Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Portugal (Portugal)

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map of Portugal

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"ABC gestual.

Agrupamento Vertical Eugénio de Andrade.

stained glass ballAmaral, I. Analyzing teacher/child interactions: What makes communication successful?

Associação Cultural dos Surdos de Águeda.

Associação de Intérpretes de Língua Gestual Portuguesa.United Kingdom flag Portuguese flag

Associação de Pais para a Educação de Crianças Deficientes Auditivas do Porto.

Associação de Surdos de Guimarães e Vale do Ave.

Associação de Surdos do Oeste.

Associação de Surdos do Porto.

Associação Portuguesa de Sordos.Portuguese flagSign Language icon

Carvalho, P. M. (2006, August 22). M�sica para surdos.

Carvalho, P. M. (2006, August 22). Casa Pia de Lisboa > Estabelecimentos > IJRP.

EUDeaf 2003 (Língua Gestual Portuguesa).Portuguese flagSign Language iconA site offering films in various sign languages (here Portugese Sign Language is used), explaining the organization, its structure, and its goals.

Federação Portuguesa das Associacões de Surdos or alternate site.

Fingerspelling keyboard, Portugal.

Francisco Goulão, professor of art, Instituto António Cândido.

Francisco Goulão, professor surdo-mudo, Portugal. Many interesting images!

Gestual Café.

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on appropriate initial letter, then on "Portuguese Sign Language", "Portuguese Sign Language dictionary", or "Signed Portuguese".

International Martial Arts Federation of the deaf: Portuguese Deaf Martial Artists.

Photo Deaf @ Fotopic.Net.

Portuguese Sign Language: A language of Portugal.

Surdos do Oeste.


World Deaf directory - Poland.