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Deaf and employment


Deaf and social services

Nova Foundation for the Differently Abled, Inc. Nova provides career training and employment to persons with disabilities most especially the deaf. Their mission is to promote the full participation, total access, economic and social integration of persons with disabilities, and to enhance the lives of those they touch by assisting them identify and reach their career goals.

Philippine Hearing Fund.

Deaf culture

Deaf Philippines directory.

Esposa, J. I. Love for the Language Means Love for the People.

Puson, M. J. B. (2007, July 27-28). The Community and Culture of Deaf Filipinos. Scroll down to find this article as well as "Rights of the Disadvantaged" - Ricardo A. Sunga.

Deaf education & youth

Amnesty International. (1998, January 8). Commission on Information and Communications Technology - HCDG eCare Center.

Baguio School for the Deaf is a Total Communication School, using both Speech and Sign Language as its teaching mediums. Baugio School for the Deaf strongly desires its students to have the freedom and advantage of having the freedom to communicate in any given situation.

CAP College School for the Deaf. The goal of CAP College SFD is to provide the Deaf the best and most appropriate post- secondary and baccalaureate programs. This will encourage them to develop their full potential and become productive, self-reliant, and well balanced deaf citizens of the country.

Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation, Inc. (DEAF, INC.)., formerly LCCD is a non-profit organization that focuses on the education of hearing-impaired Filipinos, DEAF, INC. aims to help spread the goodness of Jesus Christ to the hearing-impaired communities of the Philippines and Asia.


Directory of Institutions for the Deaf in the Philippines.

DLS-College of St. Benilde - CSB offers a Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Studies major in Entrepreneurship, Business, Education and Multimedia Arts in partnership with Nippon Foundation and National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

Foster parent program.

International Deaf Education Association Philippines - IDEA envisions a society in which the Deaf in the Philippines enjoy social and economic equality, exchanging isolation for community, servitude for self-reliance. Their mission is to foster self-reliance by providing academic, vocational, physical, spiritual, and economic opportunities for deaf children, adults, and families.

Isabela School for the Deaf - ISD offers preparatory up to elementary program for the deaf in Ilagan, Isabela.

Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf online.

Manuel Luis Quezon University. Located in Quiapo, Manila, MLQU offers Master in Arts major in Special Education program.

MCCID News. (2008, February 1). International Deaf Day Celebration a Success. Led by the Philippine Federation of the Deaf (PFD) through their President Julius G. Andrada and assisted by Metrowide Ordanization of the Deaf President Jose Sales, the yearly event started at 7:30 in the morning. Exciting games, group activities and giving of special prizes were held for the enjoyment of the deaf participants. Special booth of products made by selected deaf entrepreneurs were also displayed. Filipino Sign Language workshop and lively discussions were held in the afternoon.

NDCS. (2007, June 15). Developing modes of communication, education and empowerment for deaf children and their parents. Deaf children face many challenges in the Philippines which lead to low levels of achievement and employment within the Filipino deaf community. If deaf children have the opportunity to go to school, they often receive inappropriate support. There are no deaf friendly materials and awareness among teachers and wider community. In addition, there is no no consultation with deaf adults in the development of teaching methodologies for deaf children which leads to the disempowerment of the deaf community. By coordinating the efforts of three organisations working with deaf children, their families and practioners working in the field of childhood deafness, this project aims to increase organisational capacity, develop models of best practice as well as appropriate materials for deaf children and raise awareness of the specific needs of deaf children.


QI of of Iloilo, Philippines.

School for the Deaf in Iligan Foundation, Inc. The School For The Deaf In Iligan was begun by Carl and Charina Haynes because of a need they saw for education of the deaf in Charina�s home town of Iligan City, the former capital of Lanao Del Norte.

sirmartz. (2007, April 21). Nation Building Ep. 1: Philippine Institute for the Deaf.Philippine flagSign Language icon Hands that Help Build a Nation, episode 1: Philippine Institute for the Deaf. This is the first part of an 11-episode series entitled "Hands that Help Build a Nation", a nation-building campaign created in the early 90s.

Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf. Established in 1974, SAID is the first and only school for the deaf that is guided by the principle of TOTAL COMMUNICATION. It offers complete pre-elementary, elementary and secondary courses and a mainstreamed college program at Miriam College.

Welcome Home Foundation, Inc. was born from the dream of a few people who had a vision of a home where differently-abled children would live together as a family and have the opportunity to go to special education schools here in Bacolod City. Principally, it is a home for children who are hearing-impaired and live outside the city. The residence also serves as a center where all the Deaf can meet together.

WithNews. (2007, December 5). World Bank explores funding of civil society organizations. Job creation, environment for PWD among the topics to be discussed.

YouTube - bahmshayno's Videos.Philippine flagSign Language icon

Deaf film

mccid. (2007, August 19). Deaf Stress.Philippine flagSign Language iconTen Minute Drama Story in Closed Caption showing the Deaf Persons life after graduating in College and having difficulty finding job.

MCCID News - MCCID Presents Three Digital Short Film. The Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf showcases the student's talents on a three-part digital film highlighting deaf's struggle for survival in this difficult and discriminating world. The short films were made possible through the direction, digitizing and scriptwriting of Sir Ervin Reyes together with Ma'am Marinela Veras and Sir Jojo Esposa for sound editing.

Deaf health

Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center - STAC's goal is to help people who can't afford to sustain their children to have free PT and OT treatment especially to the indigent ones.

Deaf history and current events

DeafTODAY. (2003, November 11).

Deaf Awareness Week. "Talking Hands, Grateful Hearts" is the theme of this year's observance of Deaf Awareness Week, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 829 issued on November 8, 1991. The purpose of this proclamation is to bring to the public's awareness the fact that hearing loss is a major problem in our society and needs to be addressed.

Deaf humor

MCCID - Filipino Deaf Comics.

Deaf painting and sculpture

Filipino Deaf Visual Art Group. - This group is composed of deaf artists and enthusiasts. They hold painting exhibits as well as compete in major Philippine and international painting contests.

Deaf people and the Law

Amnesty International. (1998, January 8). Marlon Parazo, deaf and mute, faces execution.

DeafTODAY. (2003, October 10). My son wasn't given chance to defend self: deaf-mute's mom. The mother [of] Efren Agsayang, the 21-year-old deaf-mute who was mistakenly killed by policemen hunting down the seven Lepanto gold bar robbers, said Thursday that her son was never given the chance to defend himself, even by way of body gestures.

Distor, E. (1993, November-December). Killer of deaf-mute Filipina in Morningside convicted of murder.

Government action on disability policy: A global survey, Part II - Government replies as country profiles, Philippines.

Grace. (2007, November 29). Laguna cops learn sign language. Kudos to our Laguna cops! Our able and peace-enforcing Laguna cops are now disabled-friendly. A first of its kind in the Philippine National Police (PNP), members of Laguna�s police units went through a five-day sign language course to help them better communicate with crime victims and witnesses who are speech and hearing-impaired.

Mendoza, J. C. (2007, July 27-28). Abuse in the Deaf community. Scroll down to this article.

Presentations in Interpreting and Legal Access Seminar 2007. Click on the following options: Programme, Messages, Opening Talks, Interpreting, Interpreting System, Supreme Court Memo, Deaf Jurisprudence, Court Interpreting, Legal Terms, Voice Interpreting, Pagsasalin, Kinabukasan. Note: The documents listed above this category are all dead.

Deaf performing arts

Internacional Teatro Silencio Filipinas. Formerly called Teatro Silencio Pilipino, this group has been holding dance and theater performances all over the world.

Deaf poetry

Miless, P. (2007, February 11). FSL ABC Story.Philippine flagSign Language iconABC poetry in FSL (Filipino Sign Language) done by the Campers of the Gualandi Deaf Youth Summer Camp.

Deaf sports & recreation

Abilympics Philippines. This organization is in collaboration with the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). It aims to coordinate with various agencies to produce participants to compete in the International Abilympics (IA).

DeafGalSports' Channel.Philippine flagSign Language icon

Philippine Deaf Life and Sports Club - PDLSC provides sports venue and activities for post secondary schools for the deaf within Metro Manila.

Filipino Sign Language

Abat, R. M. & Martinez, L. B.(2006, January 25-27). The history of Sign Language in the Philippines: Piecing together the puzzle.

International bibliography of sign language - Philippine Sign Language.

JaySunico Channel.Philippine flagSign Language icon

mccid's Videos.Philippine flagSign Language icon

PhilDEAF's Channel.Philippine flagSign Language icon

WikiAnswers. Who introduced American Sign Language to the Philippines?

Filipino Sign Language dictionaries

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Philippines.

Estiller-Corpuz, M . R. Ang kahalagahan ng proyektong diksiyonaryo ng Philippine Federation of the Deaf sa edukasyon ng bingi sa Pilipinas.

Philippine Sign Language: A language of Philipines.

Interpreter education

Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Located inside the Philippine School for the Deaf compound, PRID is the pioneer in offering sign language programs for hearing individuals.

Registry of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment. Located in a charming neighborhood in Mandaluyong City , R.I.D.E. has been home to student trainees and interpreters from all ages and walks of life.

Legal interpreting

Presentations in Interpreting and Legal Access Seminar 2007. Click on the following options: Programme, Messages, Opening Talks, Interpreting, Interpreting System, Supreme Court Memo, Deaf Jurisprudence, Court Interpreting, Legal Terms, Voice Interpreting, Pagsasalin, Kinabukasan. Note: The documents listed above this category are all dead.

Mailing lists

Notation systems (written and visual representations of Sign Languages)

SignWriting in the Philippine.

Oral and deafened people

sirmartz. (2007, April 21). Nation Building Ep. 1: Philippine Institute for the Deaf.Philippine flagSign Language iconHands that Help Build a Nation, episode 1: Philippine Institute for the Deaf. This is the first part of an 11-episode series entitled "Hands that Help Build a Nation", a nation-building campaign created in the early 90s.

YouTube - bahmshayno's Videos.Philippine flagSign Language icon


Deaf Community Development of Paete, Inc. The DCDPI was established last February 27, 2005 by twelve Deaf individuals and Hard of Hearing who agree to form a group who will lead in making a productive deaf community. It was registered under Security Exchange Commission last March 30, 2005. DCDPI became an organization with an aim of uplifting the status of the deaf along the Baybay municipalities in Laguna and Metro Manila.

Philippine Deaf Resource Center - PDRC fields of focus include sign language linguistics and interpreting, employment and livelihood, education, media and technology, health, policy and legislation, and Deaf culture and the arts.

Philippine Federation of the Deaf - PFD is an umbrella organization of all major associations for the deaf in the Philippines. Their current work includes compiling of Filipino Sign Language.

Registry of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment. Webmaster: America's RID should use that name!

Wikipedia. Philippine Federation of the Deaf.

Religion & Deafness

Associations/Churches of the Deaf.

Bible Institute for the Deaf was founded as a ministerial school with the mission to train leaders, Christian workers, and ministers to serve in our churches. A deaf who has received the call from the Lord needs to sharpen his tools so that he will become effective in winning his fellow deaf to the Lord. BID has this mandate and the person who has the call to Christian service should avail of the training offered in BID. BID is the only school outside of the USA that offers this ministerial training.

Catholic Ministry to the Deaf People. CMDP offers support program for abused deaf as well as scholarship and spiritual development.

Deaf ministries among the Churches of Christ in the Philippines.

indonesiatom. (2007, January 5-7). Sign Language District in Philipines.Philippine flagSign Language iconDeaf Jehovah's Witness convention.

Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf online.