Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Mongolia (Mongol Uls)

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Enabling Education Network. Deafness and the development of communication skills in developing countries: Examples from Mongolia and Nepal.

IDCS. International Deaf Children's Society - Project details. This project aims to encourage the use of Mongolian Sign Language as a language of instruction for deaf children as well as to offer educational support to deaf children from disadvantaged backgrounds in and around UlaanBaatar.

McGilp, H. International Deaf Children's Society - Helga McGilp. My journey to Mongolia started on the Trans-Siberian from St Petersburg to Ulaanbaater. One thing I regretted leaving behind were addresses of deaf schools. Of course no journey would be worthwhile or pose a challenge without experiencing some difficulties along the way!

Mongolia Deaf Directory.

Mongolian Sign Language: A language of Mongolia.

Nance, W. E., Erdenetungalag, R., Radnaabazar, J., et al. Estimation of the frequency of genetic deafness in Mongolia with a genotype index.

South Asian linguistics - Sign languages (All dialects).

Word Deaf directory - Mongolia.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Mongolian Association of the Deaf. Contact info only. Click on "J-M" and scroll down to the country name .