Jesus, heal us - David Haas

Translated into ASL by David Bar-Tzur

Created 14 February 2006, links updated monthly with the help of LinkAlarm.

(to understand how I describe the signs in this translation).


1. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-lf BOW-DOWN THE-lf,hi LORD: WAIT FOR HIM-lf,hi HAVE-MERCY-ON-lf. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-rt LOVE THE-lf,hi LORD: COME-ON, HE-lf,hi CAUSE YOU-rt BE-FILLED. Refrain

2. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-lf BOW-DOWN THE-lf,hi LORD: FOLLOW HIS-lf,hi WAY++. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-rt LOVE THE-lf,hi LORD: LOOK-FORWARD HIS-lf,hi GOOD THINGS. Refrain

3. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-lf BOW-DOWN THE-lf,hi LORD: MAKE SURE YOUR HEART READY. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-rt LOVE THE-lf,hi LORD: APPROACH HIM-lf,hi, BECOME HUMBLE. Refrain

4. (2h)#[email protected] THEY-lf TRUST THE-lf,hi LORD, HE-lf,hi SUPPORT THEM-lf WILL. WE DEPEND-lf,hi HIM-lf,hi MUST. IDEA~LIKE LORD BECOME OUR SWEETHEART. Refrain

Notes: (2h)#[email protected] (or @rt) - Shift body so that chest is pointed at 45 º > lf (or rt), and (2h)[A], POs ><, FOs up, are held at shoulder height and move away while opening to (2h)[L].

THEY-lf - Underlined words are honorific indices ("indexes"), using the FT of the upturned palm to indicate who is being honored.

BOW-DOWN - (2h)[B], POs away, FOs up, are held like the final position of GIVE-UP, then bend these arms twice while bowing at waist once.

HAVE-MERCY-ON - (2h)[open 8], POs > people who are receiving mercy, hands move in vertical circles normal (perpendicular) to the chest.

COME-ON - (2h)[B^] move in circles pivoting at the wrists to beckon someone to do something.

CAUSE - (2h)[S] are held at the chest as if holding a rope and move forward while opening to (2h)[5]. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - cause.

BE-FILLED - [B], PO down, FO > NDS, is held close to body, starts rising from below waist and strikes chin in its rising.

APPROACH - (2h)[B], FOs up, DH PO away, ND is held in front of NDH and palm faces it, then both hands approach one another slightly.

IDEA~LIKE - a blending where IDEA has a [Y] instead of an [I] in anticipation of LIKE which is signed smoothly right afterwards.

SWEETHEART - (2h)[A dot], press knuckles together over heart and wg thumbs.


Refrain: Jesus, heal us. Jesus, heal us now.

1. All who fear the Lord: Wait for his mercy. All who love the Lord, come, he will fill you.

2. All who fear the Lord: Follow his ways. All who love the Lord, hope in his goodness.

3. All who fear the Lord: Keep your hearts prepared. All who love the Lord, be humbled in his presence.

4. All who trust the Lord: He will uphold you. Let us cling to him; let us fall in the arms of the Lord!