Writer staring at his typewriter with view of bathroom in the background

I'm feeling verse1

David Bar-Tzur

Nine months have passed since my last poem:

I think I am past due.

I've read my favorite poets' tomes

and quickly come unglued.

By my age they had many a child

Of whom they could be proud.

My labor pains will drive me wild

If this thing don't come out.

Get water boiled: I need some tea

To give me inspiration.

And prunes! The greats have given me

Literary constipation.

Lamaze, Leboyer, each assist

And teach me how to breathe.

Now get Doc Rilke and I wist

I'll earn my laurel wreath.

Not forceps, nurse. Get pen and pad

To catch the drops of rhyme.

And learn from the lesson that I've had:

Don't whine before your time!


  1. Image: http://sammyrick.typepad.com/milehighmusings/2004/07/writers_block.html [Live is for living: Writer's block] which is no longer extant.