Father nose to nose with his baby

The kiss of souls

David Bar-Tzur

I hug my son to feel again
the kiss of souls that first began
with that erotic kiss that brought him in to being.

Was that love of Wife?
A love of Woman? A love of Life?
Or was it just a lie because I found I needed Manlove?

When this boy that I hold so dear
comes to hold another near
will it be Man or Woman he embraces in his passion?

Is gay love condemned to be
bereft of continuity,
since even the most potent gay might just as well be sterile?

With insemination will
come the inevitable chill
the child can feel in lacking love from both its bioparents.

For fag or dyke, the surrogate
will sire or carry the child, but
the genes of both the loving parents won't be in the offspring.

But what of that? Is love unblessed
because it does not make more flesh
to stock a world that know no lack of little ones left wanting?

For same-sexed couples with love to spare
for children, let us learn to share
the love we have to give with more than just one partner.

Our vows of gay monogamy
should never be construed to free
us from our task of nurturing every sister, every brother.

We all need loving; all need care.
Let each find a lesson there,
then straight and gay and barren too can share in being parents.


1. Image: Japan Genomics.