Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Tunisia (تونس)

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التونسي مترجمي لغة الاشارة (Tunisian Sign Language) التونسي مترجمي لغة الاشارة (Tunisian Sign Language) dictionaries

Deaf and social services

Infosigne. (2005, 30 Avril). 9e congrés de l'Union arabe des organismes d'aide aux sourds. Pour un rôle plus important aux composantes des catégories à besoins spécifiques de la société civile dans l'intégration.

Deaf culture

Geraci, J. The deaf-mute boy - equal parts travel story, love story, and a resonant confrontation with the Muslim world—is the tale of a gay American professor immersed in a North African society. Maurice Burke, an archaeologist, is invited to speak at a conference in the bustling port town of Sousse, Tunisia. At first disillusioned by its rampant tourism and squalid commercialism, Maurice becomes intrigued by his surroundings after meeting a local deaf-mute boy. While exploring a vibrant souk, Maurice encounters a religious leader who guides him on a fateful introduction to the boy's family. As Maurice's involvement with the deaf-mute boy intensifies, he finds himself drawn into a maze of Tunisian politics, culture, and religion.

World Deaf directory - Tunisia.

Deaf education & youth

Fayala, H. Reeducation of deaf-mutes in Tunisia. [Article in French]

Lupomesky, R. Czech Republic. Has photos and a brief description of the deaf school in Nabuel.

فئة الصم تدعو الى ادراج لغة الاشارات ضمن المناهج التعليمية. تونس 27 ديسمبر2007 (وات) دعا المشاركون في الندوة الوطنية حول "البيداغوجيا الرقمية بلغة الاشارات لفائدة الصم" المنتهية اعمالها يوم الخميس بالعاصمة الى ادراج لغة الاشارات ضمن المناهج التعليمية مثل بقية اللغات بما يضمن تخفيض الامية الشائعة بين افراد هذه الفئة والتي ترتفع الى 90 بالمائة من الصم والبكم.

Deaf history and current events

Miles, M. (2005). Deaf people living and communication in African histories, c. 960s - 1960s. There is strong documentary evidence that deaf or hearing impaired men and women, girls and boys, did occupy social space and took roles across the full spectrum of life throughout Africa in earlier centuries, living lives like everyone else and also having some different experiences. Traces and signs of deaf people appear in many sorts of historical document, such as travellers' accounts, legal and genealogical records, government, institutional and missionary archives, linguistic studies, literature, folklore, religious narrative, mime, dance and drama. Many of their experiences have involved severe economic poverty and adversity, stigmatising attitudes and exclusionary practices; yet this has not been the norm everywhere in Africa, and many deaf people have shown great resilience, perseverance, humour and ingenuity in their dealings and communications with the non-deaf world.

VISUF : la cité des sourds et malentendants. (Scroll down to) "L'art de donner une voix au mutisme." En fixant ses attaches à Douz, l'Association tunisienne d'aide aux sourds (Atas) s'est attaquée à une rude tâche: intégrer des malentendants dans une région hostile à tout ce qui relève de la non-conformité aux normes et aux codes habituels de conduite, institués depuis de longues années et servant à régir les échanges sociaux dans cette zone aride et reculée du pays.


Association Voix du Sourd de Tunisie. Contact info only. Scroll down to the country name.

التونسي مترجمي لغة الاشارة (Tunisian Sign Language)

Tunisian Sign Language: A language of Tunisia.

التونسي مترجمي لغة الاشارة (Tunisian Sign Language) dictionaries

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Tunisia.