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Blogs and vlogs

Kokonut Pundit: No Gays in Iran? What about Deaf Gays?

کانون ناشنوایان خراسان رضوی.

اخبار به روز ناشنوايان در ايران.

Cochlear implants

M.farhadi, A.Daneshi, H.Emamdjomeh, S.Hassanzadeh, Iranian cochlea implant center deaf, audiology, speech therapy, hearing impaired, rehabilitation, programming.

Cued Speech

Orton, R. (2007, November 18). Iranian Linguistics. Jabbar Baghcheban invented the phonetic hand alphabet used by older Deaf people in Iran. I have named it Iranian Cued Speech because of its apparent similarity to American Cued Speech, but they are completely different systems. The original Iranian Cued Speech has a strong basis on the Persian written alphabet. Young Deaf Iranians are learning a more abstracted system that is not directly related phonetically to the written Farsi alphabet and looks more like fingerspelling in ASL.

Deaf culture Deafness in Iran.

Behmanesh, A. A. (2003, Spring). Deaf Way II Presentation On Iranian Deaf Culture. The Iranian government does not recognize Persian Sign language as a legitimate language for Deaf people. According to a prominent, well-respected teacher, and one of the best-known lecturers of Iranian deaf education, Samineh Baghcheban, deaf education was established in 1926, or 1305 in the Iranian calendar. The founder of deaf education in Iran was Jabar Baghcheban, Samineh’s father.

Stained glass bulletShahidi, R. (16 March 2006). Deaf in iran, Rezagholi Shahidi.Iranian flagSign Language icon

World Deaf Directory - Iran.

Deaf education & youth

Baghcheban, S. (2005, November 18). Khane-ye Kudak-e Nasser Khosrow. The hours that I have spent in this school were some of the sweetest I have experienced since I left the country many years ago.

Joibari, A. A. K. Perspectives on inclusive education in the Islamic Republic of Iran. "Inclusion is not a privilege we are going to give to the disabled, but it is the natural consequence of a humane society." The educational rights of children with disabilities have first been recognized in the educational system of Iran 80 years ago, when formal education was provided for the blind children. Following it, ie, 10 years later, the same was done for the deaf children. At first, these provisions were provided and supported by voluntary and nongovernmental groups and organizations. This was the case for the following years until 1968 when the government took legal steps in acknowledging the educational rights of the disabled children and to establish educational provisions for them officially.

Saeedi, A. (2006, May 11). Focus on policy: Iran. Special education in Iran started in 1920 with a charity school for blind children in Tabriz. Three years later, private deaf education was introduced by an Iranian teacher. In 1968 formal special education was established by the Bureau of Education for Exceptional Children and Students, within the Ministry of Education. After the Islamic revolution (1979) special education widened considerably. In 1990 the Special Education Organization (SEO) was established. Inclusive education was introduced when it became clear that segregated special education was not reaching enough students.

Deaf health

انجمن علمی شنوایی شناسی ایران

Oticon Iran :: وب سایت شرکت آلتون شنوا نماینده انحصاری سمعک های کمپانی اتیکن دانمارک در ایران - سمعک های فول دیجیتال, سمعک , بیژن بافکار bijan bafkar, شنوایی, گوش, اتیکن ایران, شرکت آلتون شنوا, شرکت صنعت شنوایی, سمعک با قابلیت هوش مصنوعی, دستگاه های شنوایی سینکرو, آداپتو, گایا, اطلس, اطلس پلاس, تگو, تگو پرو, سومو , ارگو, گو, گو پرو ,سفران, دلتا, سوئیفت, hearing technology co

Deaf history and current events

-->Sign, gesture, & deafness in South Asian & South-West Asian histories: A bibliography with annotation and excerpts from India; also from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma / Myanmar, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Persia / Iran, & Sri Lanka. -->

Press TV. (2007, November 26). Iran's sign language pioneer remembered.

Press TV. (2007, November 26). YouTube - iranmojdeh's Videos.Iranian flagSign Language icon

Deaf painting and sculpture Orkid Sassouni.American flag

Deaf performing arts

Theatre Bazi. It never says that this company is Deaf, but it seems so from the term "Visual Theatre".

Deaf sports & recreation

International Martial Arts Federation of the deaf: Iranian Deaf Martial Artists.

World deaf football final: Iran V Saudi Arabia.


incd.Iranian flagSign Language iconIranian National Center of the Deaf.

Iran Deaf Federation.Iranian flag

Iranian National Center for the Deaf. Contact information.

كانون ناشنوايان خراسان رضوي * KHORASAN PROVINCE CENTER OF THE DEAF.

الفارسيه لغة الأشارة (Persian Sign Language)

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on "P", then on "Persian Sign Language".

Persian Sign Language: A language of Iran.

Safavi, A. V. (2003, Spring). Mixed Iran Communication System for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.

Orton, R. (2007, November 18). Iranian Linguistics. The Persian signs for YES and NO are on opposite, counter-intuitive cognitive poles: YES is a wave of the hand downward and NO is a wave of the hand upward (with corresponding head movement in the same direction). There is also an equivalent of SEE called "Farsi Exact Signing" (FES). Persian is called "Farsi" in the Iranian language. For Persian Sign Language, the equivalent of fingerspelling is Iranian Cued Speech.

الفارسيه لغة الأشارة (Persian Sign Language) dictionaries

Fingeralphabet Iran (Persian fingerspelling).

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on "P", then on "Persian Sign Language dictionary".