curse, klalah; cursillo; cursor; curtain call; curtain! (up!); curvature; curve (2D); curve (3D); curve ball; curvilinear (2D); curvilinear (3D); cusp; custom; customer; cut (body); cut (drugs); cut (edit); cut (stop everything); cut hash; cutting tip; cutting torch; cuvette; cycle; cycles per second; cyclical; cycling; cylinder; cytoplasm; cytosine; CZECH REPUBLIC; CZECH REPUBLIC - Prague; Czechoslavakia; Dairy Queen; dam; damn, damnation; damped; damped (harmonic oscillations); damping constant; dance; dancing ants; dark adaptation; darkcloth; darkroom; darkslide; darmstadtium; darts; dashed line; data; data base; data processing; data set; date (noun); date (verb), dating; dati; dative; daven; David haMelech; Davilla, Robert; daws (DOS); day care; Day of Atonement; Day of reckoning; Day of the Lord; DC base current; DC collector current; DC voltage base to emitter; DC voltage collector to emitter; de l'Epee, Abee; deacon; Deaf (big D); deaf (small d); Deaf power; Deaf Smith, Erastus; deal drugs; deal the cards; dealer; dealership; debit; debt; debug; deca-, deka-; decalage; Decalogue; decay; decay constant; decay, decline; decedent; deci-; decibel; decimal (number with a); decimal (system); decimal places; decimal point; decimal, move left or right; deck (cards); deck (of a ship); declare bankruptcy; decode; decoder; decompensation; decompose; decompress; decongestant; deconstruct; Deconstructionism; decrease; decrease monotonically; decrease without bounds; decreasing (function); decrement; dedicate; dedicated; deduct, deduction; Deepavali; deer; default; default (on a loan); defecate, defecation; defect, defective; defective weld; defendant; defense, defensive; defer, deferred; defer, deferred; deferent; defibrulate; defibrulator; deficit; defile; defiled; defined (if known); definite integral; definition; deflation; deflection; deformed, deformity; defrag; defraud; degenerate; degenerate case; degenerate matter; degradation, degrade; degree (of an angle); degree (of an equation); degree (of hearing loss); degree Celsius; degree Fahrenheit; degree Kelvin; degree of difficulty; degrees Celsius; degrees Fahrenheit; degrees of freedom; dehydrate, dehydration; dehydrated; Deism; deixis; delegate (convention); delegate (verb); delimit; delirious, delirium; deliver (us from evil); deliver, delivery (assistant's perspective); deliver, delivery (mother's perspective); delsy (DLSI); delta resonance baryon; delta, lowercase; delta, uppercase; delusion; demand (supply and ~); demented (dangerous to others); demented (not dangerous to others); dementia; demon; demon possession; demonic; demonstrate, demonstration; dendrite; denial; DENMARK; DENMARK - Copenhagen; DENMARK - Copenhagen (2); denomination; denominator; denouement; dense; density; denture; deodorizer (Automotive); deoxyribonucleic acid; Department of Defense; Department of Education; Department of Transportation; dependency, dependent; dependent (taxes); dependent variable; deploy (air bag); deponent; deposit; deposit in transit; deposition; depreciate, depreciation; depressant; depression; depth perception; derivation (of a formula); derivation, derivational; derivative; dermatology; dermis; desensitization; desert; desiccator; desktop; DESQview; dessert; destructive interference; detail, detailing; detective; detector; deteriorate; determination; determine (a value or measurement); determinism; detonation; develop, developer (film); develop, developer (film/print); develop, developer (print); developmentally delayed; developmentally disabled; deviant, deviate, deviation; deviate, deviation; device; Devil; devote (something to God); devoted (for example, "~ to prayer"); devotions; devout; dew; diagnose, diagnosis; diagonal; diagram; dial scale; dialect; dialectic; dialog box; dialogue; dial-up access; dialysis; diameter (of a circle); diameter (of a sphere); diamond ring effect; Diamonds; diaphragm (body); diaphragm (rubber); diarrhea; Diaspora (Jews outside of Israel); Diaspora (the dispersion); dice; dictator; die, dice; dielectric constant; dielectric flux; diet; diet pills; difference (between two numbers); difference (ratio); differential; differential rotation; differentiate; diffraction; diffraction fringe; diffuse, diffusion; digest, digestion; digit; digital; digital multimeter; digital voltmeter; digital-to-analog; digital-to-analog converter; dilate, dilation; dildo; dilute (adj); dilute (verb); dim; dimension; dimmer; dinosaur; diocese; diode; diphtheria; diploid; direct current; direct examination; direction; directional (turn signal_; directional (depends on which direction); directional signals; directly proportional; director; directory; dis- (not); disability, disabled; disable; disassociate; discard; discernment; discharge (from the body, general); discharge (refridgerant); discharge from penis; discharge from vagina; disciple; disclosure; discoloration; discount; discourse; discrete; discriminant; discriminate, discrimination; discus; disease; diseconomies of scale; disempower; disequilibrium; dish reflector; disinfect; disintegration constant; disjoint; disjunction; disk; disk operating system; diskette; Disney, Walt; disorientation, disoriented; dispensation (Divine time period); disperse; displacement ("the particle experiences a ~"); displacement (final minus initial position); displacement, theology of; disposable income; disqualified; dissect, dissection; dissipate (by itself); dissipate (to cause to ~); dissociate; Dissociative Identity Disorder; dissolve unit; dissonance; distance; distant (very far); distill; distillate; distinctive feature; distortion; distribute; distributed; distributions; distributive; district; district leader; district president; district attorney; dive, diving (from a springboard); dive, diving (scuba); diverge, diverging; diversion; divide; divide both sides by; dividend; dividend (in long division); divination; divine; Divine Being; Divine calling; Divine Presence; Divine Providence; division; divisor; divorce; dizziness, dizzy; do (calculate) it in your head; doctor (as a profession); doctor (as a title); doctrine, dogma; document (noun); document (noun); document (verb); documentary; documentation; dodecahedron; doe (female deer); dog tracking; dolly-in; dolly-out; dolphin; dolphin style; domain; domain of definition; dome; dome light; domestic violence; ]dominance, dominant; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC; donate blood; dope; oppler effect; Doppler shift; dormant; dose; dots per inch; double; double beam balance; double cast (signers and speakers); double density; double entry method; double helix; double oral-genital sex; double play; double pole double throw; double sided; double vision; douche; doughnut; doula; down (quark); down payment; down stage (command); down stage (location); down weld; downer; downers; downflow; downhill skiing; download; Down's syndrome; downstream; downtime; d'rabbanan; draft (beer); draft (of a proposal); draft diverter; draft, drafting; drag; drag-and-drop; dragon; drain (noun); drain (verb); d'raita; drama; dramatic action; dramatic time; dramatize; drasha; draw (for order); draw (tie); draw blood; dreidel; dress parade; dress, dressing (a wound); dresser; dressing; dribble; drink (n); drink (v); drip (from tubular object); drip (general); drive; drop (decrease); drop (of liquid); drop a perpendicular; drop acid; drop out (of an equation); drop-down menu; dropper bottle; dross; drowsiness; drug bust; drug deal; drug dealer; drug dependent; drug habit; drug paraphernalia; drug pusher; drug scale (large); drug scale (small); drugs (illegal); drugs (legal); drum; drum (played by hand); drum (played with sticks); drunk; drunkard, lush, wino; drush; dry wall; drying tube; D-structure; d-to-a; d-to-a converter; dub; dubnium; duck; dummy; dump; dunk (slam); duplex, duplexed; Dupont Circle (Washington, D.C.); duration; dust; dusty; duty cycle; dwarf star; dybbuk; dyke; dynamic; dynamics; Dynamis ("THEE-nah-mis"); dyne; dysfunction; dysprosium; E coli; eagle; eardrum; earmold; earphones (large); earphones (medium); earphones (small); easel; Easter; Eastern Catholic; Eastern Orthodox; eat away at; eccentricity; eclipse; eclipsing binary system; ecliptic; economics, economy; economies of scale; ecstasy; ECUADOR; ecumenical; edema; edge; edge weld; edit; editor (machine); effective; effective current; effective interest; effeminate; efferent (neuron); efficiency, efficient; effusion; egg (ovary); Egypt (ASL); Egypt (indigenous sign); Eilat ; einsteinium; ejaculate, ejaculation; El; El Elyon; EL SALVADOR; EL SALVADOR - San Salvador; El Shaddai; elastic; elastic band, elastic bandage; elastic collision; Elder; Elect; elect; electric conductivity; electric field intensity; electric flux density; electric outlet (2 prong); electric outlet (3 prong); electric plug (three-prong); electric plug (two-prong); electric potential; electrocardiogram; electroconvulsive therapy; electrode; electrode holder; electroencephalogram; electrolysis; electrolyte; electromagnet; electromagnetic; electromagnetic radiation; electromagnetic spectrum; electromotive force; electron; electron neutrino; electron volt; electronic funds transfer; electrostatic discharge; electrostatic flux; electrostatic-discharge-sensitive; electrostatics; element (chemical); element (of a set or in a set); elemental; elements (parts); elevation (front view); elevation (measurement); elevation (rear view); elevation (view); Elevation of the Cross; eligible; Elijah; eliminate (general); eliminate (If feces is meant); eliminate (If sweat is meant) ; eliminate (If urine is meant); Eliyahu haNavi; Elizabethan period; elk; ellipse; Elohim; elongation; Elvis; e-mail; embedded command; embedding; embezzle; embryo; emergency department, ED; emergency room, ER; emission nebula; emission spectrum; emitter; Emmanuel; emotional; emotionally disturbed; empathy; empirical; employ, employment; employee; employer; empower; empty (trash, verb); emulsion; enable; enabled; encode, encoding; encrypt; enculturate, enculturation; endangered species; endemic; ending; endocrine system; endoplasmic reticulum; endothermic; endpoints; enema; energy source; engage the clutch; engine; ENGLAND - Brighton; ENGLAND - Britain; ENGLAND - Carlisle; ENGLAND - Doncaster; ENGLAND - Exetor; ENGLAND - Leeds; ENGLAND - Liverpool; ENGLAND - London; ENGLAND - Midlands (central counties); ENGLAND - Newcastle; ENGLAND - Wolverhampton; ENGLAND; enlarge; enlarger; Enlightenment; ensemble; enter (key); enter (type); enthalpy; entreat, entreaty; entrepreneur; entropy; entry; environment; enzyme; epee; ephphatha; epiclesis; epicycle; epidemic; epilepsy; Epiphany; Episcopal; episiotomy; epistemology; epistle; epsilon, lowercase; equal; equal arm balance; equality; equalizer; equant; equation; equation, drop out of an; equator; equilateral triangle; equilibriant; equilibrium; equilibrium, dynamic; equilibrium, static; equipment cage; equity; equivalence; equivalence principle; equivalence, equivalent; equivalent capacitance; erase; erbium; erect image; erection (clitoris); erection (nipple); erection (penis); erg; erode, erosion; erogenous zones; error; erupt (volcano); erusin; eruv; erythrocyte; escape; escape velocity; escape, exit; eschatology; Escherichia coli; esophagus; espionage; espionage; espresso; essay; estate; esteem; Ester, Esther (Queen); Esther; Esther haMalkah; estimate; estranged; eta resonance meson; eta, lowercase; eta-c meson; eternal life; eternal light; ethanol glycol; ethical; ethics; ETHIOPIA - Addis Ababa; ETHIOPIA; ethnocentric, ethnocentrism; ethnography; etiological study; etiology; eucaryotic; Eucharist; eucharistic service; Euchre; Euler's theorem; Eurodollar; europium; euthanasia; evacuate; evaluate; evangelical; evaporate; evaporating dish; evaporating gaseous globules; evaporator; Eve (the First Woman); even (function); even (not odd); event horizon; everlasting life; evict; evidence; evil; evolution; evolutionary track; exa-; exacerbate; exact; exalt; exalt, exaltation; exalted; examination (medical); excavate; exception; excess; exchange; excitation (nerve); excite (sexually); exclusive-or; exclusivism; excommunicate, excommunication; excrete; exec, executive; execute; executive; executive director; executor; exegesis; exercise; exercise (mental); exert a force; exert pressure; exfiltration; exhale (through mouth); exhale (through nose); exhaust; exhibitionism; exit; exorcism; exothermic; expand (2D or 3D); expand (a business); expand (on an idea); expansion; expectorant; expectorate; expenditure; expense; experiment; expert; expiate; expired license; explicit; explode, explosion; exponent, exponential; export; expose (a photographic plate); exposure; expression (in an equation); Expressionism; extension; extension (of a muscle); extent; extent (frequency loss); external; external locus of control; externalities; extinct; extinction; extol; extract; extract a tooth; extrapolate; extrasensory perception, ESP; extreme close up; extreme unction; extremum; extrinsic; eye contact; eye drops; eyepiece; f(x), "f of x"; fabric; fa�ade; face; face lift; face shield; face value; facilitate; factor (noun); factor (out), factoring; factor (verb); factorial; fade in; fade out; faggot; fagocytize; Fahrenheit; fail to reject; failed dive; faint; faith; fake; fall (in camera angle); fallopian tubes; false teeth; Fant, Lou; fantasy (non-sexual); fantasy (sexual); farad; farce; fashion; fast ball; fast break; fast, fasting; fat; fatal; Father (title with name as in "~ Jim"); Father (title, without name); fatigue; fault; FAX (verb); fear of God; feast; feast day, feast of; feast day, feast of; Feast of Tabernacles; Feast of Weeks; feather; feature; feces; federal; Federal Reserve; fee; feedback (from person); feedback (from hearing aid); feedback (from other equipment); feel left out; feet; feet first; fellatio, fellation; fellowship; female; feminine; femme; femto-; fencing; fermion; fermium; fertile, fertility (female animal); fertile, fertility (male animal); fertility (female); fertility (male); fertilization; festival; Festival of Trumpets; fetus; fever; fiber optics; fiction; fiduciary; field; field goal; field hockey; field, out in the; fielding practice; figure (as in "Fig. 12-2"); figure (object); figure out; figure skating; FIJI ISLANDS; filament; file (complaint); file (for a legal proceedings); file (noun); file (verb); file transfer protocol; filled with the spirit; fillet weld; filling; film (movie); film (roll of); filmstrip; filter (noun); filter (verb); filter adaptor; filtering flask; filtering funnel; filtrate; finance, financial; find; find for; find the zero of a function; fine; fine arts; fine motor skills; fingerprint (noun); fingerprint (verb); finials; finish (on a surface); finish off (polish off) a drink; finite; FINLAND - Helsinki; FINLAND; firm; first aid; first base; First Communion; first five; first-in-first-out; first-in-last-out; fiscal; fishing; fission; fisting; fit (convulsion); fitting; fixed (assets, costs, etc.); fixed (doesn't move in space); fixed (value remains constant); fixer; fixture; flag football; flagellum; flaishig, flaishik; flame; flange; flare; flashback; flask; flat weld; Flathead; flexible; flexion; flip; flip a coin; flip flop; flirting (feminine or coy); flirting (masculine or direct); float; floating rate; floor plan (general); floor plan (stage); floppy (disk); Florence flask; flow (towards the right); flow (upwards); flow (downwards); flow (towards the left); flow (towards the right); flow (upwards); flowchart; fluency; fluent; fluid; fluidity; fluorine (elemental); fluorine (free gas); flush (pressed against); flux; flux density; fly (large animal, verb); fly (small animal, verb); flyout; f-number; foam (contraceptive); focal length; focal point; focus (noun); focus (verb); foil (method); fold (out of business); folder; follow spot; fondling; font (letter); font, baptismal; font, baptismal; fontanel, fontanelle, soft spot; foot; foot per minute; foot per second; foot, footer; football; footcandle; footing; footlambert; foot-pound; force (noun); force diagram; force lines; force out; forceps; forebrain; forecast; Forefathers; foreground; foreplay; foreskin; forge; forgive (sins); forgiven (of sins); forklift; form (paper to be filled out); form (shape); formal (register); format (noun); format (verb); formation; formulate; fortress; forward; forward dive; fossil; foster (child, home, parent); foul; foul line; foul tip; found (establish); foundation; Founding Fathers; four quadrants of the abdomen; Fourier transform; four-way flashers; fox; Fox (Indians); fraction; fractional; fractionate; fracture; frame of reference; frame, framing; FRANCE; FRANCE - Paris; francium; freak out; free association; free morpheme; free position; free throw (attempt); free throw (successful); free will; free-body diagram; freestyle; freeze; freezing point; frei (no longer a religious Jew); french (kiss), french kissing; frequency; frequency at resonance; frequency modulation; fresnel; Freudian slip; friar; friction, dynamic; friction, static; Friends; frigid; frisbee; front dive straight; frontal lobe; frontal lobes; frost; frozen (register); frum; fry; f-stop; fuel; fuel gases; fuel injection; fugitive; fulcrum; full back (stage position); full court press; full front (stage position); full moon; full up; fume(s); function; function of time; fund; Fundamentalism; funding; funnel; fur; furnace; fuse; fusion; GABON; gadolinium; gaffer; gag; gain; galaxy; Galilee; Gallaudet University; Gallaudet, Thomas Hopkins; Gallaudet, Thomas Miner; gallium; gallium arsenide; gallon; gallop; Galut (as a place); Galut (the act of exile); galvanometer; Gamma function; gamma ray; gamma, lowercase; gamma, uppercase; gamma-ray burster; Gan Eden (metaphorically, Heaven); Gan Eden (primary meaning); gang; gas (accelerator); gas (flatulence); gas (state of matter); gas cap; gas, gasoline; gasp; gather, gather together; gauge; gauss; Gaussian curve; Gay; gears; gee flops (g-flops); Gehenim; gel; gelilah; gelt; gematriyah; gender; gene; generalization; generate, generative; generator; generic; genetic engineering; genetics; genital herpes; genital warts; genitalia, genitals; genotype; Gentile(s); genuflect; geocentric (universe, model); geometrically, geometric method; geometry; German measles; germanium; GERMANY; GERMANY - Berlin; GERMANY - Bonn; GERMANY - Bremen; GERMANY - Cologne; GERMANY - Dortmund; GERMANY - Dresden; GERMANY - Dusseldorf; GERMANY - Munich; GERMANY - Stuttgart; germs; Gestalt; Gestapo; gestation; Gestuno; gesture; get (a disease); GHANA; ghetto; giant star; giga-; gigabyte; gigahertz; gilgul; gin and tonic; Girl Scouts; Gish, Sandra; Git Shabbes!; Git voch!; Git yahr!; Git Yon Tif!; Giten Moed!; give birth; given (as in "given a frictionless surface"); gland; glans; glass blowing; glaucoma; global; Gloria in excelsis!; glorify; glorious, glory; Glory to God in the highest!; gloss; glossolalia; glossy; glove; glue; gluon; G'mar Tov!; goal tending; gobo; God; god (false); Goddess; goggles; goiter; gold; golf; Golgotha; Gong xi fa cai!; gonorrhea; Gooch crucible; Good Friday; goods; goodwill; gooey (GUI); gorilla; gospel; Gothic; govern; Governing Body; goy (pl. goyim); goyish; goyishe kup; grace; gracious; grade (inclining downwards); grade (inclining upwards); gradeline; gradient; graduated cylinder; gram; grand jury; grand mean; granules, granulation; grapefruit; graph (noun); graph (verb); graphic; graphic (adj, as in "~ violence"); graphics; grass; grateful (recovering alcoholic); grateful, gratitude (to God); grating; gravel; graven image; gravimetric; gravitational force; gravitational radiation; gravitational red shift; gravity; Graybill, Patrick; GREECE; GREECE - Athens; GREENLAND; Gretzky, Wayne; grief, grieve, grieving; grievance; grill (noun); grill (verb); grind, ground; grip; grogger; gross income; gross motor skills; gross national product, GNP; ground; ground out; ground state; ground/background; group; group arrest; group dynamics; group leader; group sex; grow without limit; guanine; guard; guardian; GUATEMALA; guide dog; guru; gym; gym shoes; gymnastics; gynecologist, gynecology; gynecology; gyromagnetic ratio; habeas corpus; habituate; hafnium; Haftarah; hagbah (Ashkenazi); hagbah (Sephardi) ; Haggadah; Haifa; Hail Mary; hair cells; HAITI; Hakkafot; Halacha; half court press; half profile; half-time; half-twist dive; half-twist jump; half-way house; hallelujah; hallow; hallowed; Halloween; hallucinate, hallucination; hallucinogen; halo; ham; ham (acting); Haman; hamantashen; haMikdash; hammer; haMotzi; hand; hand brake; hand shield; handball; handcuffs; handheld (computer); handicap; handicraft; handshape; handshape (Stokoe); hanger; hangover; haOlam haBa; haploid; hard disk; hard drive; hardball; hardware; Hari Raya Haji; Hari Raya Puasa; harmonic motion; harmonic oscillation; has a zero at; hash; hash oil; HaShem; HaShem Tz'vaot; hashgacha; hashgacha klalit; hashgacha pratit; hassium; hatch (egg); Havayeh; Havdalah; have mercy on us; havurah; head (of a piston); head first; head lice; head shop; head, header; headlights; head-on collision; Headquarters; headset (large); headset (medium); headset (small); hear voices; hearing; hearing aid (ITE); hearing aid (OTE); hearing ear dog; hearing loss; hearsay; heart attack; heart burn; heart failure; heartbeat; Hearts; heat (noun); heat (verb), heat up; heat capacity; heat exhaustion; heat of formation; heat of reaction; heat prostration; heat up; heater; heating degree days; heatstroke; Heaven; Heavenly Father; Heavenly Host; heavy pot smoker; heavy smoker; Hebrew; Hebrews; hecto-; height; Heimlich maneuver; heir; hekhsher; Helen Keller; heliocentric (model, universe); helioseismology; helium; helium flash; helix; helix; Hell (evangelical); Hell (general); helmet; hematology; hemispherical lateralization; hemoglobin; hemophilia; hemorrhage; hemorrhoid; hen; henry; heredity; heresy; hero; heroin; heroine; herpes; herpes simplex virus; hertz; Hertzsprung-Russell diagram; heterodyne; heterogeneous; heterosexual; heterozygous; heuristic; Hevron; Hewlett Packard ; hexadecimal; hexagon; hiccup; hickey; hierarchic, hierarchical; hierarchy; hieroglphics; high; high definition television ; High Holy Days; High Priest; high resolution; high risk behavior; High Visual Orientation; hijab; hijack; hike, hiking; Hill Cummorah Pageant; Hinckley; hindbrain; Hinduism; hinge; hinge joint; hippie; hippopotamus; Hirsch funnel; hisbodadut, hitbodadut; Hispanic; hit; hit bottom; hit by pitcher; hit, take a; Hitler, Adolph; hoax; hockey; hoist; Hol haMoed; hold (Lidell-Johnson); hold breath; hold or held constant; Holiday; holistic; Holland; hollow cylinder; holmium; Holocaust; holy; Holy Communion; Holy Day; Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit; Holy of Holies (in the Tabernacle) ; Holy of Holies (in the Temple); holy orders; Holy Spirit; Holy Thursday; home plate; home run; homeostasis; homeostasis, achieve; homily; homogeneity, homogeneous; homomorphism; homosexual; HONDURAS; hone (piston); HONG KONG; HONG KONG - Kowloon; HONG KONG - Kwun; HONG KONG - New Territories; HONG KONG - Shamshuipo; HONG KONG - Shatin; HONG KONG - Tsuen Wan; HONG KONG - Wanchai; HONG KONG - Wong Tain Sin; HONG KONG - Yuen Long; hood; hook shot; hooka; horizon; horizontal; horizontal axis; horizontal component; horizontal split screen; horizontal wipe; hormone; horns; horny; Horse; horsepower; hosanna; hosanna in the highest; Hoshanah Rabbah; hospitality; host; Host (angels); hostage; hot flashes; hot spot; hour; house lights (general, audience perspective); house lights (stage perspective); housekeeping; Hubble, Hubble Space Telescope; hue; huff; Humanism; HUNGARY - Budapest; HUNGARY; Hunter; hunting; hurdle; hurricane; hurt; hurt (damaged, not pain); hustler; hyberbolic cosecant; hyberbolic cosine; hyberbolic cotangent; hyberbolic secant; hyberbolic sine; hyberbolic tangent; hybrid; hydrated; hydrogen (elemental); hydrogen (free gas); hydrogenated; hydrolysis; hydrostatic equilibrium; hyena; hygiene; hygienist; hymen; hymn; hymnal, hymnbook; hyperbola; hyperglycemia; hyperlink; hypermedia; hypernova, collapsar; hypertext; hyperventilate; hypnosis, hypnotize (clinical); hypnosis, hypnotize (overpowering); hypnotized (by clinical hypnosis); hypnotized (clinical); hypnotized (overpowered); hypnotized (overpowering); hypodermic; hypoglycemia; hypotenuse; hypothalamus; hypothesis; hypothesize; hyssop; hysterectomy; I-beam; ice breaker; ice hockey; ice skating; ICELAND; icon; iconic; icosahedron; ICU; ideal gas; idempotent; identifier; identity ("one", as in "which equals ~"); identity (abstract algebra); identity (permutation); ideogram (Chinese character); idiom; idol; idol (worship); if and only if; ignition; ignition (furnace); il- (not); illegal; illegal player; illusion; illustration; im- (not); Im yirtza HaShem!; image; imaginary; Imani; Immaculate Conception; immanence; Immanuel; immature; immature (if animal can stand upright); immature (if animal cannot stand upright); immature (plant); immersion; immigrant, immigration; immigration; immortality; immune system; immune, immunity; immunity; immuno-suppressed; impacted; impairment; impeach; impeccability; impedance; implant a cochlear implant; implement; implicit; import; impotence, impotent; impregnate; imprinting; imprison; improv, improvise; impulse; impure; impure (thoughts); imputed (cost); in (element of a set); in- (not); in phase; in terms of; in terms of (a variable); In the name of the Father. . .; inauguration; incarnate, incarnation; incense; incentive; incest; inch; inch per second; incidence; incidence, plane of; incident; incident ray; inciting incident; inclusivism; incoherent; income; income statement; incomplete dominance; increase; increase without limit; increasing (function); increasing monotonically; increasing without bounds; increment, incremental; incremental analysis; incubation period; incurable; indecent liberties; indefinite integral; indent; independent variable; index of refraction; INDIA - Calcutta; INDIA - Chemai; INDIA - Mumbai (Formerly "Bombay"); INDIA - New Delhi; INDIA; Indian (Native American); indicator; indictment; indigenous; indirectly proportional; indium; indoctrinate (negative perspective); indoctrinate (positive perspective); INDONESIA; induce (animate object); induce (inanimate object); induced (animate object); induced (inanimate object); inductance; inductance-capacitance; inductance-capacitance-resistance; inductive reactance; inductive voltage; inductor; indulgence; industrial, industry; inelastic collision; inequality; inerrant; inertia; infallible; infamous; infancy; infect; infection; infectious; infer, inference; inferior; inferior to superior; infertile, infertility (female); infertile, infertility (male): infertility; infest; infiltration; infinite; infinite series; infinitely many; infinitesimally short; infinitive; infinity; infirmary; infix; inflammation; inflation; inflator module; inflection point; informal (register); informant; information technology; informer; infraction; infrared; infrared cirrus; infusion; inhalant, inhaler; inhale (through mouth); inhale (through nose); inherit, inheritance; inhibit, inhibition; inhibition; iniquity; initial (position, velocity, or acceleration); initialize; initiate; inject; inject, injection; injured, injury; in-line; innate; inner Lagrangian point; inner lips; inning; inning, bottom of the; inning, top of the; inoculate, inoculation; inorganic; in-patient; input (noun); input (verb); input impedance; input voltage; input/output; inquiry; insane; insect; inseparable verb; insert; insert drug anally; inshallah; insight; insomnia; inspiration, inspired; install (equipment); install (leader); instantaneous (speed, velocity or acceleration); instinct; institutionalize (placement); institutionalize (standardize); institutionalized; instruction; instrumentation; insufficient funds; insulate from electricity; insulation; insulator; insurance; insurance coverage; intake line; intangible asset; integer; integral function; integral of a function; integrate, integration; integrate, integration (neutral); integrate, integration (pejorative); intensity; intensive care (unit); interactive; intercede (for us), intercession; intercept, intersect with (general); intercessor; intercourse; interest; interest rate; interface; interfaith; interference; interior decorating; interlanguage; intermission; intermurals; internal; internal locus of control; International Gesture, International Sign; Internet, the Net; interpolate; interposition; interquartile range; interreligious; intersect; intersect (set with set); intersect with the x-axis (2-D); intersect with the x-axis (3-D); intersect with the y-axis (2-D); intersect with the y-axis (3-D); intersect with the z-axis; interstellar medium; interval; intervene, intervention; intervener; intervention; intestacy; intestine, large; intestine, small; intestines (general); intimate (register); intimate, intimacy; intimidate; intimidated; intonation; intradermal; intramuscular; intransitive verb; intrapersonal; intrauterine device; intravenous, IV; intrinsic; intrinsic brightness; introspection; invalid; inventory; inverse; inverse (of a vector); inverse cosecant; inverse cosine; inverse cotangent; inverse hyberbolic cosecant; inverse hyberbolic cosine; inverse hyberbolic cotangent; inverse hyberbolic secant; inverse hyberbolic sine; inverse hyberbolic tangent; inverse secant; inverse sine; inverse sinh; inverse tangent; inversely proportional; inversion, invert; inverted image; invest; investments; invoice; invoke; involuntary; inward dive; inward dive straight; inward somersault; iodine (elemental); iodine (free gas); ion; ionic; ionization, ionize; ir- (not); IRAN; IRAQ; IRAQ - Baghdad; IRELAND - Belfast; IRELAND - Cork; IRELAND - Dublin; IRELAND - Galway; IRELAND; iridium; Irini pasi (EE-ray-nay PAY-see); iron; iron support ring; irony; irrational; irrelevant; irrigation; is approximately equal to; is equal to; is greater than; is greater than or equal to; is less than; is less than or equal to; is more than or equal to; is not equal to; is operating; Isaac; Isaiah; Islam; iso- (not); isobaric; isolate an isotope; isolated; isometric; isomorphism; isosceles triangle; isothermal; isotope; ISRAEL - Beersheva; ISRAEL - Bnei Brak; ISRAEL - Eilat ; ISRAEL - Galilee; ISRAEL - Haifa; ISRAEL - Hevron; ISRAEL - Jerusalem; ISRAEL - Lod; ISRAEL - Nazareth; ISRAEL - Rehovot; ISRAEL - Tel-Aviv; ISRAEL; Israelites; issue (stock); issur; italics; ITALY - Florence; ITALY - Milan; ITALY - Rome; ITALY - Sicily; ITALY - Sicily (2); ITALY - Venice; ITALY; itch; itching (penis); itching (vagina); items on list; iterate; iterate, iteration, iterative; Ivrit; Jack O'Lantern; Jackson, Michael; jackstand; Jacob; Jacobean; JAMAICA; JAMAICA - Kingston; jamb; JAPAN; JAPAN - Hiroshima; JAPAN - Hokkaido; JAPAN - Kyoto; JAPAN - Okinawa; JAPAN - Osaka; JAPAN - Tachikawa; JAPAN - Tokyo; JAPAN - Yokohama; Japanese fingerbraille; jaundice; javelin; Jehovah; Jehovah's Witness; Jerusalem (ASL); Jerusalem (indigenous); Jesus; Jew, Jewish; jewelry; Jewish New Year; Jewry; jihad; jinni; jog, jogging; Johnson, Lyndon B.; joint; joist; JORDAN; joule; joule-second; journal entry; journal of original entry; joystick; Jubilee; Judaism; judge; Judgment Day; judo; juice; jump (battery); jump shot; jumper cables; junction; jury; just, justice; justification, justified, justify; juvenile; juvenile delinquent; Kabbalat Shabbat; Kaddish; kadosh; kahal; Kaiser Augustus; kajak; kajaking; kallah; kallat Breishit; kallat Torah; kaon; kapora (sins); Kaposi's sarcoma, KS; kappa, lowercase; karate; karuv (pl. keruvim); karyotype (noun); karyotype (verb); kasher; Kashrut; kaumatua (elder); Kedushah; Kegel exercises; kehillah; k-element set; Keller, Helen; Kelvin; Kennedy, John F.; Kennedy, Robert F.; kenosis; KENYA - Mumbasa; KENYA - Narobi; KENYA; keriah; Keswahili; keter; ketubah; Ketuvim (Kadoshim); key (noun); key, keyboard (verb); keyboard; keypunch; Khruschev, Nikita; khubatul jumu'a; kick (dolphin); kick (general); Kiddush; kiddushin; kidnap; kidney; Kikomba cha umuja; kill; kiln; kilo-; kiloampere; kilobits per second; kilobyte; kilocalorie; kiloelectron volts; kilogram; kilohertz; kilohm; kilojoule; kilometer; kilometer per hour; kilovolt; kilovoltampere; kilovolt-ampere; kilowatt; kilowatt-hour; Kinara; kinematics; kinesics; kinetic energy; King (in reference to God); King David; King Solomon; King, Martin Luther; kingdom; Kingdom Hall; kink; Kiowa; kippah; Kirchoff's Current Law; Kirchoff's First Law; Kirchoff's Second Law; Kirchoff's Third Law; Kirchoff's Voltage Law; kisai Eliyahu; Kisei haKavod; kiwi; klalah; knife switch; knight (noun); knight (verb); knuckle ball; Kodak; Kodesh K'doshim (in the Tabernacle); Kodesh K'doshim (in the Temple); kohen (pl. kohanim); Kohen Gadol; kohen, kohain (pl. kohanim); Kol haNearim; Koran; kos (shel bracha); kos shel Eliyahu; kosher; krypton; k-star resonance meson; k-tuple; kuay teow; Kujichagulia; kurtosis; Kuumba; KUWAIT; Kwanzaa; Kyrie Eleison; lab, laboratory; labia majora; labia minora; labor (birth); labor (workers); Ladino; ladybug; Lag B'Omer; lag time; laity; lake; Laman; Lamanites; Lamaze; lamb; Lamb of God; lambda baryon; lambda resonance baryon; lambda, lowercase; lambda, uppercase; lambert; laminar flow (downwards); laminar flow (towards the left); laminar flow (towards the right); laminar flow (upwards); lamp; landscape; landscaper; Lane, Harlan; language acquisition; lanthanum; lap joint; Laplace transform; laptop; large intestine; larnyx; larva; lasagna, lasagne; laser; Last Rites; last-in-first-out; late-deafened; latent; latent heat; lateral; lateral bending; lateral control arm; lateral flexion; Latin; latte; launch; lava; lavaliere (microphone); law; law of conservation of matter; lawrencium; lay egg; lay up; layer; layout; L'chayim!; lead; leaf; leaf spring; league; Leah, Leah Imanu; leak (from a cylindrical object); leak (general); learned helplessness; least/lowest common denominator ; least/lowest common multiple; leather; LEBANON - Beirut; LEBANON; Leboyer; lector; ledger; left field; left hemisphere; left plate of the capacitor; left side (of an equation); left-and-right-justify, -justified; left-justify, -justified; leg (of a right triangle); legal player; legatee; legislature; Lehi; lehn; lemon; lemonade; Lemuel; length; Lenin; lens; lens cap; lens, concave; lens, concave-concave; lens, concave-convex; lens, converging; lens, convex lens; lens, convex-convex; lens, diverging lens; Lent; lepton; Lesbian; lesion; less; lethargy; lettering; letters testamentary; letters-of-administration; lettuce; leukocyte; level (instrument); lever; Levi, Levite; lexical; lexical processing; lexicon; liabilities; liability; Liberal; liberate, liberation; license; lid; lid size (partial); lid size (whole); Lidell Movement-Hold; life everlasting; life support; lift off; lift up; light adaptation; light beam; light board; light candles (Jewish festivals); light candles (Sabbath); light meter; light plot; light pollution; light year; lightning bug; lights! (on!); like charges repel; liko; limb; limbic system; lime; limit as x goes to n; limits of integration; limp; Lincoln, Abraham; line; line of rotation; line out; line(d) up; linear; linear density; linear equation; linear expansion; linear function; liner, lining; lines of force; line-up; linguistics; liniment; link, linkage; liposuction; liqueur; liquid; liquor; listing; litany; liter; liter per second; literal (alphanumeric); literal (numeric); literature; lithium; litigant; litigate, litigation; liturgy; live together; llama; load; load resistor; loaded; lobes; lobster; local area network; local maximum; local minimum; localization; location (Stokoe); locative; locker room; lockjaw; locus; Lod; log (journal, n); log (v, make an entry in a journal) -; log in; log off; log on; log out; log to the base n; logarithm; logarithmic (function); logic; Logos (Divine); logos (mundane); long diameter (ellipse); long run; long shot; longitudinal compression; longitudinal control arm; longitudinal rarefaction; longitudinal study; longitudinal wave; long-term; loop; loosen; Lord; Lord of Hosts; Lord's Supper; lose consciousness; lose power; lose weight; losing; lotion; louvers; lovemaking; loving; low resolution; lower (camera angle); lowercase (general); lowercase (specific letter); loyal; L'shana tovah (Tikataivu v'tikataimu!); lubricant, lubrication (artificial); lubrication (natural female); lubrication (natural male); Luchot haBrit; Lucifer; lulav; lumbar-spinal; lumen; lumen per square foot; lumen per square meter; lumen per watt; lumen-second; luminosity; luminous flux; lump; lunar eclipse; lungs; lutetium; Luther, Martin; Lutheran; lux; LUXEMBOURG; lyrics; lysomes; Maariv; Mac, MacIntosh; macaroni; macho, machismo; machzor; macro; macular degeneration; Magen David; magic, magick; magma; magnesium; magnet, magnetic; magnet, permanent; magnetars; magnetic circulation; magnetic dipole moment; magnetic field; magnetic field intensity; magnetic flux; magnetic flux density; magnetic permeability; magnetic potential; magnetic prominence; magnetic resonance; magnetic spin; magnetic spin down, d orbital; magnetic spin down, f orbital; magnetic spin down, general; magnetic spin down, p orbital; magnetic spin down, s orbital; magnetic spin up, d orbital; magnetic spin up, f orbital; magnetic spin up, general; magnetic spin up, p orbital; magnetic spin up, s orbital; magnetism; magnetomotive force; magnetron; magnification, magnify; magnifying power; magnitude; main plot; main sequence; mainline; mainstream, mainstreaming (neutral); mainstream, mainstreaming (pejorative); maintenance; majesty; major axis; majority; make love; make out; make the sign of the cross; malach; MALAYSIA; MALAYSIA - Ipoh; MALAYSIA - Johore; MALAYSIA - Kedah; MALAYSIA - Kelantan; MALAYSIA - Melaka; MALAYSIA - Penang (Pulau Pinang); MALAYSIA - Sabah; MALAYSIA - Sarawak; MALAYSIA - Seremban; MALAYSIA - Terengganu; male; malformed, malformation; malfunction; malignant; MALTA; mammogram; manatee; Mandan; mandibles; manganese; manger; manifold; manipulate, manipulation; mantle; man-to-man; manual (transmission); manualism; manufacture; manure; Maori (tangata whenua); map (verb); mappah; mapping; marching ants; Mardi Gras; margarine; margin; margin ("for error", "of error"); marginal propensity to consume; marginal propensity to save; marginalized; marijuana; marijuana pipe; Marine Corps; marionette; mark; marked; market; marketing; maror; marrow; martyr; martyr; Mary; masculine; mash; mashgeach; Mashiach, Moshiach; masjid; mask; mask (a stage); mask (the flavor); masmid, matmid; masonry; masquerade; mass (noun); mass (verb); mass defect; mass density; mass number; mass production; massacre; massage; mastectomy; masturbation (female mutual); masturbation (female solitary); masturbation (general); masturbation (male mutual); masturbation (male solitary); masturbation (male, female mutual); Matanot l'Evyonim; mate swapping; material, materials; Matlin, Marlee; matrix; matter; mature (if animal can stand upright); mature (if animal cannot stand upright); mature (plant); matzah; maximal absolute error; maximal relative error; maximize; maximize screen; maximum; maximum current; maximum voltage; Mazao; Mazel Tov!; McDonald's; meadow; mean (general); mean (population); mean (sample); mean free path; mean length of utterance; measles; measuring tape; mechanical; mechanical advantage; mechanical drawing; mechanics; mechanism; mechitzah; media; mediate; Medicaid; medical examiner; medicine; Medieval, Middle Ages; meditate; meditate (Western religions); medium (material of transmission); medium shot; medulla; meforshim; mega-; megabit; megabyte; megahertz; megaohm; megillah; meiosis; meitnerium; mekadaish; Melchizedek (Priesthood); Melekh haMashiach; melodrama; melon; melting point; membrane; memorial, monument; menarche; mendelevium; Mennonite; menopause; menorah; mens; menstrual cramps; menstruate, menstruation; mental telepathy; mentally retarded; mentee, prot̩g̩; mentor; mentoring; mentorship; menu; Mercedes Benz; merchandise; merchant; merciful; mercury; merge; merger; Merry Christmas!; mescaline; mesh (analysis); meson; message; Messiah; metabolism, metabolize; metabolize; metal; metal inert gas welding; metaphysics; metastasis, metastasize; metathesis; meteorology; meter (measuring instrument); meter (unit of length); meter, metrical; meter-kilogram-second; meters per second; meters per second squared; Methodist; methodology; metric (a way to measure); metric (system); Metro (Washington, D.C subway); metropolitan; Metropolitan Community Church; MEXICO - Acapulco; MEXICO - Chihuahua; MEXICO - Guadalajara; MEXICO - Le̩�n; MEXICO - Mexico City; MEXICO - Monterrey ; MEXICO - Puebla; MEXICO - Puerto Vallarta; MEXICO - Tijuana ; MEXICO; mezzuzah; mflops; mho; micro-; microampere; microfarad; microgram; microhenry; microhm; micrometer; micrometer (tool); micrometer (unit of length), micron; micrometer calipers; micromho; micron; microphone, mike, mic; microprocessing unit; microscope; microsecond; microsiemens; Microsoft; microvolt; microwatt; microwave (noun); microwave (verb); microwaves; mid-axillary line; midbar; midbrain; mid-clavicular line; mid-sternal line; midwife; migraine; mikvah, mikveh; mil; milah; milchig, milchik; mild (hearing loss); mild steel; mildew; mileage; miles; miles per hour; milk (v); Millenium; milli-; milliampere; milligram; millihenry; milliliter; millimeter; millimho; milliohm; million bytes per second; million instructions per second; millions of instructions per second; millions of operations per second; millisecond; millisecond pulsar; millisiemens; milliwatt; mime; minaret; Minchah; mind; mine (noun); mine (verb); minerals; minhag; mini- (small); Minimal Language Competency; Minimal Language Skills; minimize; minimize screen; minimum; minimum current; minister (noun); minister (verb); ministry; minor; minor axis; minority; minute (angle); minute (degree); minute of arc; minyan; miracle; Miriam; miscarriage; misconduct; Misheberakh; Mishkan; Mishloach Manot; Mishna; Mishumaa saba; missal; missile; mission (a missionary church or station); mission president; mission, ministry (of Jesus); mission, ministry (the work of a missionary); missionary; miter; mitochondria; mitosis; Mittelschmerz; mitzvah; mixed drink; mixture; mizbeach; MJ Bienvenu; Mkeka; mnemonic; mobility; mode; model; modem; moderate (hearing loss); Modernism; modifications (accommodations); modified molecular formula; modify; modular; modulate, modulation; modulation; module; modulo; modulus; mohel, moyel; moist, moisture; mol, mole; molality; molar mass; molarity; mold (plant); mole; molecular cloud; molecular formula; molecule; molest; molest (sexual); molybdenum; moment of inertia; momentum; monarchy; MONGOLIA; monitor (noun); monitor (verb); monk; monocular cues; monologue; monomial; monopolize; monopoly; monopsony; monotheism; monotone; monsignor; monstrance; MONTE CARLO; mood; moon (of any other planet); moon (the Earth's); Moore, Matthew; moose; moral; morality; Mordechai; more than; Mormon; morning sickness; MOROCCO; Moroni; morpheme; morphology; morphophonemics; mortal (adjective); mortal (noun); mortar; mortar and pestle; mortgage; Moses; Moshe Rabainu; mosque; mosquito; most significant bit ; most significant digit ; motherboard; motherese; motion; motion (make a); motivate; motivated; motivation, motive; motor; motor area; motor skills, fine; motor skills, gross; motoric; mound; Mountain Dew; mourn; mouse; Mouse, Mickey; mouth movement (grammatical); mouth movement (speech-derived); mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; move the decimal point; movement; movement (Lidell-Johnson); movement (Stokoe); movie; movie camera; mu, lowercase; mucous; mucous membranes (anal); mucous membranes (oral); mucous membranes (penile); mucous membranes (vaginal); mucus; muezzin; mullion; multi- (many); multicast; multi-image; multinomial; multinomial coefficient; multiple (as in "12 is a ~ of 3"); multiple partners; Multiple Personality Disorder; multiplex, multiplexer; multiplication; multiply; mumps; munchies; muon; muon neutrino; mural; muscle; muscular dystrophy; musical; Muslim; mutar; mutation; mutual conductance; mutual inductance; mutual oral sex; muzzle; myopia, myopic; mystery (novel); mystery (of faith); mystery (sacrament); mystery (sign); myth; N resonance baryon; n times; nail; NAMIBIA; nano-; nanoampere; nanofarad; nanohenry; nanometer; nanosecond; nanowatt; nanuyim; Napoleon; narc; narcotics; nark; narrative; narrator; narthex; National Public Radio; native; Native American; Nativity; Nativity of Christ; natural; natural (child or parent); natural logarithm; Naturalism; naturopathy; Navajo; nave; navi [pl. neviim; fem. form neviah, pl. neviot]; navigate; navy; Nazareth; Nazi; near-death experience; near-sighted; nebula; neck, necking; needle (gauge); needs assessment; nefesh; negative; negative caster; negative of a vector; negative-positive-negative (transistor); neglect; neglected; neglected; negligible (error); negotiate; Negro; Ne'ilah; nematic; neodymium; neon; NEPAL; NEPAL - Biratnagar; NEPAL - Birgang; NEPAL - Janakpur; NEPAL - Kathmandu; NEPAL - Lumbini; NEPAL - Pokhara; neper; Nephi; Nephites; neptunium; ner tamid; nerve; neshama; nest; nested loop; nested spheres; net; net force; net national product; NETHERLANDS; NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam; Netscape; network; neurolinguistics; neurology; neuron; neurosis; neurotransmitter; neutral; neutralization, neutralize; neutralized; neutrino; neutrino oscillation; neutrino oscillation; neutron; neutron star; Neviyim; New Jerusalem; New Testament; New Year; NEW ZEALAND; NEW ZEALAND - Auckland; NEW ZEALAND - Christchurch; NEW ZEALAND - Dunedin; NEW ZEALAND - Hamilton; NEW ZEALAND - Hawke's Bay; NEW ZEALAND - Rotorua; NEW ZEALAND - Taupo; NEW ZEALAND - Wellington; newton; newton per square meter; newton-meter; Newton's first law of motion; Newton's second law of motion; Nez Perce; Nguzo saba; Nia; NICARAGUA; nick (NIC); nickel; nickel cadmium; Nidah; NIGERIA; nigger; night sweats; niobium; nipples; nitrogen (elemental); nitrogen (free gas); nitrous oxide; nitrous oxides; Nixon, Richard; no connection; no operation; Noah; nobelium; noble; nocturnal emission; nodal analysis; nodal point; node; noise (psychological); nominative; non- (not); non-functional; non-gonococcal urethritis; non-manual signals, non-manual grammar; non-metal; non-verbal communication; non-zero; noodle; norm; normal (not abnormal); normal (to a line or function); normal (to a plane or surface); normal strain; normality; normally closed; normally open; northern hemisphere; North-South pole reversals; Norton's Theorem; NORWAY - Oslo; NORWAY; nosedive; not connected; notation; notes payable; noun; noun phrase; nova; novel; nozzle; n-th power; n-th root of x; nu, lowercase; nuclear; nuclear family; nuclear fission; nuclear fusion; nuclear magnetic resonance; nuclear reactor; nucleotides; nucleus; null; null hypothesis; null set; numb; number keypad; numerator; numeric keypad; nun; nurse; nurturance; nurture; nut; nutrient; nutrition; NYC subway; o.d., overdose; oath; obeisance; obese, obesity; ob-gyn; object, objection; objective (adjective); objective (noun); objective lens; oblation; oblique; obliquely cut; observant; obsessed, obsession, obsessive; obsessive compulsive disorder; obsolete; obstetrics; obtuse; ocal length; occipital lobes; occupy (space); oceanography; octagon; octahedron; octal; octopus; odd (function); odd (not even); odometer; odor; off stage (command); off stage (location); off the record; offense, offensive; offer, offering (animal or spiritual); offering (money); official; offline; offsides (back court); offspring; ohm; ohmmeter; Ohm's Law; ointment; Old Testament; oligopoly; olympic, Olympics; omega baryon; omega resonance baryon; omega resonance meson; omega, lowercase; omega, uppercase; omnipotent; omnipresent; omniscient; on stage (command); on stage (location); oncology; one night stand; Oneg Shabbat; one-on-one; one-three-one; one-to-one (function); one-to-one map(ping); online; onto (function); Op art; opacity; opaque; opaque projector; open (a play); open (circuit); open (stage position); open captioned, open captioning; open interval; open valve; opening (first show); operant conditioning; operate, operation; operate, operation (on a function); operating system; operation; operations engineer; operator; ophthalmology; ophthalmoscope; opium; opossum; opponent; opposite side (of triangle); oppress, oppression; optical; optical quality; optical telescope; optician; optics; optimal; optional; optometry; oral culture; oral sex; oralism; orbit; orbital (singular); orbital quantum number; orbitals (plural); orchard; orchestra; ordain; order (group); order of protection; order to show cause; ordered pair; ordinance; ordinate; ordination; ordination; organ; organ donation; organic; organism; orgasm; orgy; orientation; orientation and mobility; oriented (tendency); origin (1D); origin (2D); origin (3D); ornamentation; orphan; Orthodox; orthographic projection; orthography; orthopedics; Osage; oscillate; oscillator; oscilloscope; osmium; osteopathy; osteoporosis; otology; otorhinolaryngology; otoscope; ounce; out (Gay); out in the field (real world); out of body experience; out of bounds; out of phase; out of round; out, out of the closet; outer lips; outlet (2 prong); outlet (3 prong); outline; out-of-pocket expense; out-of-position weliding; out-patient; output; output impedance; output voltage; outstanding check; outtake line; ovaries; oven; over (as in "A over B"); over voltage protection; overcharge; overcome (with the spirit); overdrive; overflow; overhang; overhead (transparency); overhead projector; overhead weld; overlap, overlay; overruled (objection); overstrike, overtype, overwrite; overtime; overweight; ovulate; ovum; owl; owner's equity; oxidation; oxidation state; oxidation-reduction; oxidize; oxygen (elemental); oxygen (free gas); oxygen mask; ozone; pack; packet; paddle tennis; Pagan; Paganism; page break; pager (non-text); pager (text, especially Wyndtell); pagination; pain; pain with urination; paired (or pair up) variables; pale, pallor; PALESTINE; palladium; palm orientation; Palm Sunday; palmtop (computer); palpate, palpation (deep); palpate, palpation (gross); palpate, palpation (petite); palpitate; palsy; pan (camera); PANAMA; Panara, Bob; pancake; panel (console); panel (people); pan-human; pantomime; papal; par value; parable; parabola; parabolic; Paraclete; paradigm; Paradise; paradox; PARAGUAY; parakeet; parallax; parallel; parallel capacitors; parallel plate capacitor; parallelogram; paralysis; parameter; parametric representation; paranoia, paranoid; parapet; paraphernalia; paraplegic; parasite (animal); parasite (plant); parasitic draw; parasympathetic; pardon (sins); pare; parentheses (for formulas); parietal lobe; parish; parish; parishioners; parity; parking brake; Parkinson's disease; parliament, parliamentary; Parokhet (in a synagogue); Parokhet (Tabernacle screen); Parokhet (Temple screen); parole; parole officer; Parousia; parsec; parsonage; part; partial; participant; particle; partisan (Democrats only); partisan (general); partisan (Republicans only); partition; parts per million; parve; pascal; Pascha (PAS-kah); Paschal; pass; pass around a joint; pass out; passed ball; passion; Passion; Passion Sunday; passive; passive sign convention; passive-aggressive; Passover; passuk; password; past (tense); past participle; pasta; paste; Pasteur pipet; pasteurize; pastor; pastoral council; patch (noun); patch (verb); patch panel; paten; patent; paternalism; pathological view; pathology; patient; patriarch; Patriarchs; patrol (verb); patronized; pattern; patur; Paul; Pauli exclusion principle; pave; Pawnee; pay (chip in); pay (for someone else); pay (for yourself); pay (n, as in "increased his ~"); pay (out of pocket); pay off (final payment); payback; payot, peyot (sidecurls); payroll; PCP; pea; peace pipe; peach; peacock; peak (mountain); peak (in a signal); peak inverse voltage; peak operating voltage; peak to peak; pear; pearl; Pearl of Great Price; pedestal (camera); pediatrics; peer; peers; pelican; pelvic exam; Pelvic Inflammatory Disease; pelvis; penalty; penance; pending; pendulum; penetrate, penetration (general); penetrate, penetration (male to male); penetrometer; penguin; penguin, chinstrap; penis; penitent; penitentiary; pennant; pension; pentacle; pentagon; pentagram; Pentateuch; Pentecost, Whitsunday; Pentecostal; penumbra; Pepsi; perceive; percent abundance; percentile rank; perception; percolate; perek; perennial; perfect (tense); perform, performance; pericope; perigee; perihelion; perimeter (2D); perimeter (3D); period; periodic; periodic table; peripheral; peripheral nervous system; peripheral vision; peristalsis; Perkins (School); Perkins brailler; permanent magnet; permeability; permeable; permeate; permitted orbits; permittivity; permittivity of free space; permutation; perpendicular; perpendicular bisector; perpendicular, drop a; persecute; perseverance of the Saints; Person [living] with AIDS; personal property; personal space; perspective (drawing); perspective (general); perspicuity; perspiration, perspire; persuasion; perush; Perushi, Perushiyim; Perushim; perversion; peta-; Peter (Apostle); Peter the Great; petition; petitioner; petting; petty cash, replenish; petty cash voucher; peyote; pH meter; phallic (intentional); phallic (unintentional); phallus; Pharaoh, Paro; Pharisee; Pharisees; pharmacy; phase; phase (of the moon); phase angle; phase difference; phase shift; pheasant; phenotype; phi resonance meson; phi, upper or lowercase; philanthropy; PHILIPPINES - Manila; PHILIPPINES; Phillip's(-head screwdriver); philosophy; phlegm; phoneme; phonological, phonology; phospholipids; phosphorus; photo- (light); photo call; photoelectric cell; photograph (verb); photograph, photo (noun); photon; photonics; photosphere; photosynthesis; photovoltaic; phrasal processing; phrase; phylacteries; physical (exam); physician; physics; physiological; physiology; pi, upper or lowercase; pick up (someone for sex); pick up the pace; picket (protest); pickle; pickpocket; pick-up a cue; pico-; picoampere; picofarad; picosecond; picowatt; pidgin; pidyon haben; pier; pigtail adaptor; pike; pilaster; piles; pilgrim (to a shrine); Pilgrim; pill; pill, take; pillar; Pillar of Fire; pimples; pinch clamp; pineapple; ping; ping pong; pinna; pinnacle; Pinocchio; pintele yid; pion; pious; pipe (conduit); pipe (tobacco); pipeline; pipet, pipette (eye dropper style); pipet, pipette (mouth style); piping; pisiform; piston; pitch; pitcher; pixels; placement; placenta; places (as in "decimal places"); plaintiff; planar surface, plane; planar, plane (surface); Planck's constant; plane (tool); plane geometry; planet; planetarium; planetary nebula; plano- (flat); plano-concave lens; plano-convex lens; plant (factory); plant (verb); plasma; plasma cutting; plasmid; plaster; plastered; plastic; plastic surgery; plate; plate tectonics; platform; platinum; play (theater); play a card; playback machine; play-offs; plays; playwright; plea (answer); plea agreement; plea bargaining; plea offer; plead (answer); plead (ask); Please be seated!; Please rise!; plenum; pliers; plot; plot the function (or points or graph); plotter; plow; plug (into equation); plug (three-prong); plug (two-prong); plug and play; plug in a board; plugged (up); plural; pluralism; plus sign; plutonium; plywood; pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; pneumonia; poche; pod; podiatry; poetry (Deaf); poetry (Hearing); point; point (in a score); point guard; point of inflection; point of sale; point of view; pointer; point-to-point protocol; POLAND - Gdansk; POLAND - Warsaw; POLAND - Wroclaw; POLAND; polar coordinates; polarity; polarizability; polarize; polarized light; pole (north, south); pole vault; policy; poll; polling; pollution; polonium; polygon; polyhedron; polymer; polynomial; polysynthetic; polyunsaturated fat; Ponca; pond; pons; Pontiac; pontiff; Pontius Pilate; pony; poodle; pool; pool deck; pop; pop fly; Pope; poppers; population; pop-up; popup window; port; portfolio; portrait; PORTUGAL; posaik; position; position, change in; positional system; positive; positive caster; positive-negative-positive (transistor); positron; possession (by an unclean spirit); post- (after); post (to a journal, to the ledger); post partum depression; posterior; posterior to anterior; postlingual (hearing loss); postmortem; postvocational (hearing loss); pot; pot party; potassium; potential difference; potential energy; potential, potential difference; potentiometer; pot-head; pound; pound per square inch, psi, torr; pound-force per square inch; pound-mass; powder; power; power amplifier; power down; power factor; power gain; power on self test; power source; power supply; power surge; power up; PowerPoint; praise (God); praseodymium; pray, prayer; prayer shawl; pre- (before); preach; preacher; pre-cast; precession; precipitant; precipitate; precipitation; precis; precise; precision; predecessor; predestination; predicate; pre-existence; preferred stock; prefix; pregnancy, pregnant; pre-ignition; prejudice; preliminaries; prelingual (hearing loss); premature ejaculation; premenstrual syndrome; prenatal; preorgasmic; preposition; preposition; pre-Raphaelites; Presbyterian; prescription; prescription drugs; Presence; present (tense); present participle; president; pressure; pretrial intervention (diversion); preventive maintenance; preview; prevocational (hearing loss); price; priest; priesthood; primary (lens, mirror); primary impedance; primary voltage; prime (superscript); prime minister; prime, prime number; primitive; principal axis; principal quantum number; principal square root; principle of superposition; print merge; printed circuit; printed circuit board; printer; priority; prism; private parts of the body; probability; probability distribution; probable cause; probate; probation; probation officer; proboscis; procaryotic; process (film); process (film/print); process (print); process (verb), processing; processing; processional; processor; proctoscope; produce (noun); produce, production; producer; producer-director; product; product (2); product over sum; profession, professional; professionalism; profile; profit; profound (hearing loss); program; program counter; progress; progressive illness; progressive vision loss; projectile motion; projectile vomiting; projection (math); projection along the x-axis; projection along the y-axis (2D); projection along the y-axis (3D); projection along the z-axis; projector (opaque); projector (overhead, slide); Prokimenon; promethium; prominences; promiscuity, promiscuous (female); promiscuity, promiscuous (general); promiscuity, promiscuous (male); prompt; prone; prone (to a disease); pronoun; pronunciation; proofread; prop rod; prop, propeller; propaganda; property (land); property (characteristic); prophecy, prophesy; prophet; propitiate; proportion, proportional; proposition; proprietary; prosecute; prosecutor; Proskomen; prospective (noun); prospective study; prostitute; protactinium; protagonist; protein; protest; Protestant; protocol; proton; protostar; protractor; protractor; Providence; proxemics; Psalm, Psalms; pseudo- (false); pshat; psi, upper or lowercase; psi-a (absolute); psi-a (absolute); psi-g (gauge); psychiatry; psychoanalysis; psychology; psychosis (3); psychosomatic; Ptolemy; pubic lice; public address (system); public defender; Public Service Announcement; Pueblo; PUERTO RICO; pull a tooth; pulley; pulsar; pulsate; pulse; pulses; pump; punch; punch in; punch out; punctuation; puncture wound; purchase; pure; Purgatory; purge; Purim; Puritan; pus; push drugs; push to talk; pushdown; pusher; pushke; putt; PWA; pyramid; Pythagorean theorem; qadosh; QATAR; Qodesh Q'doshim (in the Tabernacle); Qodesh Q'doshim (in the Temple); quaaludes; quadilateral; quadrants I, II, III, and IV (for 2-D only); quadratic (equation, function); quadriplegic; quail; Quaker; qualitative; quality (characteristic); quality (high); quality assurance; quality control; quantitative; quantity; quantum; quantum leap; quantum mechanics; quarantine; quark; quarter (of the year); quarter inch cartridge; quarter profile; quarter, first; quarter, fourth; quarter, second; quarter, third; Queen Esther; queer; query; questionnaire; queue; queuing; quicksand; quill; quiz; quorum; quotient (ratio); quotient (the result of long division); Quran; rabbi, rav; rabies; raccoon; race, racing; Rachel, Rachel Imanu; racism; racquetball; radar; radhia allahu anhu; radial velocity; radian; radiant heat; radiate; radiation; radical (politics); radical (rebel); radical (social work); radio interferometer; radio telescope; radio waves; radioactive; radium; radius (of a circle); radius of curvature; radon; raid; rain drop(s); rainbow; rained out; raise the dead; raise to the n-th power; raise, raise high; raisin; rajah; raked (general); raked (set floor); rally; Ramadan; rampart; ranch; random; random number; random sample; range; range (not math); rank (noun); rank (verb); rape; raped; rapids; rapier; rappel; Rapture; rarefaction; rash; rasha; raster; rate; rate of return; ratification, ratify; ratio; rational; rationalize, rationalization; rattlesnake; ravine; raw; ray; rays; re-; reactance; reactant; reaction; Reactionary; reactor (nuclear); read through; read to yourself; reader; Reagan, Ronald; reagent; real; real property; realism; realistic; reality; reap; rearranging (terms); rebbe; Rebecca, Rivkah Imanu; rebound; recall; receive (language by ear); receive (language by eye); receive (language by touch); receiver; receptor; recess (school); recess (ceremonial, verb); recession; recessional; recessive; reciprocal (fraction); reciprocal (not fraction); reckless endangerment; reconcile, reconciliation; reconnection; Reconstructionism; reconstructive surgery; record (document); record (general); record (music); record (noun); record (verb, general); record (verb, with taperecorder); record (verb, with video camera); record (World's); record machine; recover, recovery; recover, recovery (refrigerant); recreation; recruit; rectangle; rectangular coordinate system (2D); rectangular coordinate system (3D); rectifier; Rector; rectory; rectum; recursive; recycle; red dwarf; red shift; redeem, redemption; redeemed; Redeemer; redirect; reds; reduced mass; reduction (reaction); reduplication; reel; reel-to-reel; reentrant, reentry; refer, referral; referee; reference; reflect, reflection (general); reflection nebula; reflection, diffuse; reflection, regular; reflex; Reform; Reformation; refract, refraction; refraction, index of; refractory period; refrigerant; refund; Regency; regenerate, regeneration; region; regional; register, registry; regress, regression; regret; regular (polygon or polyhedron); regulator; regurgitate; rehabilitation; rehearsal (play); rehearsal (mental); rehearse; Rehovot; reign; reincarnation; reinforce, reinforcement; reinforced; rejoice; relapse (addiction); relapse (illness); relative (adj); relative (noun); relative dielectric constant; relative humidity; relative permittivity; Relativism, relative truth; relativity; relaxant; relay; release (a chemical or energy); release (a gas or energy); release (a liquid); release (of a product); reliability, reliable; reliability-availability- serviceability; Relief Society; religious; relocatable; relocate; relocation; reluctance; reluctivity; remainder; remains constant; remand; Rembrandt (van Rijn); remission (of illness); remission (of sins); remote (control); Renaissance; rendering; renounce; repeater; repel, repulse, repulsion; repent, repentance; repertory; replicate; replication; repossess; repress; repression; required dive; research and development; resident; resistance; resistance-capacitance; resistance-capacitance-inductance; resistivity; resistor; resistor current; resolution, resolve; resolve(d) into components; resolving power; resonance; resource; respiration; respondent; resting potential; restore; resultant; resurrection; retained earnings; retaining wall; retaliate; retarded; retarding (motion); reticular activating system; retinal detachment; retinal disparity; retinitis pigmentosa; retreat; retrieval, retrieve; retroactive; retrograde motion; retrospective; retrospective study; return, returns (profit); reveal, revelation; revelation; revenue; reverberate; revere, reverent; reversal; reverse pike; reverse Polish notation; review; revival; revive the dead, resurrection of the dead; revoked license; revolution; revolutions per minute; revolutions per second; revue; reward; RH factor; rhenium; rheostat; rheumatism; rhinoceros; rho meson; rho resonance meson; rho, lowercase; rhodium; rhombus; rhyme; rhythm; ribonucleic acid; ribosomes; ribs; Riemann product; Riemann sum; rifle; right angle; right field; right hemisphere; right plate of the capacitor; right side (of an equation); right triangle; right, right angle; righteous, righteousness; right-hand rule; right-justify, -justified; rigid; rimming; rimmonim; ring; ring stand; rings; rink, skating; riot; rise (in any quantity); rise (in camera angle); riser; rising action; risk; risk taking; rite; ritual; roach; roach clip; roast (verb); roast beef; robbery; robot; Roche lobes; Roche surface; rocket; rocket launch; Rococo; roentgen; role taking; roll (the tape); roll a joint; roll down window; roll up window; roller skating; rolling paper; Roman Catholic; romance; ROMANIA; Romanticism; Rome; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano; Roosevelt, Teddy; rooster; root; root mean square; rosary; Rosh Chodesh; Rosh haShannah; rotary; rotate, rotational motion; rotated by an angle; rotation; round ("estimate"); round-off to the nearest tenths; round-down; round-off; round-off to the nearest tenths; round-up; router; routine; routing switcher; row; royal; Ruach haKodesh; rubber scraper; rubella; rubidium; rugby; ruler; run (operate); run down (battery); run down (power); running; running crew; runs batted in; rural; Russia; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Chelyabinsk; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Donets'k; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Kharkiv; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Kiev; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Leningrad; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Lvov; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Moscow; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Nizhily Novgorod (formerly Kubijschev); RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Odessa; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Petropavlosk-Kamchaskiv; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - St. Petersburg; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Tashkent; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Tblissi; RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Yekaterinburg (Gaky); RUSSIAN FEDERATION; rustler; ruthenium; rutherfordium; Sabbath, Shabbat; sac; Sac; sacrament; Sacrament meeting; sacred; Sacred Grove; sacrifice; sacrifice (one's self); sacrilege, sacrilegious; sacristy; sacro-iliac joint; sacrosanct; Sadducees; safe (sex); safe (strong box); safer (sex); safety glasses/goggles; safety goggles; sag; sailor; saint; saints (all Christians); salaam alaikum(u); salary; sale (cheaper than usual); sale (the selling of a product); saliva; salivation, salivate; sallahu alaihi asallam; Salmonella; salt (any of the salt "family"); salt (specifically sodium chloride); salvation; salvation by works; salve; Sam; samarium; SAMOA; sample (noun); sample (verb); sample and hold; sample, select, pick or choose at random; sanctification, sanctify; sanctified; sanctify; sanctuary; sandals; sandek; sane; sanitary napkin; Santa Clause; Sarah, Sarah Imanu; Sarai; sarcoma; Satan; satanic; Satanism; satay; satellite (artificial); satellite (natural); satire; saturated; saturated fat; sauce; SAUDI ARABIA - Riyadh; SAUDI ARABIA; save; saved; savings; Savior; saw; sawtooth wave; say grace; scabies; scalar; scale, architecture (noun); scale, architecture (verb); scale, spring scale; scalene triangle; scan; scandium; scanner; scanning electron microscope; scar (psychological); scarce, scarcity; scene (cultural); schematic(s); schism; schizophrenia, schizophrenic; Schroedinger wave function; Schwarzschild radius; science; science fiction; scientific notation; score (game); score, scored, scoring (scratch); score, scoring (scratch); scorekeeper; scorpion; scotch; SCOTLAND; scout; screen (computer); screen, screening; screw (noun); screw (verb); screwdriver; scribe (scratch small mark); Scribes; script; scripture(s); scroll (with handles); scroll (without handles); scroll down; scroll up; scrotum; scuba diving; sculpture; scuzzy (SCSI); sea moss (CMOS); seaborgium; seal (noun); seal (something shut); seance; search; Sears; Sears Tower; season; seat (rings, v); secant; secede from the Union; sech; second (angle); second (degree); second (time); second a motion; second base; Second Coming; second of arc; secondary; secondary current; secondary impedance; secondhand smoke; sect; section (noun & verb); sector; securities; security; sedative; Seder; sediment; See kyrie; seeds; seeing; sefer (pl. sfarim); sefer Torah; segment; segregate; seize; seizure; select; selective attention; selenium; self-; self-actualization; self-denial, self-sacrifice; self-disclosure; self-esteem; self-leveling; Selichot; semantic, semantics; semantics; semen; semi- (half); semicircle; semiconductor; semi-independent suspension; semi-interquartile range; semiminor axis; seminal vesicles; seminary; semi-permeable; Senate; senile, senility; senior citizen; sensation, sense; sensation, senses, sensory, sensual; sense (by machine), sensor; sense (intuition); sense (reason); sensitive; sensitive (able to detect small signals); sensitive (gauge); sensitivity analysis; sensor; sensorineural (hearing loss); sensory; sensory area; sensory perception; sensory, sensual; sensual (almost sexual); sensual (of the senses); sentence; sentential processing; separable verb; separatory funnel; Sephard, Sephardim; Sephardic; sepia; sequel (SQL); sequential; seraph (pl. seraphim); sergeant; series (circuit); sermon; sero-convert; service (religious); session (group); session (one-on-one); set; set the stage; set-apart; setting; seudat mitzvah; seven and seven; Seventh Day Adventist; Seventies; severe (hearing loss); sex; sex toys; sexual assault; sexual orientation; sexual preference; sexuality; sexually satisfied; Sexually Transmitted Disease(s); Shabbat; Shabbat Shalom!; Shacharit; Shaddai; shade; shadow (light); shadow (interpret); shaid (pl. shaidim); shaidel; Shakespeare, William; shalom; Shalom aleichem!; Shalom Zachar; shammash; shape; share (shares, of stock); share needles; shark; Shavuah Tov!; Shavuot; shear; shearing strain; sheath (sword); Shechinah; sheep; Shelach Manot; shelach tzibbur; shell (electron); shell (general); Sheloshim; shelter; Shema; Shemayim; Shemini Atzeret; shemitah; Shemoneh Esreh; Sheva Brachot; shield; shift; shift key; shifted time lines (general); shifted time lines (shifted back); shifted time lines (shifted forward); Shigella; shivah, sit shivah; Sh'lomo haMelech; shochet u'vodek, shoichet u'vodek; shochet, shoichet; shock absorbers; shock wave; shofar; shomer mitzvot; shomer shabbat; shoot; shoot-up; shop (machine); short circuit; short diameter (ellipse); short run; short stop; shortness of breath; short-term; Shoshone; shot; shot put; shot, drink a; shotglass; show (me) your work; shrimp; shrine; shroud; shrouds; shtebel; shul; Shushan; shut down; shutter (focal plane); shutter (leaf); siddur; side (of an equation); side effect; siemens; sight line; sighted person; sigma baryon; sigma, lowercase; sigma, uppercase; sign (positive or negative?); sign (symbol, as in "square root sign"); sign negotiation; sign of the cross; sign off; sign on; signal (noun); signal (verb); signal-to-noise ratio; signed (positive or negative); significant figures; silicon; sill; silver; simcha; Simchat bat; Simchat Torah; simple (sentence); simplify; simulate, simulation; simulator; simultaneity, simultaneous; sin; sine; sine wave; SINGAPORE - Changi Airport; SINGAPORE - Marina Bay; SINGAPORE - Marina Square; SINGAPORE - MRT (subway station); SINGAPORE - Sentosa (Island south of Singapore); SINGAPORE; single; single pole double throw; single-valued; singular; singularity; sinh; sinless; sinus; sinusoid, sinusoidal wave; Sioux; sisk (CISC); Sister (with her name); Sister (without name); site; size (v, as in "to size the fire pump"); size and shape specifier; skateboarding; skeleton; skepticism; sketch; sketch the graph; skewed; skewed left; skewed right; skewness; skiing; skin; skin diving; skullcap; skunk; sky; skyclad; slab; slag; slam, slam dunk; sledding; sleepy; sleeve (on a part); sleigh; slice; slide (for a projector); slide (the image itself); slide projector; slider; slip of the tongue; slit; slope; slope of a tangent; slot; SLOVENIA; SLOVENIA - Ljubljana; SLOVENIA - Trieste; Smack; small "d" deaf; small intestine; smashed; Smith, Joseph; Smith, Theresa; smoke a cigar; smoke a cigarette; smoke a marijuana pipe; smoke a pipe; smoke grass; snake; sneeze; sniff glue; snort; snort a line; snort from a spoon; snort with a straw; snout; snowmobile; sober (can mean temporarily); sober (committed); soccer; social drinker; Social Security benefits; social work; socialization; socialize; society; Society of Friends; sodium; soft gamma-ray repeater; softball; software; solar atmosphere; solar eclipse; solar wind; solar, sun; solea; solenoid; solenoid valve ; solid; solid line (vs dotted line); solid state; solid state relay; solidify; soliloquy; solitary confinement; Solomon; Solow, Sharon Neumann; soluble; solute; solution; solve; solvent; somatic; somersault; Son of man; soothsayer; Sophism; sorcery (for evil); sorcery (for good); sorcery (if unsure which is meant); sore (adj); sore (feel); sore (growth) on mouth; sore (growth) on penis; sore (growth) on vagina; sore (growth, general); sort; soul; soul freedom; sound; sound wave; source; source code; source language; source voltage; SOUTH AFRICA - Capetown; SOUTH AFRICA - Durban; SOUTH AFRICA - Johannesburg; SOUTH AFRICA - Johannesburg (2); SOUTH AFRICA - Pretoria; SOUTH AFRICA - Verluum; SOUTH AFRICA - Wild Coast; SOUTH AFRICA; SOUTH KOREA; SOUTH KOREA - Seoul; southern hemisphere; sow; space; space shuttle; spacebar; spacecraft, space ship; spaced out; Spades; SPAIN - Barcelona; SPAIN - Catalonia; SPAIN - Leon; SPAIN - Madrid; SPAIN - Madrid (2); SPAIN - Murcia; SPAIN; spare; spare, pick up a; spark; spark plug; spasm; spatial, spatialization; spatula (metal); spatula (rubber); speak in tongues, tongues; speak out; special effects (general); special effects (lighting); special effects (sound); specialist; specialize; specific; specific gravity; specific heat; specifications, specify, specs; specifications, specs, spec; specify; spectator; spectral, spectrum; spectrograph; spectrophotometer; spectroscopic binary system; spectroscopic parallax; spectrum; speech area (brain); speechreading; speed; speed of light; speed wrench; speeding; speedometer; spend; sperm; spermicide; sphere; spherical wave; sphygmomanometer; spicule; spider; Spiderman; spill (pollution); spin (magnetic); spin down, d orbital; spin down, f orbital; spin down, general; spin down, p orbital; spin down, s orbital; spin up, d orbital; spin up, f orbital; spin up, general; spin up, p orbital; spin up, s orbital; spin vane; spinal column; spinal cord; spine, spinal column; spiral; Spirit of God; spirit, spiritual; splendor; splint; split (due to Zeeman effect); split screen; spoil; sponge; spontaneous (human); spontaneous (non-human); spontaneous combustion; spool; spore; sports; sportsmanship; spot weld; spotlight; spouse; sprain; spreadsheet; spring; spring constant; spring scale; sprinkle, sprinkling; Sprint; sprint; sputum; spy; square both sides; square centimeter; square feet; square inch; square meter; square mile; square root; square wave; square yard; square, squared; squash; squeeze bunt; squirrel; SRI LANKA; SSP, Support Service Provider; S-structure; St. Patrick's Day; stabilize; stabilizer; stable, stabilized; stack; stack (cards, v); stack pointer; stadium; stage; stage business; stage craft; stage directions; stage left (command); stage left (location); stage right (command); stage right (location); stage(s); staging; stain (noun); stain (verb); stake; stake president; Stalin; Stalin, Josef; stalk; stall; stand by; stand-alone; standard (transmission); standard deviation of population; standard deviation of sample; standard deviation, general; standard error; standard temperature and pressure; standing wave; Staph, Staphylococcus; star formation; Star of David; starter; starter gun; state (as in "minister of state"); state (of matter); state, status; statement; static (doesn't move); static (noisy signal); station wagon; stationary; Stations of the Cross; statistics; statue; status; statute; steadfast; steal; steal, attempt to; steam wand (cappuccino machine); steel; steering; stellar parallax; stem; step function; step-(child or parent); step-(father or mother); steradian; stereotype; sterile; sterile, sterility (female); sterile, sterility (male); sterilization, sterilize; stethoscope; stigma; stigmata; stigmatize; still life; stimulant; stimulate; stimulate (the body); stimulated; stimulus; sting (insect); sting (police); stir bar; stitch; stock; stockholder; stoichiometric coefficient; stoichiometry; Stokoe, William; stomach; stoned; stop (for a bus or train); stop bath; stop down; stopped up; stopper; stopwatch; storage; store; straight; straight edge; strain; strainer; strange (quark); strawberry; stray (from God's will); stream, streaming; streamline; stress; stretch (the skin to inject); strike (baseball); strike (a stage or set); strike (show how many); strike out; striker; string; strip (threads); strip light; stripped (threads); strobe light; stroke; strong force; strontium; structure; structured query language; stud; studio; style; sub (under); sub, substitute; subculture; subcutaneous; subdeacon; subject; subjective; sublimate, sublimation; submarine; submission, submit (to God's will); submit (to God's will); subordinate, subordinating [conj or clause]; subplot; subroutine; subscript; substance; subtle; subtract; subtracting vectors (no image, see note); subtraction; succession (intestate); such that; sucking wound; suction; sue, suit; suffix; suicide; suicide ideation; sukkah; Sukkot; sulfur; sum of squares; sum or total (noun); sum or total horizontally (verb); sum or total vertically (verb); summer solstice; sun; sunburn; Sunday School; sunspot; sunstroke; super; super giant; supercession; super-cluster; superficial; supergranule; superimpose, superimposition; superior; superior to inferior; Superman; supernova; supernova remnant; superposition; superposition principle; supersaturated; superscript; superstition; Suppala, Sam; Suppala, Ted; supplicate, supplication; supplies; supply (noun), supplies; supply (v); supply and demand; suppository; suppression of evidence; suprasegmental; supreme; surf (the Net); surface; surface tension; surge; surplus; Surrealism; surrender; surrender (your life to Christ); Surrogate Court; survey (noun); survey (verb); susceptible; susceptible (to a disease); sushi; suspension; sustained (objection); suture; Sverdlov, Yakov; Swahili; swear, swear in; SWEDEN; SWEDEN - Stockholm; swelling, swollen; swindle; swing (camera angle); switch (noun); SWITZERLAND - Basel; SWITZERLAND - Bern; SWITZERLAND - Geneva; SWITZERLAND - Lausanne; SWITZERLAND - Lucerne; SWITZERLAND - Sankt Gallen; SWITZERLAND - Solothurn; SWITZERLAND - Winterthur; SWITZERLAND - Zurich; SWITZERLAND; syllable; symbol; symmetric, symmetry; sympathetic nervous system; sympathetic vibration; symptom; synagogue; synapse; synchronous; synchrotron radiation; syncretistic religion; synod; synonym, synonymous; syntax; synthesize; synthetic; syphilis; SYRIA; syrup; systemic; tab; tab over; Tabernacle; Tabernacles; table (graphic); table tennis; Tablets (of the Ten Commandments); taboo; t-account; tachrichin; tack weld; taco; Taco Bell; tactile fingerspelling; tactile, tactual; Tadoma Method; tag; tahara; TAHITI; Tahnach; tahor; tail to head (adding vectors); taillights; tainit, tzom; TAIWAN; TAIWAN - Fengyuan; TAIWAN - Kaohsiung; TAIWAN - Taichung; TAIWAN - Tainan; TAIWAN - Taipei; take ("one"); take (noun); take (verb); take a shot; take advantage of; take blood; take inventory; take LSD; take off; take pill; take the stage; take up (space); take! (command); takeoff; talent (actor); talk to oneself; tallis, talit (ketanah); tallis, tallit (gedolah); Talmud; talmud torah; tamai, tumah; tampon; tangent; tangent to (a line or surface); tangential (component) ; tangible asset; tanh; tantalum; tantrum; tape (for joining materials); tape (measuring); tape recorder; taper; target; target language; Tashlich; tatoo; tau fermion; tau neutrino; tau, lowercase; tau, lowercase; TB; teacher; team; teammate; teamwork; techiat hametim; technetium; technical foul; teetotaler; tefillah; tefillin; Tefutsot (Jews outside of Israel); Tefutsot (the dispersion); Tehillim, Tehilla, Tehillot; Tel-Aviv; telecommunication; telegraph; telepathy; telephoto lens; teleprompter; telescope; tellurium; temperature coefficient; template; temple; tempo; temporal lobe; temporary restraining order; tempt (other person); tempted (by other person), temptation; Ten Commandments; Ten Days of Awe; tenayim; tennis; tense, tension; tensile; tension; tepee; tera-; terabyte; terahertz; terbium; term (equation); terminal; terminal (end point); territorial behavior; terrorism; tertiary; teshuvah; tesla; test; test tube; test tube clamp/holder; test tube with side arm; testament; testator; testicles, testes, testis; testicular self-exam; testify; testify, testimony; testimonial; tetanus; tevilah; tevillat kelim, toivel; Texas Instruments; text; textual processing; texture; thai stick; THAILAND; THAILAND - Bangkok; THAILAND - Chain Gana; thalamus; thallium; thankful, thanksgiving; The (U.S.) Treasury; the Anointed One; the Comforter; the empty string; the Exodus; The Great Schism; the mass (of something); The patch; The Pentagon; the point P (x, y); The Serpent; the Tablets (of the Ten Commandments); the Ten Commandments; the Transfiguration; the Word (of God); the World to Come; Thee; theft; theme; theodolite; theology; theology of displacement; Theophany of our Lord; theorem, theory; Theotokos; therapy; there exists; therefore; thermal; thermodynamics; thermometer; thermostat; theta, upper or lowercase; theta-role; Thevenin's Theorem; thevenize; thiamine; thick (in dimension); thick (like molasses); Thine; third base; thorax; thorium; Thou; thousandths; thread (on a screw); three bones (in middle ear); three-dimensional; three-quarter profile; threshold; throat; throat culture; throb; thrombosis; throne; Throne of Glory; throughput; throw to tag the batter; thrush; thulium; thunderbolt; thunderstorm; Thy; TIBET; tic; tickle; tie; tiger; tight; tighten; tilda; tilt (camera angle); Timber Fest; timbre; time (instant, moment); time (-period); time (v); time constant; time dilation; time elapsed; time exposure; time out; time, change in; timing; tin; tip in; tipsy; tires; tires classifier; Tisha b'Av; tissue; titanium; tithe; titrate; tobacco; toboggan; toes pointing; toggle; TOGO; toivel, tevilat kelim; toke; tolerance; tongue; tongue blade (depressor); tonsillectomy, tonsillitis; tonsils; tool bar; tools; top (quark); top-down; topic; topic; Torah; tornado; torque (noun); torque (verb); torsion; torso; tortoise; torture; torus; toss a coin; total (horizontally); total (noun); total (vertically); total capacitance; total immersion; total impedance; total inductance; touch base; tournament; toxic, toxin; trace (the cause); trace (the shape of an object); tracheotomy; track; track and field; track and hold; trackball; tracking; tragedy; traif; trail; trailing; tranny, trans; tranquilizer; Trans, trangendered; transaction; transcendence; transcribe, transcription; transfer (forced by outside); transfer (under it's own power); transfer function; transform; transform (Fourier); transformer; transfusion; transgendered, transsexual; transgression; transient; transistor; transistor-transistor logic; transition (between energy levels); transition (to a higher energy level); transition (to a lower energy level); transitive verb; translate, translation; translation; translucent; transmigration of the soul; transmission, transmit; transmit (disease); transparency; transparent; transpiration; transportation; transsexual, tranny; transubstantiation; transverse wave; transvestite; trapezoid (trapezium); trauma; traveling wave tube (transmitter); tread; treason; treasurer; treasury bill; treat, treatment; tremor; trespass; trial; trial (experiment); trial balance; triangle; triangular wave; Tribulation; trichomonas; trigonometry; trigycleride (classifier); trimester; Trinity; trinomial; trip (acid); triple; triple beam balance; triplet; triplet(s); tripod; trolley; troubleshoot; trough; truck; true error; true relative error; truncate (intentionally); truncate (unintentionally); truncated; trustee; try out; t-score; t'shuvah; tsunami; tubal ligation; tuberculosis; tuck; tuner; tungsten; tungsten inert gas welding; tunnel vision; turbulence; turkey; TURKEY; turn; turn car key (without starting motor); turn off; turn on; turnaround; turns in an inductor; tutorial; twinkle (of stars); twisted nematic; twisting dive; two-dimensional; two-one-two; two-three; tzaddaikit; tzaddik; tzedakah; Tzeduki, Tzedukiyim; tzitzit (the beged or garment); tzitzit (the fringes); tzom; Ujima; Ujumaa; ulcer, ulceration (digestive tract); ulcer, ulceration (mouth); ulcer, ulceration (penis); ulcer, ulceration (vagina); ultrasound; ultraviolet; ultraviolet alpha; ultraviolet beta; umbilical cord; umbilicus; umbra; Umoja; umpire; un- (not); unadjusted; unbeliever; uncap (a lens); Uncertainty Principle; unclean; unconditioned; unconscious (fainted); unconscious (Freud); unconstitutional; undamped; undefined; Underwriters Laboratories; uniform (clothes); uniform (over space); uniform (over time); uniform circular motion; uniform motion; union; union steward; unique; unistream, unistreaming (neutral or pejorative); unit; Unitarian; Unitarian Universalist; UNITED STATES - Atlanta; UNITED STATES - Baltimore; UNITED STATES - Boston; UNITED STATES - Chicago; UNITED STATES - Detroit; UNITED STATES - Houston; UNITED STATES - Los Angeles; UNITED STATES - New Orleans; UNITED STATES - New York (City); UNITED STATES - Philadelphia; UNITED STATES - Phoenix; UNITED STATES - Pittsburgh; UNITED STATES - Rochester; UNITED STATES - Seattle; UNITED STATES - Washington; UNITED STATES; United Way; universal; universal grammar; universal product code; Universalist; universe; unknown (chemical); unknown (value); Unleavened Bread; unlike charges attract; unmarked; unmotivated; unnilennium; unnilhexium; unniloctium; unnilpentium; unnilquadium; unnilseptium; unpack; unpacked; unsaturated fat; unveiling; up (quark); up arrow; up stage (command); up stage (location); up weld; update; updated; upflow; upgrade; upload; uppercase (general); uppercase (specific letter); uppers; uptime; upward compatible; uracyl; uranium; urban; ureter; urethra; urinalysis; urinary bladder; urinate, urination; urine; urology; URUGUAY; use drugs; use LSD; Usher syndrome; uterus; utilitarianism; utility; utterance; vaccinate; vaccination; vacuole; vacuum (gauge); vagina; vaginal culture; vaginal itching; valence; valid; validation; validity; valium; Valli, Clayton; value; value added; valve; van Gogh, Vincent; vanadium; vanilla; vanishing point; vanity (of spirit); vanity, everything is; var; variable (adj); variable (noun); variance (of population); variance (of sample); vas deferens; vasectomy; Vashti; veal; vector; vector, the ~ A; vector, the A ~; vehicle; velectrode; velocity; velocity versus time; velocity, change in; venereal disease; venereal wart; VENEZUELA; venison; vent (noun); vent (verb); ventilation; verb; verb phrase; verdict; verification; verifier; verify; vernal equinox; vernal equinox; vernier calipers; verse; versus; vertebra, vertebral column; vertebral column; vertex; vertical; vertical component; vertical split screen; vertical wipe; Vespers; vestments; vestry; veterinarian; Via Crucis; Via Dolorosa; vibrate, vibration; vibrate, vibration (atomic, gas); vibrate, vibration (atomic, liquid); vibrate, vibration (atomic, solid); vibrate, vibration (horizontal); vibrate, vibration (vertical); vibrator; Vibunzi; vice-president; victim; Victoria, Queen; Victorian period; video (verb); video camera; video casette recorder, vcr; video games; video relay interpreting; video, videotape (verb); videotape (noun); videotape recorder, vtr; vidui; VIETNAM - Hanoi; VIETNAM - Saigon; VIETNAM; view; view camera; viewpoint; vinegar; violence; virgin; Virgin Birth; Virgin Mary; virtual; virtual reality; virus; viscosity, viscous ; visibility; visible; vision; vision loss; vision quest; visual area (brain); visual binary system; visual perception; visualization, visualize; vital signs; vitamin; vocational; vocational rehabilitation; vodka; void; voir dire; volatile; volcano; Volkswagen, VW; volleyball; volt ampere; volt, voltage; voltage gain; voltage regulator; voltimeter, voltmeter; volt-ohmmeter; volume; volumetric density; volumetric expansion; volumetric flask; voluntary; voucher; vow; voyeur, voyeurism; vulnerable; vulnerable (to a disease); vulva; vulva, inner lips; vulva, outer lips; W boson; Wack; wages; waka (canoe); WALES; walk; walk through; walrus; wane (moon); wanna smoke grass?; ward; wardrobe; warlock; warm up; warning; warp (general); warp (wood); warranty; wart; wash; Washington, George; watch glass; Watchtower; water; water broke; water pipe; water sports; watermelon; watt; watt hour; watt per steradian; watt per steradian square meter; wave; wave compression, condensation; wave displacement function; wave rarefaction; waveform; wavelength; wavelength of maximum intensity; wax (moon); way ahead; Way of the Cross; weak force; wean; wear (out); weave; weave bead; weber; wedding; weed; weigh; weight density; weight loss; weight training; welding rod (arc welding); welding rod (general); Welfare; well; whale; whale, blowhole; wharenui (meeting house); wheelchair; wheels; whisky; White; white dwarf; Whitsunday; whole numbers; whore; Wicca; Wichita; wicked; wide angle; wide area network; wide shot; width; wife swapping; wild pitch; wilderness; will (to do something, God's); window period; windshield; wine; winning; winter solstice; wipe; wire; wire gauze; wire wound; wire wrap; wishbone; witch; witchcraft; withdrawal, withdraw(n); witness; wizard; wolf; womb; word processing; word wrap; work; work function (of a metal); work lights; work station; workaholic; working capital; works (salvation by); World Federation of the Deaf; World Trade Center; Worldwide Church of God; worm; worship; worshipful; worthy; wreath; wreath (2); wrench; wrestle, wrestling; wrist pin; wyndtell; x-axis (2D); x-axis (3D); x-coordinate; xenon; Xerox; xi baryon; xi, lowercase; x-intercept (2D); x-intercept (3D); x-ray; x-ray burster; Yaakov Avinu; yad; Yahrzeit; Yankee (Southern pejorative); yard; yarmulke; y-axis (2D); y-axis (3D); y-coordinate; Yehadut; Yehoshua; YEMEN; Yerushalayim haB'nuah; yeshiva; yeshiva bochur; Yiddish; Yiddishkeit; yield (results); yield (to temptation); y-intercept (2-D); y-intercept (3-D); yirah; yirat chet, yirat shemayim; Yitzchak Avinu; Yizkor; yocto-; Yom haShoah; Yom Kippur, Yom haKippurim; yotta-; yotta- (10 to the 24th power); Young, Brigham; Yovel; ytterbium; yttrium; yttrium aluminum garnet (laser); yttrium iron garnet (laser); YUGOSLAVIA; ZAMBIA; Zawadi; z-axis; zazen; z-coordinate; zeal, zealous; Zealot; zebra; zechut; zepto-; zero (a gauge or meter, verb); zero defects; zeta, lowercase; zetta-; ZIMBABWE; zinc; z-intercept; Zion; zip (disk, drive); zirconium; zone; zone leader; zoning; zoom-in; zoom-out; z-score; zygote; Z-zero boson;