Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Indonesia (Indonesia)

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Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Indonesian Sign Language) Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Indonesian Sign Language) dictionaries Deaf culture Deaf oppression & liberation Religion & Deafness

Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Indonesian Sign Language)

9799505003: "Kamus Umum Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia" by Imas A. R. Gunawan and Lembaga Komunikasi Total Indonesia -

Bali Sign Language: A language of Indonesia.

Branson, Jan et al: Everyone here speaks sign language, too: A deaf village in Bali, Indonesia. In: Lucas, Ceil (ed): Multicultural aspects of sociolinguistics in deaf communities. (Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities; 2) Washington, DC : Gallaudet Univ. Press (1996) - pp. 39-57

Branson, Jan / Miller, Don / Marsaja, I Gede: Sign language as a natural part of the linguistic mosaic: the impact of deaf people on discourse forms in North Bali, Indonesia. In: Winston, Elisabeth A. (ed): Storytelling and conversation : discourse in deaf communities. (Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities; 5) Washington, DC : Gallaudet Univ. Press (1999) - pp. 109-148

ichirokes. (2008, April 7).

Baliese Sign Language in Bali, Indonesia.Indonesia flagSign Language iconHis name is Putt. He is my good friend. He helped me to guide around and met some of Deafies friends in Bali, so I helped him for giving him a couples of money.

Indonesian Sign Language: A language of Indonesia.

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Kata Kolok (literally "deaf talk") is the name given to a sign language of a village in northern Bali, Indonesia, which has had an extraordinarily high rate of deafness for several generations. As has happened elsewhere in similar circumstances, deaf and hearing people in the village have developed a sign language for communication.

Sulistiowati, Pat: Sign language in Indonesia. 1987 Manuscript (unpubl.)

Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Indonesian Sign Language) dictionaries

Fingeralphabet Indonesien (Indonesian fingerspelling).

Deaf culture

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Mini-profile: Amy Wong, Miss Deaf America 1998-2000.

World Around You. (November-December 1998). East meets West: In the new Miss Deaf America.

World Deaf directory - Indonesia.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Indonesian Association for the Welfare of the Deaf (IAWD) - Gerakan untuk Kesejahteraan Tunarungu Indonesia. Contact info only. Click on "F-I" and scroll down to the country name.

Deaf education & youth

Miller, D, & Branson, J. (2004, October 1). The Cultural Construction of Linguistic Incompetence through Schooling: Deaf Education and the Transformation of the Linguistic Environment in Bali, Indonesia. WE ARE TRAVELING DOWN A BROAD, tree-lined street in north Bali, Indonesia, past old houses built in the Dutch colonial style, past handcarts selling flavored ice or soup. Small vans hell bent on collecting as many passengers as possible are passing us while also breaking speed limits.1 We turn left down a steep, narrow street and spot a large sign that says SLB Bagian B.2 Students ranging from kindergarten age to late secondary school, dressed in neat white shirts and blue or gray shorts or skirts, are pouring out of the ajrawd (boardinghouse) to our left, spilling across the road and into ...

Deaf oppression & liberation

DeafTODAY. (2004, December 10). Deaf people want to be heard. For a deaf person like Aletta (not her real name), leading a full life has not been an option... When a shoe manufacturer in West Java offered her a job in 2002, she did not think twice. "I needed the income. I was very ashamed about being a burden on my parents for 32 years."

Religion & Deafness

indonesiatom. (2008, May 7). Bahasa Isyarat Baru.Indonesia flagSign Language icon