One man clutching at the chest of another

Why must we ever be?

David Bar-Tzur

Why must we ever be
seen, moticed, scanned, gazed at, watched, observed, noted, inspected,
surveyed, examined, scrutinized, contemplated, stared at, ogled, pored
over, gaped at, gawked at, leered at, and cruised?

Why must we ever be
tracked, shadowed, followed, pursued, chased after, sought after, hunted,
tailed, trailed, approached, attended, accompanied, escorted, consorted with, and hovered over?

Why must we ever be
teased, toyed with, titillated, tantalized, nudged, brushed, glanced,
grazed, touched, tickled, patted, felt, rubbed, licked, kissed, and pawed?

Why must we ever be
handled, stroked, hugged, embraced, caressed, enfolded, kneaded, massaged,
wielded, manipulated, probed, pressed upon, clung to, fingered, grouped,
frenched, rimmed, sucked, and fucked?

Why must we ever be
clasped, throttled, converged upon, surrounded, imprisoned, encircled,
enclosed, enveloped, engulfed, besieged, swamped, swallowed up, submerged,
stifled, suffocated, drowned, silenced, dead, and buried?

At last, free!

Just me!


1. Image: "Chad & Efrain embrace," 1994, Luna Luis Ortiz.