Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Tibet (Pö)

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Deaf culture

World Around You. (1998, January/February). Life looks Up for Deaf people at the top of the world. Irene Taylor, a hearing American daughter of deaf parents who likes to backpack and hike, traveled around the world to take pictures of deaf people. Irene went to Nepal, a small country near India and China. Here is some of what she found.

Deaf education & youth

China Education and Research Network. Tibet's first deaf-mute school celebrates first birthday.

Tibet's first deaf-mute school opens.

Deaf painting and sculpture

Chopak, T. ArtGallery. Some of Tibetan Surrealist painter, Tenzin Chopak's paintings.

DeafTODAY. (2004, October 26). Portrait of an artist as a young Tibetan. This is the story of a young Tibetan artist, Tenzin Chopak. A recent viewing of some of his paintings make me feel that we have somebody here with strong potentials. Best of all, he is just in his early twenties. This month I thought I would talk about him and his paintings.

Tibetan Sign Language

Handicap International. Nos activités. Scroll down to "Unifier les personnes atteintes de troubles de l'audition en une seule organisation." Le projet, fondé en septembre 2001 en collaboration avec la Fédération tibétaine des personnes en situation de handicap, a pour but de soutenir la création d'une association tibétaine des personnes atteintes de surdité afin de progresser dans le développement et la promotion de la langue des signes tibétaine, d'offrir aux personnes sourdes de meilleures chances de trouver du travail et de leur donner l'occasion d'organiser des événements de sensibilisation sur la surdité et sur les déficiences auditives.

UPI. (2004, May 19). Sign Language developed for Tibetan Deaf. China announced Wednesday it has developed a sign language for the deaf and mute in Tibet -- a country it occupied more than 50 years ago. Officials said it is the first sign language system for a minority in China, which has 55 ethnic groups whose combined population account for about six percent of the national total, the official Xinhua news ...