Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Uruguay (Uruguay)

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map of Uruguay

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Deafblind Deaf culture Deaf education & youth Lengua de Señas Uruguaya (Uruguayan Sign Language)


Deaf culture

El portal [uruguayo] de los sordos.

World Deaf directory - Uruguay.

YouTube - diegotuch's Videos.

Deaf education & youth

McClain Lockwood, E. (2001). Uruguayan deaf education and its effects on the Deaf community. A downloadable MSWord document.

Lengua de Señas Uruguaya (Uruguayan Sign Language)

Behares, Luis E. / Massone, Maria Ignacia: The sociolinguistics of Uruguayan and Argentinian deaf communities as a language conflict situation. In: International journal of the sociology of language 117 (1996) - pp. 99-114

International bibliography of sign language - Uruguayan Sign Language.

Massone, Maria Ignacia: Reseña del libro "Lengua de Señas Uruguaya. Su Componente Léxico Básico", de Behares, L.E:, Monteghirfo, N., y Davis, D., 1988. [Review of the book "Uruguayan Sign Language. Lexical basic component]. In: Fonoaudiologica 37: 1 (1989) - pp. 41-48

Uruguayan Sign Language: A language of Uruguay.