Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Jamaica (Jamaica)

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Deaf culture

International bibliography of sign language - Jamaica.

World Deaf directory - Jamaica.

Deaf education

Deaf Graduates Urged to Face Challenges with Courage and Determination - Jamaica Information Service.

Special Education – A growing field in Jamaica. There are now four schools run by the Jamaica Association for the Deaf: 1. The Lister Mair Gilby School – a senior school which recently gained Comprehensive High status. 2. The Danny Williams School for the Deaf – a primary school and pre-school. 3. St. Christopher’s School for the Deaf – also a primary school. 4. The Woodside School for the Deaf – a branch of the Lister Mair Gilby School, currently seeking establishment as an independent school.

USAID Jamaica. Deaf student soars under “Fast Track”. Zandrea Pitterson was born deaf. As a child she depended on friends and family to interpret written stories into sign language. They, however, did not have the skills and patience to teach her to read in English. As she entered formal school, learning became even more difficult as there is a shortage of qualified teachers who know sign language in Jamaica’s public schools.

'We are human beings too' -

Deaf health

Roper, D. M. (2006, September 28). Hearing Impaired Women Speak Out About Sexual Abuse. Life for deaf women is far from peaceful. In fact, deaf women have been identified as being extremely vulnerable to sexual abuse and violence.

Deaf history and current events


Deafness and the law

Brown, J. (7 December 2006). Govt. targets the disabled with far reaching laws. Michael Thorny, Coordinator of Information Technology projects for persons with disabilities at the National Youth Service (NYS), views the move by government to amend the Road Traffic Act to allow deaf persons to drive, as a victory for the disabled community in Jamaica.

Jamaica Gleaner. (21 July 2006). New laws to boost employment for disabled. The Government is now advanced in the development of two pieces of legislation to support disabled persons seeking employment. According to Derrick Kellier, Minister of Labour and Social Security, the National Assistance Act and the National Disability Act should become law shortly.

Jamaican Sign Language

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Jamaica.

International bibliography of sign language - Jamaika Sign Language (sic).

Jamaican Country Sign Language: A language of Jamaica.

Oral and deafened people

Ali, J. E. (8-9 November 1992). Audiology in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.


Jamaica Association for the Deaf.

Religion & Deafness

American ministries to the Deaf and affiliate Jamaica ministries to the Deaf.

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf.