Register overhead

David Bar-Tzur

Formal: Please come into the examining room, Mr. Smith. If you will step up onto the scale, I would like to get your weight.

Consultative: Come into the room here, Mr. Smith. How much do you weigh?. . . O.K. Please step on the scales and I'll check that. Oh, I see here that you are 5 pounds heavier. Maybe your scales at home are light.

Casual: So, John, come in and we'll see how much you're weighing today. Boy I bet those kids of yours have grown a lot. . . . Yeah, there just at that age. . . . OK. You're 162 pounds on the nose.

Intimate: John, we're lookin' like you put on weight. Let's check you out. Now, don't be shy. Step up there. Yep. I'm right; up 12. Margaret's not gunna be very happy with you. You'll have to tell her to quit making that sorbet you like so well. You let her pamper you too much.