Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Middle East

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map of the Middle East

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Note: Flag next to a link shows what language the website is in. This is sometimes obvious by what country the link is for or the fact that the title is in English. If I feel it may be ambiguous, I have tried to clarify by using a flag. This is done so that people can read sites in the language of their choice. If a flag is followed by this icon: Sign Language icon, there is an animated text in that country's sign language or signs are illustrated. If a globe is followed by this icon, there is an animated text in International Gesture: globe: globe (international icon)Sign Language icon.

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Assaleh, K. Recognition of Arabic Sign Language alphabet using polynomial classifiers.

Disability in the Middle East. Has the following entiry: Suwed, A. (1983) Abjadiyya ishara alcarabiyya. [Arabic fingerspelling.] Tripoli, Libya: Aldar Alcarabiyya Lilkitab.

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