Malo! Malo! Thanks be to God (From Misa del Mundo - Jesse Manibusan)

Translated into ASL by David Bar-Tzur

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(to understand how I describe the signs in this translation).

Refrain: ||: M-A-L-O M-A-L-O. THANK GOD. :||
||: O-B-R-I-G-A-D-O. ALLELUIA! :||
||: G-R-A-C-I-A-S. K-A-M S-A-H-A-M N-I-D-A. :||
||: M-A-L-O M-A-L-O. THANK+ GOD. :||
(last time repeat last line two more times)

1. ||: S-I Y-U-U-S. :||
||: M-A-A-S-E. :||
||: T-E-R-I-M-A. :||
||: K-A-S-I-H. :||
||: M-A-R-A-M-I-N-G. :||
||: S-A-L-A-M-A-T. :||
||: D-A-N-K-E S-C-H-O-E-N. :||
||: D-Z-I-E-K-U-J-E. :|| Refrain

2. ||: M-E-S-I. :||
||: B-O-K-O-U. :||
||: S-H-I-Y-E. :||
||: A-R-I-G-A-T-O. :||
||: G-R-A-Z-I-E. :||
||: C-A-M O-N. :||
||: WE THANK+ LORD. :|| Refrain

Notes: This song can be used at Pentecost to emphasize the holiday's polylingual nature. During the refrain, the cantor intones a line and then the congregation repeats it. In the verses, the longer thank you's (such as "maraming salamat") are broken down into two parts and repeated part by part.

The signs between "||:" and ":||" are to be repeated. Sign them facing to one side when the cantor signs it the first time and turn and face the other way when the choir and congregation repeat it as a response.

ALLELUIA! - CLAP-HANDS~CELEBRATE + open hands into (2h)[5] while lifting.!

Refrain: ||: Malo! Malo! Thanks be to God! :||
||: Obrigado! Alleluia! :||
||: !Gracias! Kam saham nida! [Korean] :||
||: Malo! Malo! Thanks be to God! :||
(last time repeat last line two more times)

1. (Cantor intones each phrase; all repeat.)
Si Yu'us maa'se! Terima kasih!
Maraming salamat! Danke schön!
We thank you, Lord!

2. Mési bokou! Xie Xie
Arigato! Grazie!
Cám on! We thank you, Lord!

treble clef as a symbol for musicTo hear the music (without words), go to MIDI music: M and click on "Malo! Malo! Thanks be to God."