Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Rwanda (Rwanda)

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map of Rwanda

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IDCS. (2004, July 6). Links between Uganda National Association of the Deaf and the Rwanda National Association of the Deaf.

Mutabazi, P. (Fall 1998). Focus on deaf people in Rwanda. At the invitation of the deeply troubled Rwanda National Association of the Deaf (RNAD) Executive Committee, we arranged an informal one week workshop to address the multitude of problems plaqueing RNAD in particular and Rwanda Deaf Community in general. By far beyond our expectation, the mission became a rewarding success that strengthened and nurtured a lasting spirit of cooperation between the deaf people of Uganda and Rwanda.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Rwanda National Association of the Deaf (RNAD). Contact info only. Click on "N-R" and scroll down to the country name.