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Religion & Deafness

Deaf advocacy and politics

DeafTODAY. (2003, September 24). Deaf people have the right to information. The government is determined to address problems associated with the physically disabled to ensure that their rights were recognised, Nana Akomea, Minister of Information said on Wednesday. He said government would assist the disabled to be able to participate fully in various fields of human endeavour. Nana Akomea gave the assurance in a speech read for him at a press conference organized by the Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD) to usher in the celebration of the International Week of the Deaf.

Deaf and social services

DeafTODAY. (2004, May 9). Government urged to set up ministry for disabled. A call has gone to the government for the setting up of a special Ministry for the disabled. Evangelist Sam Williams, deaf preacher of the circle branch of the Church of Christ in Accra, who made the call, said this would enable the government focus on the people with disabilities with reference to their problems and contributions to national development.

Deaf culture

David, J.B. et al: Adamarobe - a 'deaf' village. In: Sound 5 (1971) - pp. 70-72.

Gehörgeschädigte in Ghana.German flag

Stahlhut, Kerstin: Gehörlose Menschen in Ghana. In: Das Zeichen 7: 25 (1993) - pp. 298-305.

World Deaf directory - Ghana.

Deaf education & youth

AmEdofu, Geoffrey Kwabla: News from Ghana. In: Signpost 6: 1 (1993). The origins of education for the deaf in Ghana are traced & the present system is described. It includes the Officers of the Peripatetic Service who are charged with discovering hearing-impaired children & assuring that they are adequately educated either in regular schools or in special schools for the deaf if needed. Future direction with regard to the use & development of sign language in the educational system is discussed.


Dzadze, H.

NDCS. (2004, April 13). Training for teachers and parents of deaf children. GNAD are providing sign language training for teachers and parents of deaf children in the Eastern Region of Ghana

YAWMOSES1986's Videos.Ghanaian flagSign Language iconWebmaster: This YouTube contributor is from Germany, but the videos are from the Ashanti School for the Deaf.

Deaf health

DeafTODAY. (2004, February 21). Cape Deaf gets AIDS awareness club. Mr Alexander Ofori Kennedy, executive director of International Aid Agency (IAA), a local NGO on Friday stressed the need for those with hearing impairments in the country to be wholly involved in AIDS awareness programmes... Mr Kennedy made the call when he inaugurated the 'Stepping Stones Club', an HIV/AIDS awareness society, for the Cape Coast school for the Deaf, at a ceremony, at Cape Coast.

Ghana Regional News. (2003, April 3). Govt urged to provide interpreters for deaf at hospitals. Mr Peter Donkor, Minister in-charge of the Deaf Ministry of the Asafo branch of the Church of Christ in Kumasi, has called on the government to provide interpreters for the deaf at the hospitals that will be designated for implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Deaf history and current events

Miles, M. (2005). Deaf people living and communication in African histories, c. 960s - 1960s. There is strong documentary evidence that deaf or hearing impaired men and women, girls and boys, did occupy social space and took roles across the full spectrum of life throughout Africa in earlier centuries, living lives like everyone else and also having some different experiences. Traces and signs of deaf people appear in many sorts of historical document, such as travellers' accounts, legal and genealogical records, government, institutional and missionary archives, linguistic studies, literature, folklore, religious narrative, mime, dance and drama. Many of their experiences have involved severe economic poverty and adversity, stigmatising attitudes and exclusionary practices; yet this has not been the norm everywhere in Africa, and many deaf people have shown great resilience, perseverance, humour and ingenuity in their dealings and communications with the non-deaf world.

Deaf oppression & liberation


Ghanaian (or Ghana) Sign Language

Adamorobe Gebärdensprache. Alejandro Oviedo.

Ghanaian Sign Language: A language of Ghana.

stained glass ballKamei, N.

Nyst, V.

stained glass ballvictorianyst. (2008, March 7). Summary of linguistic thesis Adamorobe Sign Language (AdaSL).Dutch flagSign Language iconAdamorobe is a village in Ghana with a high % of deafness and a unique, locally evolved SL, AdaSL. This language is currently endangered, as the deaf children of the village acquire ASL in their boarding school. I wrote my descriptive PhD thesis at this language. The video here is featuring myself, preparing myself to give a summary of my thesis in Sign Language of the Netherlands to the general public during my defence ("lekenpraatje").

Wikipedia. Adamorobe Sign Language.

Ghanaian (or Ghana) Sign Language dictionaries

Ghana National Association of the Deaf: Ghanaian Sign Language. w/o year - 116 p.

Nyst, V. (2007). A Descriptive Analysis of Adamorobe Sign Language (Ghana). Contains 50 sign illustrations.


World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Ghana National Association of the Deaf. Contact info only. Click on "F-I" and scroll down to the country name.

Religion & Deafness

Deaf ministries among the Churches of Christ in Ghana.

Fred Asare, director. Fred Asare is the Director of the Village of Hope Children's Home, an orphanage operated by churches of Christ in Ghana, West Africa. He began studying the Scriptures through the World Bible School correspondence course at the age of nine and was baptized into Christ on 16th. June, 1981 by American World Bible School teachers during a follow-up campaign in Ghana.