A statue of Diana, Goddess of beauty

Old Wives' Tales1

David Bar-Tzur

My dreams sculpt you often, Lesbian sister,
hoping to capture you in Attic splendor.
You have served me well;
let me leave you with this small tribute.
For it is easier to love you
than befriend this week's manifestation of the Form of the Male.
Your breast remind me of your double burden:

But I know you as doubly-strengthened.
I cover my face in shame as hoi polloiimpose on you,
but veil my head in awe when at your shrine alone.
For you are divine, Aphrodite!
You have pattiently let me adore you,
as I paused at your temple,
until I learned that I must love you differently
than the common worshipper,
and more wisely.
Yet I still need you, for I am flat where you are full.
I am long, but you are deep.

Speak to me from out of your depths,
Delphi oracle!


  1. Old Wives' Tales is a restaurant and Women's Center in Portland, Oregon, where I once worked as a baker. The image is taken from http://www.kaccents.com/for_home/Garden/Romans/15664.htm (Garden Catalogs >>> Greek & Roman Statues >>> 15664), which is no longer extant.