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Deaf and social services

Matthew, R. (2005, May 12). European official lauds efforts for the disabled in Qatar. A top European official working for the welfare and rehabilitation of visually impaired people in Romania, has praised the role being played by the State of Qatar towards the general well-being of this country's disabled. The official, Radu Sergia Ruba, himself visually-impaired, is currently the vice-chairman of the European Blind Union Commission on Access to Culture and Information.

Supreme Council for Family Affairs. Deaf Workshop Incarnated the Role of Qatar in Developing Joint Arab Work for Peoples’ Good. On Thursday 29th December 2005 in Doha, ended the events of the Workshop on Compiling a Sign Language Dictionary for the Deaf organized by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs during the period 19th – 29th December 2005 in collaboration with the Arab League and the Arab Federation of the Deaf Care Organizations and the Arab Organization for Education Culture and Science.

United Nations. (2003, June 6). Sheilha Hessa of Qatar appointed new special rapporteur for disability. The newly appointed Rapporteur is a founding member of the Qatari National Committee for People with Special Needs, which was established in 1998 by Sheikha Moza bint Naser Al-misnad, the consort of the Emir of Qatar, and has been serving as a Vice-President of the Committee since 1999. She took part in preparing a draft law on the Rights of People with Special Needs, and helped to organize a number of local and regional seminars and conferences in Doha on issues relating to disability. Recently she took part in organizing the seventh Scientific Seminar of the Arab Union of the Deaf (Doha, 2000) and the third Gulf Forum on Disability (Doha, 2003).

Deaf culture

Qatar Deaf directory.

Deaf health

الباب الأول-الفصل الثامن - ذوي ... Lost an Organ, أصم وأبكم Deaf & Mute, أصــم Deaf, كفيف Blind, النوع, الحالة التعليمية ...

القطري لغة الأشارة (Qatari Sign Language) dictionaries

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Qatar.

Supreme Council for Family Affairs. (2007, February 12). CFA Inaugurates The Standardised Arab Sign Dictionary for the Deaf. HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missnad, SCFA President, obliged with a remark at the opening ceremony of the Inauguration of the Arab Sign Dictionary for the Deaf, in which remark she addressed her deaf sons and daughters and those who work with them. HH emphasised the importance of building bridges of communication among the self-same community's members and the entire cultures.

Videophone and video interpreting

The Peninsula. (2008, January 3). Qtel announces 50pc discount for the deaf. Qtel has started offering the deaf and hearing- impaired people 50 percent discount on all mobile local text, MMS, voice and video calls, the company announced yesterday.