Humor and stories for interpreters: Codas

David Bar-Tzur

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outline of parents signing to children

(The image above is from Children of Deaf Adults, International.)

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Illuminated letter Brother Harold

"Brother Harold was a deaf man."
Said the preacher with a tear,
"But today he's up in heaven,
And today he can hear.

"Brother Harold could not speak,
So he talked with his hands,
But today he speaks with God,
And at last, God understands.

"Brother Harold was a sinner,
Like the rest of us," he screamed.
"But no longer is he silent,
For his sins have been redeemed."

And the people in the chapel
Who prayed for his soul
Rejoiced at the conviction
That Harold was now whole.

But as I sat among the mourners
And recalled the Dad I knew,
I asked myself this question:
"Is this message really true?

"Are deaf folks simply hearing folks
Whose ears do not perform?
Are women just like men
Except for function and for form?

"Are black folks just like white folks
But for the color of their skin?
Are all of us the same
If we but look deep within?

"Or is each of us unique
In what we are and what we give?
Aren't our differences our strengths?"
Let me share what I believe.

I believe if there's a heaven
It's a place not so very far
Where our differences are valued
And we're accepted as we are.

And I believe if there's a God,
He or She understands,
For He listens with his heart,
And He talks with his hands.

Illuminated letter Learning from the master

Gather 'round, sweet butterflies.
Let your wings take peaceful rest.
Gather 'round, watch the master
Warm the air with her caress.

Illuminated letter Hands-on experience

After I had lunch in liquid form one day [during the LA CODA Conference], there was a call for a woman who is "good with her hands" to judge the men's hairiest chest contest. Well, being a fan of furry guys, I volunteered right away and yes, I admit I claimed my interpreting expertise as a qualification for being judge. I judged well, too. I even got a cheap-gold-ship-on-a-stick trophy to prove it! Can't wait to see the video from the hairy man contest. (I was blindfolded the whole time.)

Does this mean I have to turn in my certification or does this make me a candidate for a specialist certificate?

Illuminated letter If a hearing kid is a tax write-off for a deaf parent, is s/he a Coda-dependent?

Illuminated letter Q:If children of Deaf adults are called Codas, what are non-Codas called?

A: Hoohas (Hearing Offspring Of Hearing Adults) or Nerdas (Not Even Related to Deaf Adults).

Illuminated letter If a HOOHA is a Hearing Offspring Of Hearing Adults, is a Deaf Offspring Of Deaf Adults a DOODA?

Illuminated letter How about PAGODA? Parents and Grandparents of Deaf Adults?

Illuminated letter There is a group called Codependents Anonymous aka CODA. I wonder if they have a SIG for interpreters? Smile!!!

Illuminated letter One little joke that my kids would play on me and it happened twice. I would be sitting in my beloved chair, reading the newspaper. The kids would be near by, playing with their toys. They would watch me and slowly lower their voice. Assuming that my batteries may be getting weaker, I would turn up the volume. The kids kept lowering their voices and I kept turning it up. After about 5 minutes the kids would raise their voices and say, "HI YA, DAD!!!" Talk about jumping to the ceiling like a fraidy cat!! First, I thought I was hanging upside down from the ceiling then I check my pant to see if I wet them. I manage to catch my breath and check my heart to see if it was still there. The kids got away with it but I did let them know that I did not like that.

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