Two men speaking on the bus

Tri-Met cruising1

David Bar-Tzur

Thirsting eyes bounce off men's bodies
like a driven bull must knock against the herd
if he doesn't steer clear.
Muscles propel him away with terror
and delight
as this Tri-Met cruiser window shops,
speeding through the Transit Mall.
Each stall
houses men with different destinations.
Never his.
Even when the man-of-the-moment boards,
he never rooms.
And if both views present a hunk,
its equidistant haystacks for this ass
to choose from.
To chew upon.
this masturbator
will ruminate upon his fodder fixation.
But for now, just swallow
those balls
of grass.


Image: Tmplt- body, foot.This is a general image,
and nothing is implied about the people's sexual orientation.