Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Pakistan (Pakistan)

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Al Hoda School for Hearing Impaired and Speech Centre. Al Hoda is a Swiss funded school in Pakistan that educates hearing impaired children. (2003, February 1). PCB appoints committee to study deaf cricket. (2004, March 8). KARACHI: Sign language CD launched.


Family Care Foundation.

Geary, R. Silence no longer a barrier. Our center serves as a school, club and meeting place for the number of hearing impaired citizens in the community. In this city of over 14 million, I often need to be more than just a teacher, but also a father, helper, confidante and friend for the young deaf people who come to seek help and guidance in their lives.

Ida Rieu School.�Home, Acadamic Achievements, Vocational Training, Programs, Extracurricular Activities, Contact us. The Ida Rieu Poor Welfare Association established in 1920 is the oldest and one of the largest voluntary Institutions in the country which is selflessly serving the noble cause of education and rehabilitating the visually handicapped and hearing-impaired children. We have the honor to list some of the numerous activities and services, the Diaries are carrying for the enlistment and rehabilitation of these unfortunate handicapped people.

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on appropriate initial letter, then on "Indopakistani Sign Language" or "Pakistan Sign Language".

The International Deaf Children's Society. (2004, August 12). Promoting Pakistani Sign Language (PSL).

Khan. S. S. (2002, November). Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) assisted learning tool for deaf in Pakistan.

Miles, M. (2000). Enabling the disability NGOs? Centralisation versus competition in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Pakistan several small, autonomous NGOs worked locally and provincially, often centred on particular schools or service units. Some practical collaboration took place, but the NGOs were often in mutual competition for resources and renown. As the number of NGOs increased, repeated efforts were made to achieve a Pakistan-wide platform and coordination, but geographical factors and friction between various participating groups and viewpoints prevented any lasting success.

Mrs. Shahla Ali. Interview with a Pakistani Sign Language interpreter.

Pakistan Association of the Deaf is a national Association of Pakistani deaf community and a member of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD). PAD is responsable to represent Pakistani deaf community nationally and internationlly and for welfare of the deaf people. PAD established 1st computer literacy center for the Deaf in Pakistan, published 5 books on Pakistan Sign Language and a CD, provide basic literacy and computer classes for children and adults, also offer course for interpreters,...

Pakistanian Deaf martial artists.

Pakistan Sign Language: A language of Pakistan.

Shettle, A. (2004, Spring). Deaf Children with Additional Disabilities in Developing Countries, Pakistan.

-->Sign, gesture, & deafness in South Asian & South-West Asian histories: A bibliography with annotation and excerpts from India; also from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma / Myanmar, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Persia / Iran, & Sri Lanka. -->

South Asian linguistics - Sign languages (All dialects).

World Deaf directory - Pakistan.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD). Contact info only. Click on "N-R" and scroll down to the country name.