Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Somalia (Somaliya)

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Deaf school.

Somali Deaf Union / Midawga Dhagoolada Soomaliyeed. Somali Deaf Union [SODU]is an umbrella that unites Deaf people in Somalia. It was established by a group of Somali Deaf after assessing the sad conditions of the hearing impaired which include, but not limited to: discrimination, ignorance and lack of education, unemployment and other social problems. / Midawga Dhagoolada Soomaliyeed waa dallad ay ku midoobaan dhamaan dhagoolada Soomaaliyeed unkida Midawga Dhagoolada Soomaliyeed waxaa iska kaashaday koox Dhagoolayaal ah oo ku sugan gudaha dalka kadib markii ay darseen xaalada aqoon daro kalsooni daro iyo go'doon ee haysato dhagoolada.

Woodford, D. E. The beginning and growth of a new language - Somali Sign Language.