Humor and stories for interpreters: The incredible lightness of being... a VRS interpreter

David Bar-Tzur

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Screen shot of a relay interpreter with headset saying 'I know you!'

(The image above is a screen shot from HOVRS commercial - "I know you!".)

Stained glass bulletCollegeIdiots Production. (13 June 2006). Cottage Cheese.signing hands About a guy who found something wrong "down there" and he went to call doctor by using VRS. Made at Gallaudet University.

golden marble bulletHOVRS commercial.

golden marble bulletmindytheron. (2007, September 27). Cool VRS ASL. mocking vrs...mocking interpreters...laugh it off...all is bs..

golden marble bulletOlsonterp. FUN WITH RELAY. Olson Brothers telling funny ASL stories about having Fun with the Relay Service.

golden marble bulletPinkyJuggler. Pinky Tells the Real Story Videophone & Video Relay Services DVD DVD153. Here is a sample.

Stained glass bulletWann, K. (29 January 2006). Watching Two Worlds Collide - You smell like farts.signing handsA story about relay operators and the mischief involved.

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